Cramm for 8/8/19


ICE is arresting hundreds of migrants. 



One of Prez Trump’s biggest campaign promises was to crack down on undocumented immigrants. That’s when migrants cross the US-Mexico border seek asylum from threats in their home country (which is legal). Spoiler: this topic is very controversial. Some believe these migrants have a right to safety in the US - while others say that if people want to come to the US, they need to go through legal checkpoints. Scene, set. 



Yesterday, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (aka ICE) arrested nearly 700 people believed to be undocumented immigrants all across Mississippi. Federal agents apparently raided multiple bizes - in particular, poultry plants - throughout the state. It’s reportedly the largest ‘worksite enforcement action’ in a single state...ever. 



The raids are a result of a yearlong investigation into illegal immigration in Mississippi. And mark the biggest raids since Prez Trump took office - plus the biggest raids since 2006. Now, it looks like ICE is rounding up migrants to be “processed” before heading to court. 



ICE has been threatening these kinds of mass raids for a long, long time. TBD on whether they’re planning more. 


USA: Yesterday, the Prez headed to Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas to visit the victims of last week’s shootings. He was greeted with...protests. This comes as more and more Republican lawmakers are leaning towards gun control. In other news, recently, Cyntoia Brown (who’s 30 years old) was released from prison. Reminder: at 16, Brown - a victim of sex trafficking - was sentenced to life in jail after killing a man, reportedly in order to free herself. But many - including Kim Kardashian and Rihanna - said Brown’s sentence was unfair...and have been lobbying to have her freed early. Now, it looks like after 14 years in prison, Brown’s finally being released. 


POLITICS: Puerto Rico’s going through some leadership changes. Quick refresher: last week, the island’s ex-governor picked Pedro Pierluisi - who was sworn in a few days later - to replace him. Problem, since Puerto Rico’s Congress didn’t approve Pierluisi - meaning it may not have been legit. Then, yesterday, the island’s Supreme Court said ‘definitely not legit’ and effectively...kicked Pierluisi out. Now, it looks like the justice sec - Wanda Vásquez - is taking his place. Speaking of which, yesterday, the US Ambassador to Russia - Jon Huntsman - quit. And meanwhile, the other day, a huge bomb outside a police station in the Afghan capital of Kabul killed at least 14 people and injured around 150. The Taliban has claimed responsibility. 


WORLD: Recently, the Philippines declared a national epidemic. The why: an outbreak of dengue. That’s the mosquito-borne viral infection known to cause joint pain, nausea, vomiting, headaches, and a rash - plus breathing problems, haemorrhaging, and organ failure. Since January, there’ve been nearly 150,000 cases of dengue in the Philippines - with 622 deaths.  Now, it looks like the gov is sounding the alarm. Speaking of which, recently, at least a dozen people got Legionnaires’ disease - a serious form of noncontagious pneumonia - after staying at the Sheraton Atlanta. So far, one person has died. Stay tuned. And in other news, a new report says a quarter of the world’s population lives with extreme water stress. 


Herring Gulls Respond to Human Gaze Direction:” a new study that found staring down seagulls is the best way to stop them from stealing your food. Ultimate staring contest. 


“They would try to hypnotize me by showing me their backs” - Nicolas Cage, talking about his two pet king cobras. Hold up. 

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