Do you give yourself permission
to fail, to miss in your Life?

This has been a question that has opened so many doors within myself.

I know that when I become rigid and restricted in my behavior, when I become rigid and inflexible in my way of being, and in my view of myself and the World. I know I have drifted away from my Heart and my true Essence.
I have drifted away from the flow of Life.

Having high demands for myself, in who I am, being strict in what I expect of myself, has taken me to emotional environments of stress, control, fear and disempowerment. When we live from any mandates of "Should be..." or "Have to" … means that we believe in order to feel safe, worthy, powerful, significant you have to be a certain way or have accomplished a certain thing. From this place no matter how hard you try, you will always place your power and love on the outside, the outside will determine what is "true", "right", "morale", "significant", "valued", "important"... The expression of your Divine and Beautiful Self will be initiated from the energy of Fear not Love. The recognition of Love and True Belonging.

Being disappointed in Spanish is translated to dis-illusioned. Through experience, I've learned that this is exactly the place to be... where the illusion is revealed. Now I celebrate my dis-illusions, because it signifies an awakening of truth beyond the veil of illusion. That which I could not see, now I AM Aware. This is were TRANSFORMATION begins. The more permission you give to yourself to fail, to miss, to make mistakes, to be disillusioned; you open space to learn, to grow, to awaken, to see, to know yourself

Join me this SATURDAY APRIL 16th
at 10 am PT / 1pm ET
we will talk about FEAR AND TRANSFORMATION.
bring your journal and a pen.

sliding scale $20-$85cad

to join you have a few options,
you can send an e-transfer to, through PayPal or Eventbrite

Release Resistance into Love Light Language Transmission

In this practice, you will hear Light Language, as a healing method to release resistance and connect with your Heart. Light Language is a multidimensional language that is understood by all at a soul level. Light Language is a dynamic sound and light encodedments that interact with your energy field. It triggers a change response that balances your vibrational information in the moment.

PS. Stay tune for April 22nd, I will be announcing a You Tube Live Meditation for Earth Day.

In Love we stand together,
Sofia LightJewel 💖