Cramm for 6/18/20
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Garrett Rolfe has been charged with murder. 



The other day, police officers arrived at a Wendy’s in Atlanta - reportedly because Rayshard Brooks, a 27 year old African American man, had fallen asleep in his car. The officers proceeded to administer a sobriety test and a breathalyzer test before attempting to handcuff him. At this point, the officers’ body cams apparently fell off, but a security camera video showed the officers struggling with Brooks on the ground. Brooks grabbed an officer’s taser and ran away from the officers, who chased him. In response, he pointed the taser at them...before being shot twice in the back by one of the officers, Garrett Rolfe. Brooks later died at a hospital. 



Recently, prosecutors revealed that Rolfe declared “I got him” after shooting Brooks - then kicked him. Meanwhile, his partner, Devin Brosnan, stood on Brooks’ shoulder. Neither of the officers attempted to help Brooks as he was dying. That wasn’t the only thing these prosecutors announced. See: they slapped Rolfe with charges of murder and aggravated assault, along with 9 other charges - while it looks like Brosnan faces 3 counts. You read that right. 



After the charges were announced, lots of Atlanta police officers reportedly stayed home from work. It’s not entirely clear if there’s a connection, but there’s been some speculation that the move is in protest of the charges against Rolfe and Brosnan. 



This comes in the wake of massive, global protests over police brutality. TBD on whether protesters get justice. 


WORLD: Recently, George Floyd’s brother, Philonise Floyd, talked to the United Nations Human Rights Council and asked them to study the killing of African Americans by police in the US. This comes after he asked American lawmakers to pass reforms that’d hold officers accountable for police brutality. Speaking of the United Nations, Ireland and Norway just snagged seats on the UN’s Security Council, beating Canada. Big deal, since this council is in charge of things like peacekeeping operations, international sanctions, and the UN’s response to conflicts. In other news, Burundi’s newly-elected prez is set to be sworn in today - two months earlier than initially planned. The why: his predecessor suddenly passed away last week. 


CHINA: ICYMI, China’s facing a new coronavirus outbreak in Beijing. So far, the city - which hadn’t reported any new locally acquired cases for 56 days - has 137 confirmed cases, all apparently linked to a huge market. Cue school closures, flight cancellations, and sealed-off neighborhoods. That’s not all China’s got on its mind. Reminder: days ago, 20 Indian soldiers were killed in a clash with Chinese soldiers at the border between the two countries in the Himalayas. Now, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s letting the world know that “India wants peace” - but will retaliate if “provoked.” China’s got a similar idea. And in other China news, the gov’s reportedly collecting DNA from tens of millions of men and boys. Because, surveillance. 


POLITICS: Say hello to John Bolton. You know him as Prez Trump’s former National Security Advisor who quit last September. You also know him as the guy who’s releasing a book on his time in the Trump team - sparking a lawsuit, courtesy of Trump. On that note: recently, it came out that Bolton’s book says Trump should’ve been investigated for potentially impeachable actions beyond the whole Ukraine thing. Think: wanting to put an end to certain criminal investigations and handing “personal favors to dictators he liked” - plus asking China’s prez, Xi Jinping, to buy American agricultural products to up his approval among farm states. Not a typo. And meanwhile, Facebook’s now letting you opt out of political ads. 


Audio tweets:” Twitter’s new feature. Audioh no. 


“It could be a key to the secret of the universe. Or just annoying background noise” - a reporter on what these scientists just discovered. No big deal. 

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