Cramm for 10/10/19


Turkey’s attack on the Kurds is under way. 



You know the Kurds for being a minority group spread throughout the Middle East. For spending years helping the US fight ISIS in Syria. For being labelled a terrorist group by the Turkish gov. Hint: in the past, Turkey’s stayed away from the Kurds because they’ve had protection from US troops in Syria. Problem, since the other day, the US ditched Syria - pretty much giving the thumbs-up to Turkey to attack the Kurds. Scene, set. 



Recently, Turkey launched its military offensive against the Kurds. And already, at least 16 American-allied Kurdish fighters and 7 civilians have been killed as Turkey’s hit Kurdish forces with airstrikes and artillery fire. Traffic is reportedly at a standstill as people attempt to flee to safety. 



Prez Trump said Turkey’s attack was a “bad idea” - but pointed out that the Kurds “didn’t help us with D-Day.” Meanwhile, there’re new fears that this attack could lead to a resurgence of ISIS as ISIS fighters attempt to escape from Kurdish-run prisons in Syria. (In response to that, Trump shrugged things off since the prisoners would be “escaping to Europe.”) And still others worry that this could lead to a “humanitarian catastrophe” as Turkey continues to attack the Kurds. 



Republicans and Dems alike are calling the situation “sickening.” TBD, TBD, TBD. 


WORLD: Yesterday, a gunman attempted to enter a synagogue in Germany on Yom Kippur (the holiest day in the Jewish calendar), when the synagogue was filled with around 80 people. After he was unable to break down the doors, he opened fire and killed two people outside the synagogue. The shooting was livestreamed on Twitch, which quickly apologized and removed it. The gunman was reportedly a right-wing extremist. In other world news, the US and China are set to get together and talk trade today for the first time since July. In specific: the two countries are looking to smooth things over ahead of a scheduled tariff increase next week. Tension, high. 


POLITICS: Dems have their minds on impeachment. Quick refresher: a couple weeks ago, it came out that Prez Trump asked Ukraine’s prez to pretty please investigate the Bidens for potential dirt. And around the same time, froze nearly $400 million in aid to Ukraine. House Dems freaked out - and announced a formal impeachment inquiry. Whiiiich the Trump team pinky promised not to go along with. Now, it looks like the House is planning a new wave of subpoenas. Meanwhile, recently, Joe Biden said ‘this guy is kind of the worst’ and publicly declared his support for impeaching Trump. And speaking of which, a new poll says over half of Americans now support impeaching the Prez and removing him from office. To impeach or not to impeach.


USA: The central US is bracing for snow. This week, states from Montana to Nebraska are expected to face a very very early (potentially-historic) winter storm. The storm could dump up to two feet of snow, with temperatures forecast to drop drop drop as much as 50 degrees. The weather outside is frightful. In other news, a new study says at least eight states could see their state birds virtually disappear from the area as rising temps and other threats from climate change force hundreds of bird species to move. It’s unclear how these moves could affect birds, who’d need to adjust to new environments. Stay tuned.


200:” how many walnuts a woman found stored under the hood of her cars. That’s nuts. 


"If you hate Comic Sans you need a new hobby" - the creator of Comic Sans (as in the font). Ha ha ha. 

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