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Another person died from a vaping-related lung disease. 



Last year, the Food and Drug Admin said ‘bad news’ and announced that teen e-cigarette use has become an epidemic. E-cigarettes are relatively new and come in different flavors, like mango or mint. And since they look like flash drives, they can be difficult for parents or teachers to spot. Think: a sleeker, more futuristic version of a cigarette. Problem, because lately, the FDA’s been investigating hundreds of cases of people suffering seizures and other respiratory illnesses after vaping. And a couple weeks ago, an Illinois patient became the first person to die from a vaping-related lung disease. 



Yesterday, it came out that officials in Oregon are looking into the recent death of a person who had severe respiratory illness after vaping. Their symptoms were reportedly very very similar to the symptoms of the 330 others who apparently have the disease. If it’s confirmed, it’d make it the second death due to a vaping-related lung disease in the US. 



So far, the FDA’s investigation is coming up blank. Case in point: they haven’t been able to figure out what exactly about vaping is causing these respiratory diseases. Meanwhile, Michigan’s taking action. It just became the first state to ban the sale of flavored e-cigarettes - apparently in an effort to cut back on teen vaping. 



Nobody knows what’s causing these dangerous lung diseases - except that it has to do with vaping. TBD, TBD, TBD. 


WORLD: Recently, Hurricane Dorian strengthened to a Category 3 storm. Bad news, since right now, Dorian’s right off the coast of South Carolina - bringing 100mph winds, flooding, massive storm surges, and heavy rainfall. At least 73,000 people in South Carolina and Georgia are without power. Now, it looks like Dorian’s expected to make landfall in North Carolina by tonight. Meanwhile in the Bahamas, the death toll has risen to 20 - with US search teams reportedly on their way to help. This comes as the international airport’s been destroyed, making it harder for aid to reach the area. In other news, the Trump team’s cutting back on energy efficiency rules for light bulbs. Intro lawsuits. And speaking of which, meet Sharpie-gate


POLITICS: Boris Johnson can’t catch a break. We’ll remind you: Johnson is the UK’s new prime minister who’s a big fan of a no-deal Brexit. Unliiiiike Parliament. See: earlier this week, a group of lawmakers voted to take control over the parliamentary agenda - causing Johnson to threaten to call for a snap election. So Parliament said ‘we’d like to see you try’...and voted to stop Johnson from doing so. Plus officially voted to put an end to any chance of a no-deal Brexit. Unclear what Johnson’s next move will be. In other news, the US and China just agreed to meet up in Washington, DC to talk trade. The stock market...threw a party. This comes as the trade war between the two countries keeps escalating. Tension, high. 


BIZ: Recently, 14 women who’ve allegedly been sexually assaulted by Lyft drivers sued the company. The women say Lyft has a “sexual predator crisis” and doesn’t do enough to prevent sexual assault. Think: thorough background checks. No word yet on this from Lyft. Speaking of which, Google (which owns YouTube) is coughing up $170 million after regulators said the biz knowingly used personal info from kids to target them with ads. Without asking permission. ICYMI, that’s illegal. But critics are pointing out that a $170 million fine isn’t very much for a biz like Google - and want more to be done to protect people’s privacy. Stay tuned. 


Garlic:” the name of China’s first cloned cat. Welcome to the furture. 


“Give me a break” - People aren’t exactly thrilled that LeBron James is trying to trademark ‘Taco Tuesday.’ No bueno. 

We couldn't be more excited to present our latest interview. The interviewee? Maura Sheedy! Maura is the oh-so-inspiring founder of Make Musean organization that works to promote girls and women - plus fight gender inequality. And get this: in her junior year of high school, she created a year-long experiment to ditch makeup in an effort to raise awareness around the "societal beauty standards imposed on women." Inspired yet? We know we are. 

A big big thank you to Aditi Anand from our Editorial Team for conducting this interview! 

( below for a quick preview of the interview. Want the full thing? Head on over here.) 

We heard about your year-long experiment to not wear any makeup at all! Could you tell us a bit about what inspired that? 

Yes! A week into my junior year of high school (5 years ago), I was walking home from school with friends, and our conversation solely revolved around our outfits, hair, and makeup for whatever we were attending that night. I remember having an “aha” moment that this conversation wasn’t a one-off— this was a common conversation that we seemed to have all. the. time. Why did we spend so much talking, thinking, and obsessing over what we looked like? 

I blurted out without thinking, “What if I went a year without wearing makeup?!” 

Every single one of my friends doubted that I could actually do it. I’m the type of person who gets excited by a challenge— plus I always like to prove people wrong!

That night, I did wear makeup, but the following Monday, I launched an Instagram account called @makeuplessmaura where I would document every day of a makeup-free year. That account was one of the first public platforms that I used to speak out against something that bothered me— the societal beauty standards imposed on young women. Through the account, I shared updates on my experience, thoughts on the beauty industry, and thoughts that I had on real beauty, self-love, and body confidence. You can still check out the posts via #makeuplessmaura on Instagram. 

The experience was so defining for me as person and really established the confidence that I carry with me today. By the end, I knew I wanted to do some sort of cumulative project. During the next couple of years, I continued to think about societal standards imposed on young women. I knew that I wanted to continue and expand this conversation to cover more topics and more voices. Make Muse was born because of this!

Want more Maura? Head on over here for the full interview. 
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