You are pure and infinite potential✨💗

Something to understand about life is that all reflections are a gift of this matrix of duality, from your reflection, the feedback is guiding you towards yourself. The journey has no distance, because in truth the journey of Empower Love, is a journey inward. To the connection, the remembering, and discovery of Your True Essential Self. Your True Essence.

Mindfulness is an important key because sometimes there can be so much noise in our minds, I mean there is a lot of noise in the World, so learning to calm your mind, to notice, discern, and to be selective of what thoughts you choose to hear is key. To get to this place, moments of silence, moments of contemplation, moments of rest, moments of play, and mindfulness plays an important step and practice to help you return to your present moment.

A mantra that I’ve heard years ago from The Present Process book by Michael Brown; says “This moment is precious, this moment matters”. This quote helps you anchor your mind back into the here and now in appreciation of the present moment.

When you are in fear, your present constitutes of your worry of the past, and your worry about the future. In other words, your ego is vigilant reminding you about the ghosts of your past, so you don’t repeat them in your future, in truth you are living in your past in your present moment like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. Being mindful and conscious on what you spend time paying attention is crucial. If you are going to watch a movie, ask yourself what will it awaken or activate? If you are going to a party or meet with friends… check-in with yourself, check-in with your body.

The choice you are making, and the reasons you are making that choice…. remember that what you believe in, is in direct correlation with your choices. When you are in tune with your infinite potential, then your choices will be a direct connection to this belief. The same happens when your belief in yourself or your capacities are disconnected from your true pure and infinite potential.
So reflecting on your intention… will be a magnificent ally in your centering to and with your heart.

You will notice that there are certain time that you may have more emotional and spiritual resilience than others, so discern this about yourself too.

I remember the day when I received the guidance “Stop seeking for answers, Be the Answer”. The answer is always within you. whatever is happening in your life, the changes that you are have been waiting in the outside, exist within you. The results that you keep feeling dissatisfied with, the key, is to go an explore within you, to connect with what belief is out of alignment.
It is your responsibility, nobody else’s. Sometimes you might forget and fall on the condition of blaming others, but your life experience is yours.
What you are living is your creation, it is not fate.
You are creating your destiny every day.
I ask you is it one where you feel empowered by the love that you are? or one that is still running away from past pain, or that punishes you every time you fall?

All these is feedback pointing to your mental structures.

When you don’t know what to do. Don’t do anything. I know it might feel counterproductive, but it is better to quiet your mind and ask “Universe, help me see this in another way”.

I remember a few years ago I was in a relationship that was feeling not in alignment, I could feel something was off and yet I could not see myself clearly. I decided to go for a walk, as I walked through the forest and by a beautiful river, I asked the Universe for help. Why the Universe you may ask. Well, I see the Universe as the larger field of consciousness (Spirit) and so I asked the Universe to show me truth. As I believe we are united. I am a field of information, energy, and Light, within a larger field of information, energy, light. I said, let me see beyond the veil of my conditioning, my unconsciousness. I sat in silence for a long while, contemplating the running river. As I felt grounded, I returned home. I literally came to my home and in the conversation, everything came out and it became so clear that which I was feeling energetically that was hidden to me, it wasn’t anymore. I could see beyond the veil. I asked through my intention to shift my perception and there it was,
I became my answer.
This is the potential that you have.
This power, moves mountains.

Trust that everything resolves, comes into harmony, in a beautiful and perfect way, from the frequency of Love.

To all with Love❤ ,
Sofia LightJewel

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Aligning with your Essential Self.

Melting the structures and conditionings you have build around your Heart. Pealing away the layers of confusion and doubt.
Revealing the misperceptions based on the filters of past pain and old programs, still alive in your present moment which continue you to take you to the same places.
As you tune into your Essential Self, from this observer you connect with that bigger self within you. From an extraordinary observer, one lives an extraordinary life.

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Sofi’s Poems ~

Throughout my life I had been highly creative. I would write everyday, or I would express myself through songs, or dance, drawing, or painting … it all simply poured out of me. As I was writing to you today, a poem that I wrote when I was in my early thirties going to a wellness counselling program, kept coming into mind, so I went to see if I could find it, I did, so I decided to share it with you, it truly fits perfectly to the theme.
With ❤ Sofia LightJewel,

To the Loyal Soldier,

I sense you from time to time,
and I wish you wouldn't talk to me that way.

When I hear you speak,
I feel deep sadness,
sadness that dampens me to the core.
It is like your voice overpowers me,
takes a hold of me,
and I find myself in a dark room all alone.

I asked for you to stop,
you speak of expectations,
that are almost never spoken.
Expectations that somehow,
speak about love or no love,
caring or caring not,
and it is the power of awareness and consciousness,
that allows me to see myself,
and see you,
beyond your words.

It still pains me though,
to hear your words,
and the memory of your words,
echo in the background,
resonating in my bones and my heart.

And yet,
my practice is to love you unconditionally,
I can stand in the dark,
listening to your words with an open heart,
realizing that your words don’t pain me.

As I only hear pain in your words,
so I comfort you instead,
and show you another way…
For you are the one that has been suffering all along.

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Embrace this Moment.

The Alchemist Life Lesson #4: Embrace the Moment & Light Language Activation