Council of all Beings and
Sound Healing Journey

Come listen to the Wisdom of the Earth that is alive within with you.


As you step into the Forest, you tune into the morphic field of nature, slowly your nervous system relaxes, and you tune with the energy of love as your begin to find resonance with the limbic field of Life, which resonates in unity, love, cooperation and harmony. From this place you are One with the Whole. You feel the trees, the plants, the air, there is a remembering and a knowing that activates within you.

This time on the planet is not casual, we are moving through a threshold of evolution... I believe we (humanity) has been denying the call of the Heart, the call of the Earth for a while now... and here we are at a crucial time for Humanity upon the planet.

It is a time to recover the beauty of being alive. To remember the beauty of being one with the Earth, in connection with one another. To remember and awaken to the Wisdom of our Heart and our Spirit, in service to Life. Honoring the Earth

Matthew and I, felt both called to come together again in collaboration and share this beautiful process that creates a deep sense of connection to the Soul of Nature and each other in Love.

via zoom / 7pm to 9pm pacific time
sliding scale $20-$75cad


Healing Prayer for the Earth

Healing Prayer for the Earth (9minutes)
This meditation is a Healing Prayer for Earth and all its inhabitants. An intention to give gratitude, and to honor all those who share life with us. Hopefully, you will feel uplifted, connected, and centered in love by the end of the meditation.