Cramm for 9/9/19


Things aren’t going all that well between Trump and the Taliban. 



Soon after 9/11 about 18 years ago, the US announced it’d be going to war in Afghanistan. The goal: defeat al-Qaeda (the terrorist organization responsible for 9/11) and kick out the Taliban. Since then, the war’s led to tens of thousands of deaths and become known as America’s longest war...ever. Scene, set. 



For months, the US has been chatting with the Taliban in an attempt to figure out a way to ditch Afghanistan. ICYMI, the Taliban are a political movement plus military organization who’ve taken some control over Afghanistan. Initially, the US saw them as enemies, but lately, the two groups have been putting a deal together that’d let the US pull its troops from Afghanistan in exchange for the Taliban’s pinky promise that it wouldn’t let terrorist organizations make headway there. Negotiations have gone fairly well...untillll now. 



Yesterday, Prez Trump said ‘yeaaaah no’ and declared that he cancelled a secret meeting with the Taliban that was supposed to take place at Camp David today. We’ll repeat: the meeting was supposed to take place...on US soil. FYI, that’s  unprecedented. Trump says he cancelled the meeting due to a suicide bombing last week in Kabul that left one US soldier dead - a bombing the Taliban claimed responsibility for. But others say the Taliban apparently wasn’t a fan of the final terms of its agreement with the US. Either way, Trump’s under fire for inviting the Taliban to the US...just days before the anniversary of 9/11. 



Unclear what the next step is for the US and the Taliban. TBD, TBD, TBD. 


PROTESTS: Hong Kong’s protesters have their eye on the Trump team. Quick refresher: for months, hundreds of thousands of protesters in Hong Kong have been taking to the streets over a new extradition bill. But lately, the protests have evolved into a demand for more democracy - and have continued even after the gov trashed the extradition bill. Enter: the US consulate in Hong Kong, where tens of thousands of protesters marched yesterday in an effort to get the Trump team to help their cause. The protests started out peaceful and later fell apart into violence. No word yet on this from Prez Trump. Speaking of which, today, nearly all British Airlines flights have been cancelled. Not a typo. The why: pilots are striking for higher pay. 


WORLD: In the wake of Hurricane Dorian, at least 70,000 people in the Bahamas have been left homeless. The death toll from the storm currently stands at 45, but officials say the number will keep rising as rescue missions continue. Here’s how you can help. In other news, Typhoon Faxai has left 1 million households without power in Japan - plus thousands of people stranded at the airport. The storm also led to dangerous flooding as it passed over Japan. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, all eyes are on this cargo ship off the coast of Georgia. Yesterday, it suddenly overturned - leaving 4 crew members reportedly trapped on board. Now, rescue teams are planning to recover them once the ship has stabilized. 


POLITICS: Prez Trump has another Republican challenger in the 2020 presidential election. See: Mark Sanford (a former US rep), who joined two other Republicans who’ve announced bids for election. Unclear if they’ll go anywhere. In other news, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s apparently suspending Parliament for an entire month. Yes, really. This comes as the two haven’t exactly gotten along when it comes to Brexit talks. And speaking of which, yesterday, Moscow headed to the polls in its city parliamentary election. There were some surprises. As in Russia’s ruling party lost a lot a lot of seats - but still kept its majority. Hi, political fireworks. 


Banjo:” what a man used to damage Wall Street’s ‘Charging Bull.’ (Banj)oh no. 


“You are a jinx” - Tennis fans to Meghan Markle after she attended Serena Williams’ (losing) match at the US Open…just months after attending her (losing) match at Wimbledon. Science, clear.  

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