March 2022.

Light Language Forecast & Activation

March 2022 Light Language Forecast & Attunement

Leading in Love:

This month the two energies that came strongly are:
Face your Fears and Lead in Love. As I have shared before this year is about Balance, cultivating and learning about how to create harmony in your internal world.
Discovering the middle path while living
at a time of extremes.

Connecting with your Emotional Authenticity is key, and will open the doors to an infinite World. The more you tune into your Heart, the more you connect with your Inner Light, your Essential self. the more you access the Light and guidance form this aspect of who you are.
From here you see through the perspective of your Heart and Spirit, from love and so your choices and actions become aligned with the essence of who you Are.

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek”. Joseph Campbell

In Love,
Sofia LightJewel

Upcoming Events

On Friday March 4th Matthew Kocel and I are once again opening sacred space for another Council of all Beings and Sound Healing Journey. This is a beautiful re-earthing ritual of connection, belonging, and love resonance.
Register >>>

Friday March 11th and 18th
via zoom / live
$195 cad
2pm -3:30pm pst
More Info and Registration >>


Morning Meditation with the Archangels and The Medicine Wheel
(16 minutes)
Begin your morning align to your deeper Truth and vitality, feeling protected, and connected to your Heart with the Archangels and the Medicine Wheel. This is a beautiful ritual to begin your day opening your day as you would in a sacred ritual, with the medicine wheel and the radiant energy of the Archangels. It is a perfect combination to close the day with the Evening meditation with the Archangels and the Medicine Wheel.

Inspired by your Divine Light and Empowered by Love,
Sofia LightJewel 💖