Cramm for 4/2/21


A watchdog report is bringing light to the mistreatment of detainees at an ICE facility. 



When Immigration and Customs Enforcement (aka ICE) detains a migrant for, say, being in the US illegally, that migrant is usually taken to an ICE facility. Oftentimes, they’re held for more than 90 days. Scene, set. 



Recently, a watchdog group released a report on an ICE detention center in Arizona. The findings are not good news. See: detainees at this facility filed hundreds of grievances about mistreatment in 2020. 



To elaborate: there were “serious concerns regarding detainee care and treatment” at the facility in 2020. Last April, when detainees held a peaceful protest over a lack of coronavirus safety measures at the center, the facility responded by deploying chemical agents from the ceiling. Not to mention staff fired pepper spray at the detainees. In fact, between February and August 2020, there were at least 11 reported use-of-force incidents where staff used chemical agents to “gain detainee compliance.” The report also went into an instance where an officer cursed at a detainee, called him a racial slur, and threatened him with pepper spray. Plus when a cancer patient ran out of leukemia medication because the medical staff failed to order a refill on time. 



The watchdog group is calling for the facility to be shut down. TBD. 


PEOPLE: Here’s your daily update on Derek Chauvin’s murder trial. Yesterday, experts were brought to the stand. Paramedics testified that George Floyd had no pulse by the time they showed up to the scene - while Chauvin’s ex-supervisor said officers should have stopped restraining Floyd as soon as he stopped resisting. He also revealed that Chauvin didn’t tell him that he knelt on Floyd’s neck. Who also testified: Floyd’s girlfriend, who called Floyd a “mama’s boy” who was “broken” by the death of his mother. She also spoke about his struggle with addiction. Meanwhile, last month, a 26 year old Black man who was arrested on a misdemeanor marijuana charge died in a Texas jail. The why: officers restrained and pepper-sprayed him...and then put a spit hood over his head. Now, seven officers are being fired over the death. 


WORLD: Recently, Myanmar’s military cut allllll wireless internet services in the country. Quick refresher: a couple months ago, the military detained a bunch of gov leaders (including civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi), declared a one-year state of emergency, and took control of the country in a coup. Fast forward to yesterday, and the military suddenly charged Suu Kyi with violating the official secrets act. FYI, that could result in a 14 year prison sentence. Stay tuned. In other news, earlier today, an unmanned truck slid onto a train track in Taiwan, where it was soon hit by a train. At least 51 people were killed. It’s the island’s deadliest rail disaster. 


POLITICS: ICYMI, the other day, Prez Biden unveiled his new infrastructure plan. The $2 trillion (yes, with a tr) plan would modernize 20,000 miles of roads, fix the country’s 10 “most economically significant bridges,” and focus on climate change and the environment. At first, there were hopes that the plan could get bipartisan support, but that’s been pretty much shut down. Hint: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said he’ll fight the plan every step of the way - meaning Dems will have to pass it via budget reconciliation. Meanwhile, not even an hour ago, the US and Iran suddenly agreed to get together to discuss the Iran nuclear deal. Big deal, since Prez Biden’s been looking to rejoin the nuclear deal after Trump ditched it. 


Siri:” what will no longer default to a female voice.


“A Man Found 15,000 Bees in His Car After Grocery Shopping” - an actual headline. Unbeelievable. 

It's Friday, so we want to spotlight a good cause we feel passionately about. Say hello to Achillea. 

Achillea is a national free online peer-tutoring nonprofit for foster kids, created by a foster kid. Our mission is to help kids in foster care across the country overcome adversity and enjoy their learning experience. 
Our model is built on one-on-one peer oriented relationships to ensure that each student feels their voice is heard. Kids currently in foster care, as well as those who have been discharged or are receiving preventative services, can sign up to be matched with a dedicated high school tutor at any time. We are open to helping students with all school subjects. Any high school students who are passionate about child welfare and education can sign up to volunteer with us as well!

Every single child deserves access to an excellent education — it’s the pathway to success. Achillea affords foster kids this opportunity.

Email us at if you would like to get involved with us! 
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