Cramm for 10/30/19


The UK is heading back to the polls. 



Back in 2016, the UK said ‘it’s not you, it’s me,’ shocked everyone, and...voted to ditch the European Union. But in the years since, they’ve had a bit of trouble actually accomplishing that. Enter: Boris Johnson. He’s the UK’s latest prime minister who also happens to be Brexit’s number one fan. Scene, set. 



ICYMI, the deadline for Brexit was October 31st. As in...tomorrow. Problem, since the UK and the EU have kinda sorta worked out a deal - but it’s nowhere near being ready to put into place. Cue a deadline extension that pushed the deadline to January 2020. The catch? Prime Minister Boris Johnson wanted to call new general elections in exchange for agreeing to the deadline extension. Initially, Parliament said ‘no way no how,’ but yesterday, lawmakers said ‘psych’ and nodded their heads to early elections. You read that right. 



Mixed. We’ll remind you: not too long ago, the UK’s last prime minister - Theresa May - called new elections...and lost her party’s majority in Parliament. Raising concerns that this could happen to Johnson, too. There’s also the fact that the UK’s had, you know, three elections since 2015 - and could be growing tired of heading to the polls. Plus there’s speculation that this could lead to a second referendum on Brexit. 



Everything is up in the air when it comes to Brexit. TBD, TBD, TBD. 


WORLD: Yesterday, a new study came out on climate change. Hint: it’s bad news. The research shows that the effects of rising seas will be much worse than previously thought. Three times worse. 150 million people will reportedly be living below the high-tide line by 2050 - just 30 years away. And places like Southern Vietnam (including Ho Chi Man City), Bangkok, Shanghai, and Mumbai are expected to be underwater - not to mention large parts of the Middle East. Not good. Meanwhile, hurricane-force wind gusts are expected in much of California today - which could worsen already-devastating wildfires there. And in other news, deaths among homeless people in Los Angeles have apparently doubled since 2013


POLITICS: All eyes are on Muslim Uyghurs in China. Reminder: last year, it came out that China was detaining around a million Uyghurs (a predominantly Muslim ethnic minority) and holding them in “re-education camps.” China’s gov said was part of an anti-terrorism campaign. The rest of the world said ‘sounds like human rights abuses.’ Fast forward to the UN General Assembly yesterday, and a rep from the UK issued a statement on behalf of 23 countries condemning these re-education camps. No word yet on this from China. Meanwhile, Lebanon’s making some changes. After nearly two weeks of nationwide protests, the country’s prime minister just announced he’ll be handing in his resignation. Political rollercoaster. 


USA: The impeachment inquiry is intensifying. Yesterday, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman - a Ukraine expert who works for the White House - testified before Congress. Big deal, since Vindman’s the first person to testify who was actually listening in on Prez Trump’s July call with Ukraine’s prez. Vindman told lawmakers that he was so “concerned by the call” he immediately reported it - plus that the transcript of the call released by the White House left out key details. Bomb, dropped. Meanwhile, the NCAA’s taking a big step. Recently, the organization voted to let athletes profit from their name, image, and likeness - following the passage of California’s Fair Play to Pay Act. And in other news, the US won’t let in any refugees in October. 


Thousands:” how many avocados spilled on a Texas highway. What a tragic loss. 


“Social media is the toilet of the internet” - Lady Gaga. Watch as I dive in.

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