June Birthday Celebration Month
Empowered Love Masterclass

Hello Beautiful Souls, during my birthday month I generally like to celebrate by sharing my gifts with the World,
and share what I have learned so far.

This year, I felt called to share The Empowered Love Way Process with all of you. We’ll gather via zoom on
Sunday June 19th at 2pm Pacific Time and 5pm Eastern Time.

By now if you have been following my work, you know you are Light. Therefore energy and information, you know you carry information within you and it is through this lightcodes (information) that you create your experience.
The reality you see is based on who you are being.

The Empowered Love Process is a tool that when triggered, you can use it to return home to yourself, to your connection and to the power of love within you. Slowly begin to transform from within.

This is a time where there is a vast amount of information, and through the vast amount of transformation you can easily feel like a victim of change. Empower Love, invites you to return to your own connection, to what feels true for you, and to take the lead from your own inner knowing, truth, and alignment.

Guiding you to the returning home to your connection with yourself, and to your connection with Love; this is the foundation of the empowered love process. Giving yourself the opportunity to awaken to this present moment and lead in love.

One step at a time, one gets far…

To join me,
send me an email to
letting me know you wish to register and I will send you a
zoom link. bring pen and paper.

With Love,
In service to Earth and Humanity, in the recognition of the Divine within us all and the Power of Love.

Sofia LightJewel

bring paper and pen / bring all of yourself ready to share, connect, and grow together.
$37cad / to register send payment to / PayPal


For the month of June,

Light Language Healing Session x3 Package,
SALE $333cad / Reg Pack $432
Single Sessions $175cad >>
For more details

Empowered Love Coaching
3 month commitment
Reg $700 per month or $2,000 for 3 months
we meet every week for 60 minutes / via zoom.
Birthday Sale:
Begin in June, $1,700cad for 3-months.
or $567cad x3 monthly payments.

Email me directly at
to schedule sessions.

Payments can be made via e-transfer at or PayPal

PS. Lots of Love to All!
Thank you for being part of my journey, as I continue to learn and grow… sharing my gifts with you and the World.

Thank You for being part of this Empowered Love Familia and Light Web of Human Hearts 💕 and Divine Soul willing to heal, to shine, to connect, to transform paradigms, to take the lead and say yes to what moves you into the expression and connection of more Love within you and for the Earth.

In love and appreciation,
Sofia LightJewel