Cramm for 6/30/21


The Pacific Northwest is dealing with a deadly heat wave. 



ICYDK, there’s this thing called a heat dome. It’s basically a mass of warm air built into an extremely extremely extremely wavy jet stream (or a band of strong air in the top part of the atmosphere). Sometimes, that jet stream can get even wavier, longer, and thinner - causing ridges of high pressure to get left behind in an area they’re not usually at. Whiiiich messes with the weather there in some pretty severe ways.



Right this very instant, the Pacific Northwest (so that’s the Canadian province of British Columbia and the US states of Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, and Montana) is experiencing a heat dome. It’s led to record-breaking temps of up to 117 degrees Fahrenheit in some cities. Heat warnings that are expected to extend through the weekend in Oregon and Washington. School closures. Flood warnings from melting ice, snow, and even glaciers. Blackouts. Water shortages. Reports of 233 deaths in British Columbia over a four-day period, when the norm is 130 deaths. 



Heat waves (and even heat domes) aren’t always out of the ordinary - but scientists say this sudden onslaught of historic heat is related to climate change. Yes, really. See: there’s pretty much no precedent for this kind of heat in places like Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver in the last 40 years. 



Expect to keep hearing about this over the coming days, as the heat wave drags on. 


DISASTERS: More deets are coming out about the condo collapse in Surfside, Florida. As in the prez of the condo association warned people about worsening damage in the building...less than three months before the disaster took place. This comes as 11 people have now been found dead in the collapse, with well over a hundred people still missing. In other news, World Health Organization officials are encouraging vaccinated people to keep wearing masks. Because, the delta variant. And speaking of the pandemic, the US Supreme Court is leaving the federal eviction moratorium in place, handing a big win to tenants and a big loss to landlords. 


WORLD: For months, the Ethiopian region of Tigray has been experiencing a civil war that’s left thousands dead and displaced millions. Fast forward to last week, and rebel forces in the area began taking back towns, until Ethiopian troops finally agreed to ditch Tigray for good and offered a ceasefire. To which those rebels said, “we will not be part of such a joke.” You read that right. The rebels say they want to continue working to drive Ethiopian forces out of Tigray before they agree to stop fighting. In other news, the commander of the US mission in Afghanistan is warning about potential “civil war” once troops officially leave the country. This comes as Taliban fighters have launched attacks on some Afghan cities. And meanwhile, a South African court just ordered the arrest of ex-prez Jacob Zuma. Tension, high. 


USA: Last year, a Georgia state trooper named Jacob Thompson (who’s since been fired) pulled over a 60 year old Black man named Julian Lewis for a broken tail light. When Lewis didn’t immediately stop, Thompson chased him, forced his car into a ditch, and fatally shot him in the head. The trooper claimed Lewis was trying to ram his car into him, but it’s since been proved that that would have been impossible as the vehicle became inoperable once it hit the ditch. All the same, it looks like Thompson won’t be indicted. Meanwhile, the House of Reps just voted to remove statues of Confederate figures from the Capitol. Now, it’s off to the Senate, where Dems have a slight majority. 


AirCar:” a convertible flying car that just completed a 35-minute flight. Weird future things, pt 1. 


“Startup wants to give you crypto—just let this orb scan your eyes first” - an actual headline. Weird future things, pt 2. 

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