Cramm for 10/18/19


Mick Mulvaney likes to talk. 



Lately, all anyone’s been able to talk about is the impeachment inquiry into Prez Trump. The inquiry kicked off a couple weeks ago after it came out that Trump chatted with Ukraine’s prez (Volodymr Zelensky) in a July phone call...and asked him to pretty please investigate the Bidens for potential dirt. And right before the call, froze nearly $400 million in aid to Ukraine. Scene, set. 



Meet Mick Mulvaney - aka the acting White House chief of staff. Yesterday, he grabbed the mic at a news conference...and admitted that the Trump team withheld aid to Ukraine to pressure the country to investigate Trump’s political rivals. Then later, tried to deny he ever said this. Jaw, dropped. 



Explosive. Hint: one of the biggest aspects of the impeachment inquiry was whether Prez Trump’s phone call with Zelensky involved a quid pro quo (as in, we’ll do this for you in exchange for this). Dems said yes. Republicans said no. But now, it looks like Mulvaney’s revealed that the call did involve a quid pro quo. No big deal. What’s also making headlines: Mulvaney let the world know that the next G-7 summit would be held at (drumroll, please) Trump’s golf resort in Miami. Cue backlash. 



Mulvaney’s statements could mean bad news for Prez Trump. TBD, TBD, TBD. 


WORLD: All eyes are on Syria. Reminder: you know the Kurds for being a minority group that helped the US fight ISIS in Syria - but is seen as a terrorist group by the Turkish gov. In the past, Turkey’s stayed away from the Kurds because they’ve had protection from US troops in Syria. Untilll a couple weeks ago, when the US ditched Syria - pretty much giving the thumbs-up to Turkey to attack the Kurds. Last week, Turkey launched its military offensive, killing dozens of Kurds and forcing over a hundred thousand to flee. So recently, Vice Prez Mike Pence chatted with Turkey’s gov...and agreed on a five-day ceasefire. Problem, since already, it looks like Turkey is breaking this ceasefire. Not good. In other news, history’s being made in space. 


BIZ: Yesterday, Juul said ‘fineeee’ and put an end to online sales of flavored e-cigarettes. Quick refresher: last year, the FDA said ‘bad news’ and announced that teen e-cigarette use has become an epidemic. E-cigarettes are relatively new and come in different flavors, like mango or mint - making them extra popular among teens. Months ago, Juul agreed to pull flavored e-cigarettes from store shelves - where most e-cigs are sold. Now, it looks like the biz is nodding its head to halting the sale of these kinds of e-cigs online, too. Meanwhile, around 50,000 workers are expected to vote on a “tentative” deal between the United Auto Workers union and General Motors. This comes after the union went on strike for over a month. 


WEATHER: Yesterday, New England was hit with a “bomb cyclone.” Bomb cyclone: an intense winter storm caused by a rapid pressure drop. The storm brought strong winds and heavy rain, which knocked out power and disrupted flights in the area. Thousands of people across the East Coast are still without power, while hundreds of flights have been cancelled. Speaking of which, tropical storm warnings are being issued in the Gulf Coast as a potential storm strengthens and intensifies in the Gulf of Mexico. Cities from Tampa to New Orleans are expected to face serious storm surges, with the first of the tropical storm forecast to hit Florida by this afternoon. 


The Blob:” a creature with 720 sexes, the power to heal itself, no brain, and no eyes. Yes, it’s real. No, we don’t stand a chance. 


“Scientists just discovered 'stormquakes' -- but don't worry, you're not in danger” - an actual headline. Reassuring. 

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