Honoring Life 💗🌍Honoring The Mother

There is much unfolding in the planet these days, and it takes dedication and commitment, to break through paradigms, habits seeded in ways of fear, which had been guiding our system for a very long time.


A time to celebrate and honor All Mothers. A time to celebrate the energy of Creation. Lets tune into the energy of Creation acknowledging that YOU can BE the Creation. In fact YOU ARE!

Let this time be,
A time to nurture ourselves and the planet.
Let this time be,
A time to be more compassionate with yourself and one another.
Let this time be,
A time of remembering ourselves back to the HUMAN BODY, as we are one, returning to our kin, the tribe of humanity, the Heart of Humanity.
Let this time be,
A time to remember and reweave yourself back into the fountain of nourishing, loving Life!
Let this time be,
A time of Honoring the fountain of Creation YOU were born from and into.
Your Mother and this Earth.

Let Today, Be a Celebration of Life!
and what it is available within each one of us, as you and we tune into the potential that exists within you, and within us all for life, for transformaiton, for connection.
The potential that exists within us all, the potential of creation, of love, of life, of birthing a new paradigm of being with self, one another, and the planet.

Let these answers guide you… not to be answered simply to act as a compass into your emotional body and inspiration.
Why are we here?
Who are you?
Let the question sink into your heart,
do not answer it, simply let the question guide you.

On the video I guide us through a process of Re-Membering, with words and a Light Language Transmission.

Mother's Day Light Transmission

To all the Mothers of the World, All the Mothers that came before us making US possible, to All the Mother's of Creation.

Let us REMEMBER Together the Magic of Life, the Potential of LOVE and Life on planet Earth for Humanity and all living beings.

May we come together, to Remember, the Mother of Humanity, of Life, of Creation! So much Love to all the Mothers of the World, humans, animals, plants, minerals, to all who somehow, someway play this role of Creation and Motherhood.

Including Mothering yourself back into love.
Thank You for your Light that brings NEW Light into the World.

In Cooperation, Unity, and Love,

Love. Create. Express!!

To all with Love,
Sofia LightJewel 💗

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