Cramm for 8/26/19


A lot went down at the G7 summit. 



Every year, the world’s most important leaders meet up for the G7 summit. The summit is supposed to be a time to chat about things like trade, equality, and climate change. And is named for the seven countries who are a part of it. Think: Canada, the US, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Japan. Russia used to be a member...before they invaded Ukraine back in 2014. Over the weekend, this year’s summit took place in Biarritz, France. There was some drama. 



Iran was a talking point. See: French Prez Emmanuel Macron, who (secretly) sent an invite to Iran’s foreign minister - Mohammad Javad Zarif. Big deal, because ever since the US pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal, tensions with Iran have been verrrry high. But Macron’s apparently looking to get the US and Iran back together. 



Speaking of tension, Prez Trump had his eyes on France. ICYDK, France has this thing called the digital tax that targets big US tech bizes. Something Trump’s not a fan of. So the other day, he said ‘two can play this game’ and threatened to slap a tariff on French wine. To which the EU said ‘actually three can play.’ What also made headlines: Trump’s big trade agreement with Japan. Plus UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s big mouth. Oh, and Trump still wants the G7 to become the G8 again.  



It’s unclear if anything really impactful happened - besides lots of fighting. TBD, TBD, TBD. 


WORLD: All eyes are on the Amazon. Reminder: lately, the Amazon (as in the world’s largest rainforest) has been burning at the highest rate since 2013. For some context, more than one and a half soccer fields of rainforest are being destroyed...every minute…every day. And it comes as deforestation in the region up 80% from last year. Hint: farmers use fires to clear land and make it ready for use. Bad bad news, since the Amazon produces about 20% of the world’s oxygen. So the other day, Brazil’s prez - Jair Bolsonaro - said ‘yeah, I guess I should probably do something about this’ and sent 43,000 troops to help fight the fire. This comes after he faced backlash from G7 leaders. In other news, Tropical Storm Dorian’s set to become a hurricane


POLITICS: Everyone’s talking about the US and China. Quick refresher: ever since Prez Trump took office, he’s made it his mission to slap tariff after tariff after tariff on China - who’s retaliated with...tariffs on the US. Last week was no different. In response, Trump rolled up his sleeves and apparently ordered all US companies to stop doing biz with China - citing a decades-old law. (That sound you’re hearing is everyone saying he can’t do that.) Then, all of a sudden, Trump declared that China’s open to negotiations again - and trade talks will be starting up again soon. Flip flop. Meanwhile, meet Joe Walsh. Recently, he became the 2nd Republican to take on Trump in the 2020 election. Unclear how far he’ll go. 


USA: Recently, health officials announced that a patient died due to a lung illness linked to vaping. Reminder: over the past few months, the FDA’s been investigating over a hundred cases of people suffering seizures and other respiratory illnesses after vaping. But the investigation’s turned up without any common links - except e-cigarette use. Now, it looks like the first person has died due to a vaping-related illness. In other news, recently, it came out that at least 78 airmen and women have died by suicide in 2019. An official at the Air Force Kaleth Wright even said they “loose more airmen to suicide than any other single enemy” - including combat. Stay tuned. And meanwhile, today marks the 400th anniversary of slavery in the US. 


Old Town Road:” what made former Prez Obama’s annual summer playlist. Along with, oh, the rest of the world’s playlist. 


“They’ve decided to make flying fun for everyone” - Southwest after its employees held a contest to see who had the worst driver’s license pic. Everyone except people with bad driver’s license pics. 

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