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December 12, 2018
Greetings to Palm Desert Tennis Club Residents and Non-Residents.

Our 2018-19 season was launched on Friday, November 9th with the Town Hall meeting, followed by the Homeowners meeting on Saturday and the Board meeting on Monday. The Town Hall and Homeowners meetings were very well attended. President, Ann Merrill and our GM, Mike Bannister put a great deal of effort in organizing and preparing for these meetings. Mike presided over the Town Hall meeting and Ann presided over the Homeowners meeting. Various topics affecting the current operations and future direction of the Club were discussed with very positive input and questions from homeowners. 

Following is a summary of the various topics discussed and introduction of new board members, officers and committee chairpersons:

  • Mike requested that homeowners sign and submit two forms at the Town Hall meeting. One form allows staff to access homeowner’s condos in an emergency.  The other form allows the Club to send documents to homeowners via email.
  • Ann Merrill gave a report on the status of the Rental program which ended in May. Homeowners can still rent their units privately. The association will provide necessary Rules and Regulations for homeowners to require of their renters; for example, registering their autos, no pet policy, one month minimum, gym and court use, and guest fees etc. The chairman for the Rental Program is board director, Steve Walters.
  • The Architectural chairman is George LeBlanc. He is presently mapping the entire property for future projects such as, irrigation system layout, water use reduction options for financial grants, landscape lighting etc. The most common homeowner requests from the committee this past year was entryway door replacement with natural wood finish and glass inserts. According to our HOA documents, proposed changes to the entryway door to the condos must be approved by the association. If painted or replaced with natural wood finish, they must remain brown. Application to the Architectural Committee must be completed and approved for any changes or additions to homeowner property.
  • The Landscape chairman is Dale Schultz. He has been very involved with Property Supervisor Greg Dunkel in the long-term planning of reduced water consumption and replacing plants that require less maintenance and are more colorful. Future plans are in the works for creating additional desertscape which will have a positive effect on the use and cost of water.
  • Karen Dummermuth, last year’s chair of the Court-Use Committee reported on the incorporation of pickleball and rules of play. There was considerable homeowner input for establishing court location and times of play to minimize noise. She introduced our new tennis staff, Leif and Melanie Nordlund.  She complimented them on the complete make-over of the tennis Pro Shop and the products and services they provide our members. Our new Court-Use chairman is Sandee Smith. She has a great vision for this vital area of member participation. Her committee will continue to take input from our homeowner participants in tennis and pickleball, integrate activities with Melanie and Leif, and plan events throughout the season. 
  • Our new Treasurer is Norm DeWitt. A new HOA requirement issued by the California legislature, is that a committee be created, comprised of the Treasurer, a board director and two homeowners. The responsibility of this committee is to provide oversight of the HOA financials. Mark Williams and Kris Adams have offered their very capable expertise, as they are both CPAs. The board members and office staff are so appreciative of the many hours that Mark Williams and Jane Turner gave of their time to review and make corrections on the association’s financials, so that our new accounting firm could assume responsibility.
  • Gail Broderick presented the report for the Social Committee in the absence of chairman Lynore Page. The committee executed thirteen social events this past season.  All were a huge success due to the organizational efforts of the committee and the many volunteers for set-up and clean-up. Bravo!
  • Howard Back reported for Communication Committee’s co-chairman, Gordon Page, in his absence. He referred to the weekly email blasts that are designed to keep homeowners informed on club events and activities. They go out on Tuesdays and contain twelve days of information. The Racqueteer continues to be our electronic newsletter. He reported on the continued progress of reworking the website and printed member’s directory, which is due out in December. Melanie is assisting the Communications Committee in updating our Facebook pages as well as working on the uniformity of our logo and printed products.
  • Brian Lord has accepted chairmanship of the Emergency Preparedness Committee. He reviewed the information that he presented in a workshop for the homeowners. He is the most capable person for this responsibility, as he is a retired Fire Chief from Washington state. He is re-assigning Quad captains and will provide needed information for homeowners in the event of an earthquake or other natural disaster. He also recommended that each homeowner have installed a special valve for their gas supply line that will shut off their gas in the event of an earthquake of a certain magnitude. He has arranged for installation of this device by Randal’s Plumbing at a special volume price. To date more than eighty homeowners have signed up.
  • Under new business was the establishment of a Reserve Study.  As required by HOA law, the board has contracted with Association Reserves to develop a three-year plan. 
  • Mike presented updated information on earthquake insurance for the club property including the clubhouse, maintenance buildings, and condos.  There was considerable member interest in investigating cost and coverage ranges for the common properties and also homeowner’s personal coverage.  Mike will continue to acquire information that would address their concerns and make available in the near future.
  • Homeowners may hire club personnel to work on their patios or maintenance and repairs to their condos. The work must be performed after-hours and with their own equipment.  A list of those staff that wish to offer their services is published in the library.  
  • The election results were as follows: Greg Smith and Steve Walters were voted new board members to fill the vacancies.
2018 Results in Upgrades and Improvements at PDTC

As the Club’s new General Manager, I arrived in April 2018. Many projects were either in progress or were previously budgeted. Now, in December, almost all of them are close to or have been completed.

