Cramm for 9/3/19


Hurricane Dorian is making its move. 



Over the weekend, Hurricane Dorian - at the time, a Category 5 hurricane - slammed into the Bahamas. The storm brought 185mph winds and gusts up to 220mph - with a surge (aka coastal flooding) of up to 23 feet above normal tide. At least 5 people are reported to have been killed. Authorities say Dorian’s one of the most powerful - and dangerous - hurricanes that’s ever passed through the Atlantic Ocean. And this week, it’s expected to hit the US. 



Last week, experts were warning Americans that Dorian would hit by the weekend. Whiiiich...didn’t happen. The why: Dorian’s moving very very slowly. Think: about 1mph. ICYDK, that’s known as the worst-case scenario for hurricanes, since it gives the storm more time to cause destruction. Now, it looks like Dorian - now a Category 4 - is on track to hit Florida by tomorrow night. 



Over 1 million people have been placed under mandatory evacuation across Florida’s coast. Plus all of Georgia’s coast is under a hurricane watch - along with much of South Carolina’s coast. All of this comes as Dorian’s expected to bring “life-threatening storm surge” and “dangerous hurricane-force winds” to the US. 



Dorian is one of the most powerful hurricanes in the area...ever. TBD, TBD, TBD.


USA: Recently, off the coast of California, a diving boat caught on fire in the middle of the night. 5 crew members were able to escape. Everyone else was trapped below deck. At least 25 people are dead, with 9 still missing. Now, authorities are investigating what led to the fire - and why passengers weren’t able to escape. Meanwhile, US Citizenship and Immigration Services is switching up its policy. As in they’ll apparently be re-opening some pending cases of migrants looking for deferred action - aka temporary relief from deportation. This comes a week after USCIS said ‘too bad so sad’ and announced they wouldn’t be considering most deferment cases. Cue backlash. Now, it looks like the agency’s changing course. 


WORLD: All eyes are on the Taliban. Reminder: for 18 years, the US has been fighting its longest war in Afghanistan. But lately, the gov’s been chatting with the Taliban - a military group that has a lot of control over Afghanistan - about potentially putting an end to the war. Fast forward to yesterday, and Prez Trump declared that the two groups have reached an agreement “in principle” that’d see the US pulling thousands of troops from Afghanistan. Not yet clear when this would go into effect. In other news, Iran’s shaking its head to talks with the US - unlessss Trump pinky promises to take a red pen to recent sanctions on the country. And speaking of which, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing off against Parliament today. 


SHOOTINGS: Police have new info on the gunman involved in last weekend’s mass shooting in Texas. Reminder: after officers pulled over the gunman’s car for not indicating a left turn, the gunman opened fire. Then drove around and shot at random. At least 7 people were killed. Now, authorities say the gunman had just been fired from his job that morning - and reportedly called police and the FBI right before the attack. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, the Trump team’s apparently planning on proposing an expedited death penalty for people who commit mass shootings. And just recently, at least 3 people were shot outside the main gate of the Minnesota State Fair. No word yet on any potential suspects. 


245 days:” the length of this cruise. It set sail from London the other day and plans on visiting 51 countries (yes, 51). A little overboard, don’t you think?


“R2D2’s dad” - Elon Musk, announcing a new Mars spaceship. May the (centripetal) force be with you. 

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