Cramm for 1/6/22


Today marks one year since the January 6 Capitol attack. 



One year ago today, Trump supporters gathered in Washington, DC while Congress met to formally certify the election results. Trump came out and gave a speech urging his supporters to march down Pennsylvania Avenue. And they did - but they didn’t stop there. They stormed the US Capitol. Smashed windows. Vandalized and looted offices. Attacked police. Forced lawmakers into a lockdown or, in some cases, emergency evacuations. It was 4 hours before the building was cleared. 



Five people died as a result of the attack, including one Capitol Police officer. Four other officers committed suicide over the next 7 months. Trump was impeached for a second time in the House of Reps for incitement of insurrection, with 10 Republicans joining Dems for the vote. The attack sparked the biggest investigation in FBI history, with over 700 arrests and counting. And a House select committee continues to take a magnifying glass to what happened before, during, and after the attack. 



Prez Biden gave remarks to commemorate the day, accusing Trump and his allies of holding “a dagger at the throat of America.” Nationwide, more than 100 activist groups planned vigils and gatherings as part of a “Day of Remembrance and Action.” 



The January 6 Capitol attack had an immeasurable impact on democracy and politics in the US. TBD on the long term effects of this day. 


CORONAVIRUS: As global infections continue to rise - with daily new cases numbering in the millions - more and more countries are tightening restrictions. See: in Italy, anyone over the age of 50 must be vaccinated against the virus…or risk being fined and losing their salaries. Over in Australia, tennis star Novak Djokovic was refused entry into the country after being given an apparent vaccine exemption to compete in the Australian Open. Tension, high. And in the US, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention rec’d Pfizer’s coronavirus booster for kids aged 12 to 15. Also making headlines: Walmart and Kroger are raising the prices of at-home covid tests after a deal with the gov expired. And it looks like the 2022 Grammys will be delayed due to “uncertainty” over the Omicron variant. 


WORLD: All eyes are on Kazakhstan. ICYMI, after the gov raised the price of fuel, people took to the streets in protests that have evolved into a greater cry for democratic reforms. And while fuel prices have been restored and a big chunk of the gov has resigned, it doesn’t look like the protests are going anywhere anytime soon. Last night, demonstrations escalated, with security forces killing dozens of protesters in the main city Almaty. Thousands of people have been arrested. Now, Russia is deploying paratroopers in Kazakhstan in an attempt to put down the uprising. Meanwhile, recently, 97 Nigerian hostages were rescued after months of captivity. The hostages were abducted from their homes and along highways by armed groups in northwest Nigeria, but now, they’ve been safely returned home. 


PEOPLE: Meet Homer Plessy. He was a Creole man of color who purchased a ticket for a whites-only train in 1892…and was subsequently arrested for violating Louisiana’s Separate Car Act. Plessy’s case ultimately led to the Supreme Court decision Plessy v Ferguson, which intro’d the whole idea of “separate but equal” and kicked off an era of Jim Crow laws and segregation. Now, 130 years later, Louisiana's governor has pardoned Plessy, calling it a “step in the right direction.” In other news, a man just lost a 7-year legal battle against a Belfast bakery that refused to make him a cake with the message “support gay marraige.” The European court of human rights said the man’s claim was inadmissible. For reference, same-sex marriage was legalized in Northern Ireland just last year. 


Chronological feed:” what’s coming back to Instagram for some users. 


“I was NOT this cute” - Emma Watson after the ‘Harry Potter’ reunion special accidentally used a photo of a young Emma Roberts instead of her.

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