Cramm for 10/29/19


The fires in California keep getting worse. 



Last week, the Kincade Fire broke out in Sonoma County - just hours from San Francisco. Within days, it burned tens of thousands of acres, destroying many buildings and causing hundreds of thousands of people to evacuate. That’s not the only part of California dealing with a fire. In Los Angeles, residents are facing the Getty Fire, which sprung up yesterday in the hills above the 405 Freeway. Scene, set. 



Already, the Getty Fire’s burned more than 600 acres. At least eight homes have been destroyed, with many homes burning. Thousands of people were ordered to evacuate, including Lebron James and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The fire’s also bringing bad air quality. All of this is leading some to label it the “apocalypse.” 



Meanwhile, in Sonoma County, the Kincade Fire grew to nearly 80,000 acres - or twice the size of San Francisco. You read that right. The fire is expected to continue to get worse as strong, dry winds return to the area. Around 100 buildings have been destroyed, with thousands of firefighters currently working to stop the fire from spreading. In other news, California’s opening up an investigation into utility bizes purposely shutting off power to avoid fires. 



It doesn’t look like either of these fires will be going away any time soon. TBD, TBD, TBD. 


POLITICS: Boris Johnson’s not having a good day. We’ll remind you: it’s no secret that the UK’s had a bit of trouble putting together a deal to ditch the EU. Enter: the Brexit deadline. The deadline was October 31st, but Parliament, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and the EU agreed to push it back to January 2020 - apparently in exchange for holding new general elections in December. Problem, since yesterday, Parliament said ‘not gonna happen’ and shook their heads to letting Johnson call new elections. Unclear what Johnson’s next step is. In other news, Lebanon’s not doing so hot. After days of protests there, the Central Bank Governor says the country is “days” away from economic collapse. Not a typo. 


WORLD: Recently, Georgia (as in the country) was hit by a massive cyber attack that’s knocked out more than 2,000 websites - plus the national TV station. Yes, really. Court websites containing personal info have also been affected, along with gov websites. Think: the presidential website. All of the affected websites were apparently replaced with an image of Georgia’s former prez and the words “I’ll be back.” Nope, not a spy thriller. Some point fingers to Russia as being behind the attack. Stay tuned. Speaking of which, South Africa’s also facing a cyber attack. And in other news, an 84 year old man was just arrested in France after attacking a mosque and seriously injuring two people. 


USA: The impeachment inquiry’s going public. Quick refresher: a few weeks ago, it came out that Prez Trump chatted with Ukraine’s prez about investigating the Bidens for potential dirt. Read: pressured. And just days before, withheld nearly $400 million in aid to Ukraine - reportedly with the idea that they wouldn’t receive the aid until opening up this investigation. Cue an impeachment inquiry into...Prez Trump. Now, it looks like the House is planning its first vote related to the impeachment inquiry to “ensure transparency.” Breath, bated. Meanwhile, even Facebook is mad at Facebook. Yesterday, about 250 of the biz’s employees signed a letter bashing their decision to let politicians use the platform to post any claims they want - even false ones. 


$249:” the cost of Apple’s new model of AirPods. Money, disappearing into thin Air. 


“Guitar smashing is exactly what it sounds like” - The world’s first guitar-shaped hotel just opened in Florida, featuring fun activities like…guitar smashing. BRB, adding this to our bucket list. 

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