I decided to change the dates of Facing your Fears Program, and actually upgraded the whole experience to include Coaching while at the same time, be an experience where you will learn, reach new levels of understanding, begin to see life in a new way, and we’ll finish every class with a Light Language Guided Healing Process.

Facing your Fears will begin now on Wednesday April 1st from 530pm to 7pm (pst)
and lasts five live classes via zoom. The experience is experiential so the session will be recorded and yet it is highly recommended to be present for the five sessions. And you will get the best of the experience when you attend live.

Class I: Setting Foundation
- Introductions and Intentions
- Setting Container and Centering
- Intro to Unity Consciousness
- The Wisdom of Emotions: Fear
- Finish with Movement
- Close Sacred Space and Light Language

Class II: The Essential Self, your Divine Essence
- Check in
- Centering
- The Power of Words
- Perceptions: Making sense of my Reality
- Returning Home to yourself guided meditation and process.
- Drawing Excercise: Your Essential Self
- Finish with Breath and Gentle Movement.
- Close Sacred Space and Light Language

Class III: Understanding Fear
- Check in
- Centering
- Diving into Fear
- Fear Inventory: Understanding my Fear Paradigm
Befriending Fear
- Movement
- Close Sacred Space and Light Language

Class IV: Facing your Fear
- Check in
- Centering
- Fears Process explanation
- Fear process with a partner
- Debrief
- Movement

Class V: Integration
- Check in
- Review
- Centering
- Drawing Excercise
- Debrief
- Stepping into the New. Declarations.
- New Story
- Movement Excercise
- Close Sacred Space with Light Language

Every week you
receive a Personal Guide to continue the journey of soulful inquiry, healing, transforming, shifting your perception, and empowering yourself in love, overcoming old patterns and habits of behavior and thinking, setting a new way of being with yourself and relating with life.

To register email me at
Investment $320ca
e-transfer or

“When you are at PEACE with Yourself, it does not matter the outcome. When you understand at a Soul-level every challenge is an opportunity for growth. You face your fears through the eyes of Love”.
Sofia LightJewel

Empower Love,
building a new foundation of Love, as a new way of being with yourself, others, and the planet. As a new way of seeing and understanding Life.

To Love and Be Love.


Melting the structures and conditionings you have build around your Heart. Revealing the misperceptions based on the filters of past pain and old structures, still alive in your present moment,
in loving awareness, clarity, and empowered potential.

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9 WEEKS via zoom
once again on SEPTEMBER 2022.

Embrace your Divine Nature.
Open your Voice.
Deepen your Connection with your Soul.

9 weeks, 90 minutes sessions, every Tuesday at 5pm-6:30pm Pacific Time, via Zoom. You will activate your singing, speaking, signing, and writing
ability to channel and translate the language of light and so much more.

This course is for beginners, for those who are just starting and for those who wish to activate the Language of Light.

It is a powerful personal and intimate process of connecting to the power of your voice and your divine expression.

$375cad early bird until May
$475cad investment.
every week you receive a personal guide.

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Empowered Love Meditation:

The Universal Code Light Language Activation

In this meditation, you will be guided through an activation of the Universal Code through Light Language. This code activates your full light body, your connection to your Higher Self and Source energy! It provides emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual healing and balancing. It activates the power within to heal yourself, and transmute any dissonance within you! I hope it serves you, In love and unity, Sofia LightJewel