Cramm for 11/13/19


The Supremes are weighing in. 



You know DACA (aka the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) for being the Obama-era law that protects illegal immigrants brought to the US as kids. But just over a year ago, Prez Trump said ‘dreams, crushed’ and took a red pen to the law. Leading to lawsuit....after lawsuit….after lawsuit...after lawsuit. Scene, set. 



The Supreme Court is making its decision. Yesterday, the justices debated over Trump’s decision to end DACA. It’s not entirely clear where everyone stands. So far, it looks like the more progressive justices want DACA to stick around - while the conservatives, who hold the majority, aren’t so sure. See: Chief Justice John Roberts, who appeared to agree with Trump’s claim that DACA is “legally questionable.” All of this comes after a number of federal judges gave the thumbs-up to DACA. 



What else is making headlines: this case involving families of the victims of the Sandy Hook school massacre. We’ll remind you: for a while, these families have been trying to sue Remington - a major gunmaker responsible for making the AR-15-style rifle used in the attack. But months ago, Remington appealed. Enter: the Supreme Court. Yesterday, they weighed in...and nodded their heads to letting the Sandy Hook families go ahead with the lawsuit.  



Everyone’s holding their breath to see where the Supremes will side when it comes to DACA. TBD, TBD, TBD. 


WORLD: Venice isn’t doing all that well. Lately, the city’s been facing its worst flooding in more than 50 years, with high tide reportedly peaking at 73.6 inches. One person has died. Now, it looks like the city’s declaring a state of emergency over what they’re calling an “unprecedented” situation. Speaking of which, the US is freezing. Literally. All across the nation, Americans are experiencing record-breaking cold, with temps at 18 in Memphis, 25 in New York City, and 11 in Columbus. Temps are expected to start upping again tomorrow. The weather outside is frightful. Meanwhile, a new FBI report says hate-crime violence has hit a 16-year high - with physical assault making up 61% of the 7,120 reported incidents. Not good. 


USA: The impeachment inquiry’s going public. Hint: today marks the first televised testimonies in the probe, with US diplomat Bill Taylor and State Dept official George Kent publicly testifying. Things are expected to get intense, especially since the hearing’s expected to go on through mid-afternoon. Suspense, thick. In other news, ICYMI, the gov runs out of money in just over a week. Now, all eyes are on Congress to see whether lawmakers can figure out a budget plan. And meanwhile, the US military reportedly has surveillance footage of Turkish-backed fighters committing a possible war crime in Syria. This comes as the US gov is looking into several potential war crime incidents carried out by Turkish-backed forces in the country. 


POLITICS: All eyes are on Bolivia. Quick refresher: everyone was a big fan of Bolivian Prez Evo Morales...until he (unconstitutionally) ran for a fourth term in October’s election. He won by thiiiis much - but the Organization of American States pointed fingers at Morales for “clear manipulation.” Cue protests, leading Morales to flee to Mexico. Now, it looks like a Bolivian senator - Jeanine Áñez - is declaring herself as interim prez after taking control of the Senate. Tension, high. Speaking of which, the Hong Kong protests keep escalating. Up until recently, the protests have taken place on weekends - but now, they’re continuing into the week, causing schools to be shut down. Now, police are warning that the city’s on the “brink of breakdown.” 


Sonic The Hedgehog movie:” what just got a redesign after the old version was universally bashed. Trust us, this was for the better.


“Quilty can be a little difficult” - An animal shelter had to put a cat in “solitary confinement” after it kept escaping with 15 other cats. Cat burglar. 

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