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Message from the Executive Director:

“Where are we going?”
That was the question asked during our August Global Leadership Call. Without hesitating I said, “We have a three-phase road map.

First, we are building a fabric of public and private sector professionals from around the world. We are doing that with our chapters, working groups, and communities of interest.

Second, we are building a fabric of technology that will address interoperability between governments and the private sector. We are doing that with the Government Business Blockchain Platform and the interoperable systems being developed by GBA working groups like our Emergency Management Working Group. And third, we are building a fabric of society that is reaching across divisions.
You do not have to look very far to see examples of society tearing itself to shreds. In part, this comes from a lack of trust. We do not trust our news, our elections, our institutions, or our leaders. Our views are being built on shifting sand. So, we tend to listen to the influencers that we agree with. These influencers realize that they can capitalize on our current circumstances. They know what the sacred currency of society is today. The currency of today is emotion. Without a foundation of trust, we are easily manipulated by emotion traffickers that push us into our corners and we end up hating each other and ripping our society apart.
Where are we going? We are building a fabric of people, who will build a fabric of technology, that will do our best to weave together a fabric of society. And, if we are successful, we will use the most transformative technology in human history to build a more trustworthy, civil society. That is where we are going. I hope you will join us.
Gerard Dache
Executive Director
Government Blockchain Association

GBA Selected to Partner with Indian Government on Blockchain Startup

"Last week, the Software Technology Parks of India (STPI), in collaboration with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Government Blockchain Association (GBA), Haryana government, tech giants, large corporates and academic institutions launched a new programme called Apiary, a Centre of Excellence (CoE) in blockchain technology at STPI Incubation Technology. . ."

". . .Sharat Chandra, who leads the GBA India Chapter, one of the stakeholders of the CoE, told Inc42 that they are committed to the cause of collaborating with all stakeholders for the creation of an inclusive and innovative ecosystem. GBA said that it would mentor and support the startups applying for the programme."

Upcoming GBA Events

August GBA New Member Announcements
Please join us in welcoming new GBA members:
Voatz  – Voatz is a voting app that uses smartphone security, remote identity verification, biometrics, and blockchain to secure user information and votes.

FIBREE - FIBREE is aware of the current hype about blockchain technology, which does not always contribute to getting to know it better. FIBREE’s mission is to help create a realistic expectation pattern that will allow the real estate market, step by step, to discover and exploit the true potential of blockchain technology.

Morpheus Analytics – Morpheus focuses on research and business intelligence services within the cryptocurrency sector. Morpheus provides customers with information which helps them maximize value and minimize risk.

Gaming Benefits Corporation – The Gaming Benefits Corporation (GBC) in a New Hampshire Benefit Corporation whose mission is to implement and authenticate corporate and collective social responsibility (CSR) and nonprofit fundraising integrity through the integration of our proprietary platforms, verified and secured on the blockchain.

Blockchain Zambia  – Blockchain Zambia is a newly formed chapter under the United Africa Blockchain Association that offers a variety of blockchain training and awareness programs in Zambia. 

CPRAS – CPRAS, or Card Processing Advisory Service, is a credit and debit card analysis services that helps public and private sector companies procure technology-based solutions, mitigate risk, and comply with ever-changing regulations to ensure customers and companies are getting the best rates in payment processing. 

Euroyen Group – The Euroyen Group has the capability and experience to develop digital solutions at a very high level and are a decentralized autonomous organization focusing on precious metals, mining, social impact projects, international trade, and more.
Working Group Projects
Emergency Management System

With only fifty years as an organized field, emergency management is still relatively new both academically and professionally. However, with the current state of affairs, emergency management does not have the luxury to slowly mature. It is needed today, and blockchain can help. . .Click here to learn more.

Ethics Community

The GBA Ethics Community will begin meeting this fall to develop a framework and start work on a whitepaper. To learn more or join, click here.

International Trade

The group will focus on the many topics related to international trade including: supply chain, regulation, compliance, finance, logistics and shipping, digitization, security, data and documents, markets, economics, etc. . .Click here to read more.

Energy Working Group

The Energy Working Group is bidding on grants to fund feasibility and engineering studies. These studies will be used for the development and deployment of energy efficiency and deep decarbonization solutions. . .Click here to learn more.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

This group focuses on building, implementing, and promoting blockchain-enabled governance to solve challenges and improve freedoms around the world. The team will create an open-source platform and toolkit for organizations to use to design, launch, and manage DAOs of all sizes and missions. . .Click here to learn more.
Government Blockchain Association Joins Findexable as Strategic Partner
GBA was pleased to join Findexable as a strategic partner in the Global Partnership Network.
“Findexable is on the cutting edge of tracking and ranking the global footprint of financial technology activity,” said Gerard Dache, GBA Executive Director."GBA’s international membership of 90 chapters and 41 working groups looks forward to working with Findexable and their Global Partnership Network to foster innovation and thought leadership in the fintech environment.”

“We are delighted to have GBA onboard as part of our Global Partnership Network," added Simon Hardie, CEO of Findexable. "The contributions of our local partners are vital to ensuring the value and relevance of our Global Fintech Index. We are already looking ahead at the additional insights that this Index might provide into how blockchain technology can tackle the challenges that the post Covid-19 world will have to face.”  

Findexable, a real-time data fintech company, is building a Global Fintech Index to collect, assemble and sort the world’s fintech data using the latest technology, to make it easier for any organization in the fintech ecosystem to compare, benchmark and analyze fintech markets, categories, companies and products.

Along with GBA's partnership with Findeaxble, GBA is working on a comprehensive study assessing the impact of cryptocurrency adoption by governments. The study will be showcased at the Future of Money, Governance, and the Law Conference in Washington, D.C., March 25-26, 2021.

PCA Partners with GBA to Deliver Blockchain Training in Lebanon

GBA is excited to announce that the Professional Computer Association of Lebanon (PCA) and the Government Blockchain Association (GBA) have agreed to partner to deliver blockchain training in the Middle East. Today’s signing sets a significant milestone for the GBA chapter in Lebanon represented by Mr. Sam Lutfallah and PCA President Mr. Camille Moukarzel.

Click here to read more. . .
GBA Africa Blockchain Development Framework
GBA is preparing to launch the GBA-Africa Blockchain Economic Development Framework. This initiative is part of the GBA Economic Development Program with the main goal of implementing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The framework has three horizontal layers: Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate. The purpose of each  horizontal layer is to help the region mature by building infrastructure, community, capability, and sustainability of local populations.

GBA 100K Training Program
The GBA Education & Training Working Group is planning to train 100,000 people in blockchain technology in 2020. The program is designed to link GBA Chapters with GBA Blockchain Development Training Organizations and GBA Blockchain Platforms to work together to achieve the goal.

This program was formally announced during the 2020 Future of Money, Governance & the Law Conference at the United States Capitol.

There is currently a global shortage of blockchain developers. Many projects are stalled because of a lack of technical resources. This impacts every industry, government, and potential solutions. The main goals of the GBA 100K Developer Program are:
  • Increase revenue opportunities for GBA Training Partners and members.
  • Improve GBA brand recognition to benefit all GBA members.
  • Significantly improve the capacity and availability of GBA blockchain solution providers.
  • Collect and distribute 100K training leads to GBA members.
See the blockchain courses from GBA members in the GBA Course Catalog.
Online Resources

The GBA website has numerous resources including:
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