May 2022.

Hello Divine Humans
and Empowered Leaders of Love,

We have moved through another month!!
How are you feeling?
What is your heart calling you towards?

As you continue on your evolutionary journey, learning to return to your heart, to secure yourself through neutrality, and reconstitute mental structures that are not in coherence with your most fulfilled and radiant Life.

What have you learned and discovered
about yourself during the month of April?

The month of May brings Awareness into your relationship with Change, Your Choices, Looking at yourself in your Alignment or Disalignment, and The Stories that you continue to tell.

So Now,
I invite you to tune to your Heart, and listen.
Listen to your heartbeat, to the song of your Life
and take yourself on a journey…

What Wisdom have you gathered from the most challenging moments in your Life?
Make a list. Write them down.
What are new ways to see yourself today and that experience, from the radiance of this Wisdom?
Breathe them in.

What is the song of my Life awakening me too?
What new harmony am I called into?

We have been and are experiencing a vast amount of change and transformation on the planet. So I want you to take a moment to acknowledge your Journey, your Life, Yourself.

The Earth is growing, changing, and transforming just as we are. Your body is not the same as it was when you were born.
In fact every seven years, every cell in your body is new.
So why do we believe the Earth will remain the same?
and What story are you telling yourself about Change in your Life, in the World, and the Planet?

What choices are you making?
Are these choices supporting you in the World
you want to see and live?

What needs to come into balance and coherence?

The Eclipses will bring that recalibration of energy,
in the sense of:
if you have been thinking on moving, you will relocate.
if you have been preparing to step into your purpose,
you will gain the momentum to do so.
if you have been envisioning a project,
you will begin to create.
It is a time of stepping to your Life Path,
The eclipses will shine a light of what is out of coherence
in your energy and help you come into balance
by shining the Light of Clarity and the Divine within you.

Remain cantered and grounded.
When you align with your heart, you are in resonance with the energy, the light, the life-force of your life.
In oneness with your essential and true essence.
and therefore in connection and expression of
divine source, and infinite creative power.

I hope you enjoy the forecast and light language activation.

”Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s unbecoming everything that isn’t you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.”
Paulo Coelho

Love . Create . Expand
Sofia LightJewel

May 2022 Light Forecast

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Meditation of the Month

Breathing Into Your Infinite Self (22minutes)
In this meditation I invite you to connect with your full breath, in and out, into your Infinite Self, the aspect of you that is vast, loving, and infinite. Towards the end of the meditation, you will hear me speak in Light Language, inviting you to surrender to the Light of your Eternal Essence and awaken to your Light. I suggest listening to this meditation before bedtime or when you're feeling stuck, in doubt, and disconnected.
With Love, Sofia LightJewel

Sofia LightJewel 💖