Cramm for 8/13/19


The Trump team is intro’ing a new immigration policy. 



One of Prez Trump’s biggest campaign promises was to crack down on immigration. Aka make it harder to migrants to come live in the US - plus deport undocumented migrants already living there. It’s led to immigration becoming one of the most talked-about topics in the US - not to mention controversial. Scene, set. 



Yesterday, Trump said ‘this seems fair’ and announced a new immigration policy that’d focus on money. Hint: if legal migrants who are currently living in the US (but don’t have permanent legal status) are using - or are deemed likely to use - gov programs like food stamps and subsidized housing, they’ll be given a ‘denied’ stamp on their papers. On the other hand, wealthier migrants who’d stay away from those kinds of gov programs would get approved. The policy apparently doesn’t apply to people who already have green cards, certain military members, refugees, asylum-seekers, pregnant women, and kids. 



Mixed. Some agree that the policy is fair, and think the US should only take migrants who can provide for themselves - vs ones that’d rely on gov programs. Others - like many immigration advocates - pointed out that migrants might avoid gov aid just to get a green card - which could lead to starvation and other problems. Cue lawsuits



The policy’s expected to cut legal immigration in half. TBD, TBD, TBD. 


POLITICS: A lot is going on in Hong Kong. Quick refresher: ever since China intro’d a new extradition bill, hundreds of thousands of people in Hong Kong have been taking to the streets to protest. Yesterday, these protests continued to escalate. As in thousands of protesters headed to Hong Kong’s airport - leading the airport, one of the busiest in the world, to ground all flights. So far, it looks like these protests haven’t turned violent. Stay tuned. Speaking of which, China’s apparently been arresting teachers who aren’t originally from the country for minor crimes - reportedly to create a “cleaner, more patriotic” school system. Hmmm. And in other news, the Trump team’s cutting back on the Endangered Species Act. By a lot. 


WORLD: All eyes are on Russia. Reminder: last week, a failed missile test on Russia’s White Sea led to an explosion that killed 5 atomic scientists. The test apparently caused a quick spike in radiation - making world leaders just the teensiest bit suspect. Then, yesterday, Russia announced that the scientists who died were testing a new weapon that involved a “small nuclear power source.” Leading to claims that the weapon was the SSC-X-9 Skyfall - a new nuclear-powered cruise missile that Prez Putin’s been chatting about for about a year. Reassuring. Meanwhile, recently, it came out that two new Ebola treatments have a 90% success rate. Now, it looks like they’re being offered to all Ebola patients in Congo. 


BIZ: Everyone’s talking about Argentina. Spoiler: over the weekend, the country headed to the polls in its primary election. Big deal, since the current prez (Mauricio Macri) was defeated by Alberto Fernández - his rival to the center-left. The whole world was shocked. Leading Argentina’s stock market - plus its currency - to...crash. See: the Argentine peso fell 15% against the US dollar, while some stocks lost half their value. You read that right. The rest of the world was affected, too. Looking at you, Asia. Speaking of which, the US stock market’s also having some problems. Yesterday, the Dow drop drop dropped nearly 400 points. This comes as investors are still stressing about the trade war with China. 


$1 million:” how much Apple will give you if you can successfully hack an iPhone. Life hack: learn to hack. 


“Currently the street sign posts are empty” - the city of Wellesley, MA, announcing that street signs for Old Town Road (an actual road there) have been stolen. Multiple times. 

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