Something to think about: If you fish the wrong fly long and hard enough, it will sooner or later become the right fly.
.- John Gierach -
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2017 Member`s Yearly Survey is coming soon....
Yes, it is that time of the year when we ask all member`s to take a moment and share their experiences,comments, ideas and or thoughts. We are always striving to be our best and your participation in this short survey will help us to enhance your "Great Escape" experience and help identify areas where we may need improvement . So keep a look out in your inbox and let us know how we are doing!
Thank you  
Winter Transfer

October 1st, winter transfers will be available for members wishing to move from current campsite to temporary campsite.  If interested, please contact Christine for more details to include winter transfer addendum, pricing and procedures.
National Bat Week

​​​National Bat Week 
 Oct. 24 - Oct. 31. 
A campaign to inspire Americans to help protect bats

This initiative is important to Colorado, h​ome of 18 species of bats, and ​Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) monitors bat populations statewide as part of a nationwide effort to detect changes from threats like White-nose Syndrome and wind energy development.
For more information click here
Participate in a World Record Attempt 

On October 31, people across North America will attempt a world record for most bat houses built in a day. Their shooting for 5,000 new bat houses. That means a lot of safe and happy homes for bats to raise their pups. And by being a part of it, you will be making the environment a whole lot healthier.
The Lost Dutchman Resort has joined National Bat Weeks Annual International Celebration and has built a bat house located across from Bear Lake.
Do you want to build your own bat house?
Click here for instructions on how to build your own bat house
Conference Center Restrooms
The restrooms at the Conference Center are now open 24/7 for your convenience. The door that remains unlocked is at the west entrance facing the parking lot. We have a microwave and hot drink mixes available, as well as hair blow dryers for your use.
Please take full advantage of it during the cold weather!
2017-2018 Fishing Contest
(MAY 2017-APRIL 2018)

Send in Those Pictures!
Send us a picture of your prize catch. Reminder that we need a picture of you, your fish ,date you caught your fish, length of fish and the lake you caught it at. Don`t forget to include your big fish story of how you caught that prize winning fish. eg. bait used, technique 
Please send in your pictures and story to
Bear Aware

Black bears begin hibernation in late October or early November. They enter dens not because it is cold, or snowing, but as an adaptation to deal with dwindling food supplies. An abundant food supply may cause a later hibernation date but a bad food year will not cause a early hibernation date. Black bears are curious, smart and very adaptable. They're not fussy and will eat just about anything with calories.Bears want to get the most energy they can with the least amount of effort. Every bear's goal is to get fat enough to live through the winter. To prepare for this long season black bears feed ravenously from midsummer through the end of autumn, gleaning up to 20 thousand calories in a day. Bears are omnivores and will eat meat too, including ground squirrels, carion and whatever they can find. By the end of autumn, a black bear will have added about 4 or 5 inches of body fat and more than doubled the insulation provided by its pelt.  

 Unwanted and Dangerous Guests

According to Lynch, there are several reasons why a Colorado law passed in 1992 makes it illegal to feed big game animals. One important reason is that deer are the primary prey of mountain lions. “Concentrating deer by feeding can attract mountain lions well within the city limits. It may become necessary to kill these lions for public safety,” she says. 


Fishing Tips
Bob Streb with a fine fall brown trout. Photo courtesy Bob Streb

As the weather and water start to cool down in fall, a trout’s metabolism starts to heat up. While Colorado is perhaps best known for its world-class tailwaters, I am surrounded by freestone streams. Mother Nature is ultimately more in charge when it comes to the routine around freestones in the Rocky Mountains, and anglers need to be both adaptable and observant while hunting trout with a fly rod, especially in the fall.

The number of trout fishermen, as well as hatches, start to dwindle in the fall making it easier to find space and to fool more fish. While a great number of anglers put the rod away in favor of their hunting gear or begin the long winter’s chase for migratory fish, the trout are often preparing themselves for a significant change in the weather. As the hatches of summer start to dwindle, the trout are often looking to fatten up for the coldest months of the year or perhaps the spawn. Lucky for us, the menu is easier to read than it is during summer. Come fall, don’t over-complicate things, and the hunt for fish will be bountiful.

Top 10 Flies

Bringing Awareness
The Lost Dutchman Resort Website

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road and lake conditions, or for information on whats new for 2017 on the Resort

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Resort Lake Fishing Reminders 
Brown Trout Reminder:
All brown trout caught must be released back into the water immediately

Fishing Activity Report:
Please fill out a Fishing Activity Report for ALL fishing. 
You may submit your fishing activity report through the website.
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