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The first reviews for Cramm This Book are in, and we couldn't be more excited. Here's why Kirkus Reviews called it an "ideal work for readers seeking a starting point for world knowledge and societal activism.” Preorder your copy today!


All eyes are on Ukraine. 



Ukraine and Russia have always had a…complicated relationship. For decades, Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union, but it gained its independence when the USSR was dissolved in 1991. Since then, Russia’s continued to have a pretty strong grip on Ukraine. Fast forward to 2014. Ukraine is facing widespread protests, so it revamps its gov and kicks out a lot of pro-Russia lawmakers. So Russia did the natural thing and invaded Crimea (a region of Ukraine) with the help of pro-Russia separatists. 



Lately, there have been reports that Russian troops are massing along the Ukrainian border. We’re talking as many as 175,000. And last week, Russian Prez Vladimir Putin demanded “legal guarantees” that NATO (a major military alliance) wouldn’t expand eastward and add Ukraine as a member. Which definitely raised a lot of eyebrows. 



Yesterday, Prezes Biden and Putin (virtually) got together to talk Ukraine. It wasn’t a friendly chat. Biden apparently warned Putin that the US would slap heavy sanctions on Russia if the country invaded Ukraine. Those sanctions would basically end Russia’s hopes of completing a Russian gas pipeline to Europe - a big deal for the country’s economy. Biden also said that NATO could reposition its troops in Europe in case of a war. Tension, extremely high. 



Biden made it clear that any further invasion of Ukraine would have drastic consequences. TBD on what happens next. 


POLITICS: A few months ago, Germany headed to the polls to elect its next gov. With Chancellor Angela Merkel stepping down, the field was pretty much wide open. And the winner was….the center-left Social Democratic Party (aka SDP), which beat out Merkel’s party - the center-right Christian Democratic Union (aka CDU) - by thiiiis much. Now, months later, SDP leader Olaf Scholz has officially taken over as chancellor. It’s the end of an era for Germany, which has been led by Merkel for 16 years. Meanwhile, 12 people just died in a helicopter crash in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The victims include India’s top military general. And in other news, the US House of Reps just passed a new debt ceiling plan that would let Congress avoid a federal default without the threat of a Republican filibuster. 


HEALTH: The US surgeon general has a warning: young people are facing “devastating” mental health effects as a result of the challenges experienced by their generation. And while the issue has certainly been intensified as a result of the pandemic, it was already widespread by spring 2020. That’s partly due to problems like climate change, gun control, social media pressures, income inequality, and racial injustice…to name a few. Meanwhile, a new study shows that Omicron partly evades the immune response generated by Pfizer’s covid vaccine (though the vaccine likely still protects against severe illness). However, boosters could offer significant protection against the variant. 


CHINA: Recently, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) revealed that China is the world’s biggest captor of journalists. The country has at least 127 reporters currently detained. At least 10 journalists and online commentators were arrested for reporting on the covid crisis in Wuhan, while Uyghur journalists reporting on internment camps in Xinjiang have also been jailed. RSF called it an “unprecedented campaign of repression.” In other news, the UK just announced a diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics, which are being hosted by Beijing. Because, China’s long list of human rights abuses. This comes after the US and Australia declared diplomatic boycotts of the Games. 


Cheugy:” one of the most mispronounced words of 2021. How uncool. 


“As Earth's weather patterns become wilder, golf courses face a challenging time” - an actual headline. Climate activists should just show this article to world leaders. 

ICYMI, Cramm This Book is coming on February 15, 2022! Cramm This Book is a dive into the history that’s shaped the world as it is today, looking at the wars, the movements, the disasters, and more. Pre-order your copy today!
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