Cramm for 3/10/20


A lot is going on with the coronavirus. 



ICYMI, the coronavirus is impacting people around the world in pretty much every aspect of life. Think: the stock market and economy, work, school...the list goes on. Yesterday, all those things were affected in lots of big ways. 



We’ll start with the economy. It’s no secret that the stock market has not been doing all that well lately. Yesterday was an especially bad day. Because, the oil biz. Stocks momentarily dropped 2,000 points and well over 7% - triggering a “circuit breaker” for the first time since 1997. Circuit breakers: 15 minute pauses in trading to let everyone cool down and find their chill. That’s not the only big thing that happened when it comes to your  finances. Prez Trump announced that he plans to head to Capitol Hill to ask lawmakers to pretty please give things like a payroll tax cut to help hourly workers impacted by the coronavirus. We’ll keep you updated. 



Over in Italy, the situation keeps escalating. As in the gov completely shut down the country, putting alllll of the population on lockdown. That’s 60 million people. Not a typo. This comes as the global death toll surpassed 4,000 overnight. Now, the World Health Organization’s saying the coronavirus outbreak is nearing a pandemic. 



As the situation worsens outside of China, it looks like it could be stabilizing at the virus’ epicenter. TBD, TBD, TBD. 


MIDDLE EAST: Yesterday, it came out that US troops in Afghanistan have begun leaving. Reminder: after the 9/11 attacks, the US pointed fingers at Osama Bin Laden - the head of al-Qaeda - for being responsible. Problem, since the Taliban - the group essentially running Afghanistan - refused to hand him over. So the US launched airstrikes against the country. That was about 18 years ago. Fast forward to this month, and the US agreed on a peace deal with the Taliban. That hasn’t exactly gone all that well (see: these attacks), but now, it looks like the US is upholding its end of the deal and beginning to withdraw thousands of troops from Afghanistan. In other news, two Americans were just killed in an Iraq operation targeting an ISIS hideout. 


WORLD: Everyone’s talking about these protests in Mexico. On International Women’s Day, thousands of women there took to the streets to march for women’s rights - plus protest the rise in femicide. Hint: last year, over a thousand women were victims of femicide, and most murder cases go unsolved. Those protests didn’t stop yesterday. See: thousands of women went on strike in what’s being labelled a Day Without Women. Meanwhile, 27 people were just charged in a massive, global doping scheme involving horse racing. Those people include racehorse trainers, veterinarians, and drug distributors who “injected and force-fed” horses all kinds of “illegal and experimental drugs.” Investigators say it amounts to “abuse.” Stay tuned. 


POLITICS: Joe Biden just picked up another key endorsement. Yesterday, Sen Cory Booker (D-NJ) officially endorsed Biden for prez. This comes after a slew of other former Dem presidential candidates threw their support behind Biden. Tension, high. Speaking of which, almost 50,000 voting machines and 582 computers used in Venezuela’s elections went up in flames yesterday after the warehouse containing them caught on fire. Very very bad, since this comes just a few months ahead of Venezuela’s elections. So far, the electoral council chief says the process is “far from being destroyed,” but it’s still not completely clear. No word yet on what caused the fire - but the gov says “nothing is being ruled out.” 


Money:” what does buy happiness, according to this new study. We buy that.


“I’ve been in the business 243 years” - Lionel Richie after a contestant on ‘American Idol’ didn’t know who he was. Who?

Hey hey hey! Lots of states head to the polls today. Here are the deets. 

March 10: It's a preeeeetty big day for Idaho, MichiganMississippi, MissouriNorth Dakotaand Washington., you get to decide which candidate you want to hand your delegates to in the 2020 primary elections. So get out there and vote (please). 
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