Cramm for 8/9/19


The United Nations has some bad news about food. 



It’s no secret that climate change would affect our world in big ways. Think: extreme weather, natural disasters, rising sea name a few. And as we get closer and closer to the deadline to halt climate change, the affects are becoming clearer and clearer. Enter: this new United Nations report



The report says climate change poses a big big threat to humanity’s ability to feed ourselves. In other words: it leads to starvation. This is because climate change brings things like floods, drought, storms - plus other kinds of extreme weather - that mean bad news for the world’s food supply. Even worse: half a billion people already live in places turning to desert - which makes it harder to grow food. And soil is reportedly being lost 10 to 100 times faster than it’s forming - also not good for crops. A current example of this: in Zimbabwe, millions of people are facing starvation after this year’s severe droughts. 



All of this is expected to have a huge impact on immigration. Hint: ICYDK, climate change plus no food equals immigration problems, since people in countries facing mass starvation would be forced to migrate to places where that’s not as much of an issue - like the US and Europe.  



The UN says we’re running out of time to address these problems. TBD, TBD, TBD. 


POLITICS: All eyes are on ICE. Reminder: the other day, ICE raided multiple bizes across Mississippi...and ended up arresting nearly 700 people believed to be undocumented immigrants. Then, yesterday, it came out that ICE released about 300 of the 700 people they detained. Now, it looks like they’re scheduled to appear in court - but not for a while. In other news, recently, Andrew McCabe - aka the former FBI deputy director - sued the Trump team over his firing. Because, alleged political bias. And speaking of which, yesterday, Prez Trump announced that the US’s number 2 intelligence official is quitting - while the country’s counterterrorism chief is set to become the Acting Director of National Intelligence. Rotating door. 


USA: In the wake of last weekend’s shootings, it looks like Republicans have their eyes on gun control. See: Prez Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are apparently considering background checks - something they’ve been very very opposed to in the past. This comes after the House of Reps passed universal background checks legislation. Speaking of which, yesterday, a man who was reportedly carrying a rifle and wearing body armor was detained after entering a Walmart in Missouri. No one was hurt. Meanwhile, recently, a man went on a “stabbing rampage” in Southern California, killing 4 people. Now, it looks like authorities are investigating a potential motive. 


WORLD: Recently, the Food and Drug Admin said ‘brace yourselves’ and announced that it’s investigating 92 more reports of people suffering seizures after vaping. This comes after the organization said that it was looking into 32 seizure reports back in April. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, the other day, the US said ‘alert alert’ and issued a travel advisory for people heading to Hong Kong. Quick refresher: ever since China intro’d a new extradition bill, hundreds of thousands of people in Hong Kong have been taking to the streets to protest - protests that’ve turned violent. Now, it looks like the US is warning visitors to stay away from demonstrations. In other news, Italy’s gov just called for a snap election. Ciao, political chaos. 


Home Alone:” what Disney’s apparently remaking for its new streaming service. Ahhhhh!!!!!


“My wife would demand I let you know” - Bernie Sanders, promising to release gov info about aliens if he’s elected prez. Revolutionary. 

We're kind of crazy excited. Spoiler: Being Our Future featured us on World Changer Weekly! Check out the article here (and check out more of our press over here!).
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