Cramm for 11/5/19


The US is making things official. 



A few years ago, a group of countries got together in Paris and decided that this climate change thing is actually kind of a big deal. So they got to work...and nodded their heads to a set of guidelines designed to help fight climate change. Aka the Paris Agreement. These guidelines include things like cutting greenhouse gas emissions. And were signed by every country except Nicaragua and Syria. Problem, since right after Prez Trump took office, he announced he’d be pulling the US out of the deal. 



Fast forward to now, and the US is making things official. Hint: recently, the Trump team took the first steps to formally withdraw from the Paris Agreement. This starts a year-long process that’d finally let the US ditch the deal the day after the 2020 presidential election. Suspense, thick. 



Prez Trump says the Paris Agreement means bad news for American workers and good news for foreign countries. But others say the deal’s critical in fighting climate change (which Trump has said he doesn’t believe in) - and are hoping other countries, like China and India, step up their game to compensate. 



Climate change is one of the defining issues of this time. TBD on how this latest news will affect things.


BIZ: Recently, Apple pledged $2.5 billion to help fight California’s growing housing crisis. ICYMI, tech bizes in the San Francisco Bay Area have been a driving force behind a housing crisis there. See: four out of the five most expensive counties in the US are in the region. Now, it looks like Apple’s joining Google and Facebook in pinky promising to help out. Speaking of which, researchers say Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Siri can all be hacked just by using a laser pointer. This lets the hacker do things like switch lights on and off, make online purchases, open a locked front-door, or even start a car. Reassuring. And in other news, having a four-day work week apparently boosts productivity by 40%. Does this apply to school? Asking for a friend. 


USA: Everyone wants to see Prez Trump’s tax returns. Reminder: it’s typical for US presidential candidates to hand over their tax returns. Because, transparency. But for years, Prez Trump’s shook his head to the idea - leading to lots and lots of backlash...and time in court. Now, it looks like an appeals court is ordering the Prez’s accountants to turn over his tax returns. Expect to see this case go all the way to the Supreme Court. Speaking of which, two women - including E. Jean Carroll - are suing Trump for defamation after he accused them of lying when they alleged he raped and sexually harassed them. Stay tuned. And meanwhile, Dems are releasing transcripts of key testimonies in the impeachment inquiry. Hi, political drama. 


WORLD: Oklahoma’s taking a stand. Yesterday, at least 462 nonviolent inmates walked out of prison in Oklahoma before their sentences were over. It comes as part of Oklahoma’s efforts to reform the prison system and fight overcrowding - and marks the largest commutation in US history. The move is being applauded by Dems and Republicans alike. Meanwhile, the smog in New Delhi keeps getting worse. Between temps dropping and farmers lighting fires to clear land - not to mention traffic pollution - the smog’s expected to stick around for a long while. Now, it looks like officials are declaring a public health emergency and handing out face masks to millions of kids. 


$5,000:” how much American Girl’s holiday doll costs. Reasonable.


“The cat is elusive, kind of like Barkley and Elliot” - A radio sports announcer after a cat ran onto the field during a Cowboys and Giants game. Furmble. 

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