Cramm for 8/12/19


Guatemala is electing a new prez. 



In Guatemala, each prez can only have the job for a single four-year term. Enter: Jimmy Morales. He’s the country’s current prez, but he’s nearing the end of his four years. Meaning over the past few months, multiple candidates have been taking their shot at becoming the next prez. Back in June, Guatemala voted - but since no candidate got at least 50% of the vote, the top two moved on to another round. Fast forward to yesterday, and Guatemala headed to the polls to make its final decision. 



It’s Alejandro Giammattei vs Sandra Torres. Giammattei - who served as the country’s former prison chief - is known for being pretty conservative. This is his 4th time running for prez…but he’s run under a different party each time. He’s also just a tad bit controversial. Hint: in 2006, he decided to raid an inmate-run prison - resulting in multiple deaths, an investigation, and (for Giammattei) 10 months in jail. Then there’s Torres. She’s the country’s ex-first lady who’s run for prez 3 times. She’s known for being center-left - and for divorcing her husband so she could run for prez. Plus she’s being investigated for alleged illegal campaign financing. Options options. 



The votes are still being counted, but so far, it looks like Giammattei’s taking the win. His first order of biz: building a “wall of prosperity” to keep Guatemalens from ditching the country for the US. Bold. 



This election has the potential to impact what goes on in the US (think: immigration) in big ways. TBD, TBD, TBD. 


DISASTERS: Recently, at least 32 people were killed after Typhoon Lekima made landfall in eastern China. 16 have been reported missing. Most of the deaths were reportedly due to torrential rains, which caused a landslide. Nearly 5 million people were affected by the typhoon, with over a million being forced to evacuate. Lekima marks the ninth typhoon to hit China this year. Speaking of which, the monsoon in India - which has brought floods and landslides - has now caused more than 150 deaths. Over 165,000 people have been forced out of their homes as a result of the monsoon. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania, a fire at a day care center yesterday killed five young kids. It’s not yet clear what caused the fire. 


WORLD: All eyes are on Newark. Reminder: for over a year, officials there have said ‘nope, no, definitely not’ to claims that the city has lead in its drinking water. Problem, since last week, the EPA said ‘this water is not safe’ - leading Newark officials to announce that they’ll be offering bottled water to residents. To which everyone said ‘Flint, Michigan 2.0.’ In other news, yesterday, a gunman entered a mosque in Norway and opened fire. He was quickly detained after injuring one person. Authorities say the shooting is being investigated as an “attempted terrorist attack.” Meanwhile, the other day, a car bomb outside a mall in Libya killed 3 United Nations staff members. This comes after the UN tried to organize a ceasefire in the region. 


POLITICS: Everyone is talking about Kashmir. Over the past few days, hundreds of people have taken to the streets there to protest India after the gov deployed thousands of troops to the region...and revoked its special status. More than 300 political leaders and activists have been detained. No word yet on this from Pakistan. Speaking of which, yesterday, separatist forces in Yemen seized control of Aden - a key port city. The gov is calling the action a “coup” - while Saudi Arabia-backed forces are apparently planning a military strike. This comes as Yemen’s fighting a civil war. And in other news, the situation in Hong Kong keeps escalating


Double-twisting double somersault:” what Simone Biles just landed - becoming the first gymnast to do so. Flipping amazing. 


“They will remain dedicated parents to all of their animals” - a source after Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth apparently broke up. Marriage, wrecked. 

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