Cramm for 9/3/19

Today is the 18th anniversary of 9/11. Our thoughts go out to everyone who was affected on this tragic day. 



John Bolton is out. 



Prez Trump’s not exactly known to be a stable figure when it comes to foreign policy. Think: Iran, Afghanistan, and North name a few. We’ll remind you. Last year, the Prez pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal - a decision that’s led to months of bad vibes with Iran’s gov. In Afghanistan, Trump’s been chatting with the Taliban about putting together a peace deal - a deal now apparently “dead” after a cancelled Camp David visit. And in North Korea, Trump became the first sitting US prez to meet up with the country’s leader (in this case, Kim Jong Un). Scene, set. 



Yesterday, it came out that the White House needs a new National Security Advisor. There’s some mixed stories about how this happened. Trump tweeted that he said ‘you’re fired’ and asked John Bolton - the National Security Advisor up until yesterday - to resign. Bolton says things went a little differently. He reportedly offered to resign - to which Trump said ‘let’s talk about this another day.’ After a night of thinking about it, Bolton says he handed in his resignation. Plot twist. 



ICYMI, Bolton disagreed with Trump on a lotttt of things. Hint: you know Bolton for his hawkish views - meaning with pretty much everything Trump did, Bolton wanted him to be tougher. Some key examples of this: Iran, Afghanistan, and North Korea. 



Not yet clear who will take Bolton’s place - but he marks the third National Security Adviser the US has gone through in three years. TBD, TBD, TBD. 


WORLD: Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s making waves. Reminder: months ago, Israel headed to the polls. And re-elected Netanyahu...barely. Problem, because once elected, it’s the prime minister’s job to put together a gov majority and form a coalition. Something Netanyahu wasn’t able to do. So last May, the gov said ‘okay, back to the drawing board’ and announced they’d be holding new elections. Cue panic for Netanyahu. Case in point: yesterday, Netanyahu announced that if he’s elected again, he’ll annex (take over) a third of the West Bank. The West Bank is a mostly-Palestinian region that’s also home to (illegal) Israeli settlements. Now, it looks like Netanyahu’s planning on making these settlements a part of Israel. 


USA: Recently, it was discovered that the number of Americans with health insurance dropped last year for the first time since Obamacare passed in 2010. The why: in part, Republican efforts to weaken Obamacare. As of now, reports say about 27.5 million people (or 8.5% of the population) are without health insurance - up from 7.9% the year before. Stay tuned. Speaking of which, a sixth person is believed to have died from a vaping-related lung disease. Reminder: hundreds of people have been hospitalized with severe respiratory illnesses after vaping - prompting an investigation. It’s still not clear what’s causing these illnesses. 


POLITICS: Recently, it was revealed that the Trump team won’t be granting temporary protected status (TPS) to Bahamians affected by Hurricane Dorian. The US gov sometimes hands out TPS to people dealing with disasters in their home country - allowing them to come live in the US for a little while. Now, it looks like the gov is shaking its head to giving TPS to those impacted by Dorian. In other news, yesterday was the North Carolina special election. The whole (political) world was watching. Spoiler: the Republican candidate took the win - but it was very very close. And meanwhile, California lawmakers just passed two versions of the Fair Pay to Play Act, which lets student athletes get endorsements and make money. 


32:” the actual age of a man who disguised himself as an 81-year-old while going through security at an airport. Master of Disguise?


“My hair was embarrassed” - Ellen DeGeneres, talking about how a bad dye job led her to shave her head and let her hair grow back to its natural color. Same, always. 

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