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North Korea’s putting up a ‘do not disturb’ sign. 



Over the past few decades, North Korea hasn’t exactly gotten along with the rest of the world. In particular: the US and South Korea. For years, the two countries have held joint military exercises - something North Korea sees as, you know, a threat. See: its leadership calls the drills a “rehearsal for war.” Then, last year, during Prez Trump’s hang out with Kim Jong Un, the US pinky promised to put an end to these exercises. Whiiiiich...never happened. Scene, set. 



Last week, the US and South Korea kicked off their latest round of military drills. North Korea threw a tantrum. Hint: for weeks, the country’s been firing missile after missile after missile. And has repeatedly told its neighbor to the South to call off the drills. As you’ve probably figured out, South Korea...ignored them. 



Yesterday, North Korea reportedly launched at least two projectiles into the ocean. Then told South Korea ‘you and me are done’ and announced they would never ever ever ever hold peace talks with the country again. And added that South Korea’s prez is “impudent.” Aka disrespectful. 



Ever since Prez Trump took office, he’s made it his priority to calm things down with North Korea. TBD on how this latest news affects things. 


USA: Recently, it came out that the Dayton, Ohio gunman had cocaine, Xanax, and alcohol in his system during the attack. Reminder: earlier this month, a gunman opened fire, killing nine people. Since then, authorities have been searching for a potential motive. Unclear how much of each drug was in the gunman’s system. In other news, yesterday, John Hickenlooper - Colorado’s former governor - said ‘well this is going nowhere’ and ended his 2020 presidential campaign. No word yet on whether he’ll run for the Senate. And meanwhile, Prez Trump apparently asked his advisors if he could buy Greenland. We assure you this is not made up. 


WORLD: ICYMI, about six weeks ago, Gibraltar said ‘your ship is our ship’ and seized an Iranian oil tanker - apparently for delivering oil to Syria, which violates an EU embargo. In response, Iran...seized a British tanker. Fast forward to yesterday, and the US asked Gibraltar to pretty please hand over the Iranian oil tanker. To which Gibraltar said ‘ha no’ and released the tanker back to Iran. Now, it looks like Iran’s reportedly considering giving up the British tanker. Speaking of which, recently, Israel said ‘keep out’ to US Reps Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib after Prez Trump told the country to block the two lawmakers from visiting. Because, Israel boycotts. And in other news, A$AP Rocky was just found guilty of assault - but won’t face jail time. 


TECH: Recently, hundreds of Google employees called on the biz to pledge that it’ll stay away from working with US Customs and Border Protection - along with ICE. This comes as the situation at the US-Mexico border is being labelled a “crisis.” Speaking of which, a federal court just ruled that detained migrant kids must have “basic hygiene supplies.” Think: a toothbrush and toothpaste - things migrants allegedly haven’t been receiving. In other news, recently, a group of LGBTQ+ YouTubers sued the biz - and its parent company, Google - for allegedly discriminating against them. The group says YouTube restricts advertising on LGBTQ+-themed videos - plus limits their reach and discoverability. Stay tuned. 


The:” what Ohio State University apparently wants to trademark. Just ‘the.’ Bad news for theCramm. 


“If I was on a 1 to 10 scale of being handsome, I was an 8 and now I've gone to an 11” - Simon Cowell on how becoming a vegan has affected him. 

Hey hey hey! We're so super stoked to present our interview with Oklahoma Youth CoalitionOYC is a bipartisan organization dedicated to upping youth involvement - plus education - in Oklahoma's political system. Oh, and it's completely run by young people. Check out our interview with them below! 

Keep reading for a preview of our interview with Gracie - be sure to check out the rest of it here!

​Thanks to Kyndall Tenace from our Editorial Team for conducting this interview!  


​KT:  What actions is the OYC taking within the local community to increase youth involvement and education in the Oklahoma state system?
OYC: In the next coming months we plan to have town hall and coffee shop events where you can sit down with a local leader, representatives, and Senators.  Our leadership in the organization is still learning about the political system as well, and we feel that to be a great benefit and think this can be a great attraction because most people in organizations have been active for a while now, while our members have only been active for a few weeks.  This coming Saturday, a few colleagues within the program will be heading down to Oklahoma City to meet with some delegates and representatives to introduce the [Oklahoma Youth Coalition] to them.


Want more? Read the rest of our interview with OYC here!
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