Cramm for 11/6/19


Dems are putting up the streamers. 



You’ve heard of the US presidential election - which takes place every four years and kicks off in 2020 this time around. You’ve also heard of the US Midterm elections - which take place every two years and, half the time, line up with the presidential election. But some states also have off-year elections, which take place in the years when there aren’t Midterm or presidential elections. Scene, set. 



Yesterday, 5 states headed to the polls in their off-year elections. Think: Louisiana, New Jersey, Kentucky, Virginia, and Mississippi. There were some surprises. As in Dem candidate Andy Beshear took the win in Kentucky over incumbent Republican governor Matt Bevin by thiiiis much. And in Virginia, Dems took full control of the state’s legislature for the first time in over 20 years. Not a typo. 



Big. Even though only a few states participated in these elections, people nationwide were watching to see whether Dems were capable of winning seats in states Prez Trump won in 2016. Case in point: the Prez took a trip to almost all of these states in the past couple of months - while Vice Prez Mike Pence and Dem presidential contenders got together with candidates. 



The 2020 presidential election is less than a year away. TBD on whether Dems’ wins yesterday are an early sign of success in 2020. 


POLITICS: Last month, it came out that Prez Trump chatted with Ukraine’s prez in a July phone call...and asked him to pretty please investigate the Bidens for potential dirt. And right before the call, froze nearly $400 million in aid to Ukraine. Hmmm. In response, Dems said ‘sounds just the teensiest bit suspicious’ and opened up an impeachment inquiry. Enter: Gordon Sondland. A couple weeks ago, he testified before the House and said there was no quid pro quo. But since then, multiple White House aides have alleged that there was. Now, it looks like Sondland’s switching his answer and saying there actually was a quid pro quo. Plot twist. Speaking of which, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s facing some accusations. Because, Russia. 


WORLD: A new study just came out on vaping. Spoiler: there’s been a “significant increase” in teens vaping menthol or mint flavored e-cigarettes - with middle schoolers and high schoolers reportedly using them almost as much as fruit flavored e-cigarettes. Big deal, since the gov’s gearing up to ban fruit flavored e-cigs - but hasn’t made the call on menthol or mint flavored e-cigs yet. Stay tuned. In other news, recently, at least 8 people were stabbed at a site in Jordan. The suspect has been arrested, with authorities searching for a potential motive. Meanwhile, at least 17 people were killed recently after ISIS militants attacked a checkpoint on Tajikistan’s border with Uzbekistan. ISIS has not yet claimed responsibility. 


MONEY: All eyes are on AT&T. Yesterday, the biz agreed to cough up $60 million over its “fake” unlimited data plans. Quick refresher: AT&T offers an unlimited data plan - but after a certain point, slooooows down your service to a fraction of what it was before. Now, it looks like AT&T is settling with the Federal Trade Commission. Speaking of which, the Federal Communications Commission (aka the FCC) is giving the formal thumbs-up to a $26 billion (yes, with a b) merger between T-Mobile and Sprint. This comes as a multitude of state attorney generals and consumer advocacy groups have spoken out against the merger. And meanwhile, Australia’s top women soccer players will now get paid as much as their male counterparts. Goal. 


Krispy Kreme:” what just struck a deal with a college student who was re-selling their doughnuts in Minnesota. Kreative. 


“I call it being self-partnered” - Emma Watson on being single. Hermione hasn’t found her Ron. 

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