Ronald Kidd - January 28, 2022
Jeff Goldblum and Boba Fett

I found myself watching more TV this week and was surprised to realize that the programs—neither of which involved mice, snowmen, or magic wands—were both on Disney+.

The World According to Jeff Goldblum

I stumbled across this show while clicking through options, as streamers do. My eye was caught by the name and face of Jeff Goldblum, one of the most distinctive, enigmatic actors working in movies—and now, it turns out, in TV.

I first encountered Goldblum years ago in the Boomer classic The Big Chill. Among the star-studded cast, he stood out because he was… well, Jeff Goldblum. Those who know his work will understand: there’s just something about the guy. His expressions, his takes, his ironic asides make him unique and, I find, hilarious.

In the TV show, Goldblum explores and riffs on seemingly everyday subjects—sneakers, ice cream, denim, RVs—that turn out to be inhabited by wildly funny and fascinating people. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed meeting them, but mostly I’ve loved spending time with Jeff Goldblum.

The Book of Boba Fett

As a kid, I enjoyed reading science fiction. I no longer read much of it, but I happily follow it in movies and TV.

I’ll watch just about anything in the Star Wars universe and, most recently, loved the TV series The Mandalorian, created by the talented actor-writer-director Jon Favreau. (If you’ve never seen him in his wonderful small movie Chef, stop reading this instant and go watch it.)

So when the Star Wars folks announced a new series, The Book of Boba Fett, also created by Favreau, I was all in. For the first couple of episodes I was surprised at the plodding pace and the nearly expressionless main character, but by the third episode I had settled into its steady rhythms. Then, in the fifth episode, came a big surprise, which I’ll leave you to discover for yourself.

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