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November 13, 2019

Near-sell-out crowd views Suppressed: The Fight to Vote, talks with ACLU MA attorney

If you missed the Chatham Orpheum event AND care about democracy, this is one of the most important films you can watch--AND SHARE-- this year.

This past Saturday, more than 120 folks from across Cape Codincluding surprise patrons Congressman Bill Keating and his wife Teviscrowded the Orpheum Theater in Chatham to watch the film Suppressed: The Fight to Vote and hear from and speak with ACLU Massachusetts attorney Rahsaan Hall on the big screen.

Asked to describe the film in one or two words, audience members responded: 

"Heartbreaking. Shocking. Enlightening. Infuriating. 
Depressing. Appalling. Inspiring. Criminal. Indivisible. Blue Wave!"


If you missed the film, please click here and take a few minutes to watch (it's only about 40 minutes long)then share as widely as you can.

Lower Cape Indivisible thanks all who attended and supported this event, which raised approximately $1300 in ticket sales, $750 in additional on-site donations, and over $400 in film sponsorships! All proceeds will be donated to FAIR FIGHT (, a national campaign led by Stacey Abrams to build voter protections in 20 states and eradicate this national scourge and affront to democracy.

When asked what audience members could do to address this pernicious problem, Attorney Hall
who is also an ordained ministerexhorted concerned citizens to spread the word about voter suppression by talking with everyone they knowparticularly in southern statesand to support grassroots organizations like Fair

Congressman Keating also urged activists to support HR1 and HR4
in Congress.

So, please watch the film, share it, and talk about it. And contact Brave New Films for a free copy of the video and supporting documentation to screen for large private or public groups.

Finally, if you would like to explore ideas for ways we Cape Codders can address voter suppression, please email us at

And a special thank you to our Theater Rental Sponsors. You put us over the TOP!
Brewster Democratic Town Committee  Annie Dugan  Sue Fleming  Marcia Goffin  
Carolyn Kemp  Marietta Nielsen  Joanne Patterson  Patricia Perry  Abigail Rhoads
Fran Schofield & Paul Berry  Patty & Carlos Tun  Beth Wade
Your donation—no matter the size—will help defray the direct costs of operations, from meeting room rentals and printing to posters and transportation. What’s more, your contribution will enable us to grow our programs to further inform and mobilize Cape Cod communities to resist the Trump administration and promote progressive values, candidates and policies at all levels.

*Contributions to LCI made through ActBlue are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.
Lower Cape Indivisible is an all-volunteer group of Cape Cod citizens whose mission is to mobilize for social, economic and environmental justice; promote universal participation in the democratic process; and resist political agendas that subvert American democracy. Standing for inclusion, tolerance, and fairness, we are one of more than 6000 Indivisible groups committed to resisting the Trump/Pence/McConnell agenda, as well as to holding our state and local leaders accountable for fair and ethical action. Our work is based on the original Indivisible Guide, created by former congressional staffers who wanted to demystify political activism and share effective tactics for change.
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