Tennis and Pickleball
Four courts (1, 2, 3 and 4) were re-surfaced in October and, new this year, pickleball lines were added to court 4. That means court 4 is now a multi-use court (blended lines) which can be used for both pickleball and tennis. In addition, many windscreens were replaced, providing a fresh and professional appearance to many courts.

Pickleball and Windscreens
The Pro Shop
The Pro Shop was completely renovated by our new tennis and pickleball director and coordinator, Leif and Melanie Nordlund. If you haven’t already visited the Pro Shop please drop in to see the transformation. There's a new floor, new paint and a new TV with the Tennis Channel always on display.

Pro Shop

Swimming Pools
All the swimming pools required upgrades due to failing infrastructure and age and were at risk of being shut down. A three-year plan has been implemented. The pool and decks at the main clubhouse and at Quad 4 have both been re-constructed, resulting in beautifully new and safe areas. The pool equipment and underground piping are all new too. The other four pools are scheduled to be completed in 2019 and in 2020.

Swimming pool

Fitness Room
Thanks to volunteers Dana and Pat Fraser, Pat and Gail Broderick, Lank Jenney and Dick Sanchez, the Fitness Room was completely renovated with new floors, new paint and freshened-up lighting. Many members are enjoying the upgrades on a daily basis.

Fitness room

Exterior Lighting
In order to provide a safer and more user-friendly environment, all the exterior street lights along the condo pathways were re-trenched, re-wired and replaced. This results in a brighter and safer community.

Street lighting
We hope that all homeowners and non-resident members will be able to enjoy these improvements through the end of 2018 and for many years to come.   
Busy Social Season is Off and Running     
by Judy Siegel, Social Chair

It's official – the 2018-19 PDTC Social Calendar is now available – so plan your season accordingly. Check the bulletin board in the Clubhouse, look for it in the e-mail blast or in the 'member's only' section of or ask for a copy in the office – we want you to be in the know.

The current Social Committee is made up of friends and neighbors Kris and Tim Adams, Sandee and Greg Smith, Gail and Denny Lipke, and Judy Siegel and Dawn Billings. We have been meeting and texting and emailing a lot during the last few months and have finalized the events calendar for this Social Season – October through April. 

In case you missed the earlier events, we started with the Halloween Spooktacular Potluck. Thirty-four folks showed up with their favorite potluck treats to share. Many came costumed, to the amusement of all, and it was topped off by music from our own Fraser Brinsmead, playing his guitar and singing many familiar country and western tunes. This was a real treat for all us tricksters.

The official season began with a bang with the November 10th catered Members Welcome Dinner. We hosted 78 members to an Italian Pasta Dinner, with chicken, sausage, and meatballs accompanied by a choice of Alfredo, Marinara, or Meat Sauce. We had plenty of salad and breadsticks, and had two desserts to round out the meal. Of course, name tags were mandatory and much appreciated at this event, as there were so many new faces and friends we haven’t seen for so long.

The Thanksgiving Potluck dinner had 43 members and guests sharing their traditions and treats. No one wants to cook it all on Thanksgiving, so the potluck has become a club favorite. This year was the 9th Annual Thanksgiving Potluck here at the Club. 

What next you ask? Want to get up and go on Christmas Day? Join us for the Santa Shootout and Potluck Breakfast. Itching for a night out on New Year’s Eve? Come join in at PDTC.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. We have these and many more great activities planned throughout the season.

ChampagneSign up to help us put on these events. In addition to folks bringing food for potlucks, we need people to help fine-tune the events, to help decorate and set the mood, set tables, and clean up. Look for the “Help Wanted” sheet we will post prior to each event, and volunteer to be part of the event team. You make these events as fun as they are, and we can’t do them without your help. Here’s to another great Social Season at PDTC. 

PDTC-ers do well in National Pickleball Tournament

Three PDTC members were among more than 2,200 pickleball players from all around the nation who competed at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden Margaritaville event last month.  

PDTC-er Karen Gysin won a bronze medal in 60+ mixed doubles, with partner Ralph Rabago and came in fourth in the 60+ women’s doubles with partner Debbie Mascarin.   
PB players
Scott Bracke and Norm DeWitt came in fourth out of 18 men's doubles teams in the 3.5 (65+) division. Scott called the tourney a "huge success". Players competed for $75,00 in prize money.  It was the biggest purse ever in pickleball competition.  

The event was the largest ever sanctioned tournament of the USA Pickleball Association. Margaritaville (of Jimmy Buffet fame), the global lifestyle brand, was the title sponsor.

Another PDTC-er was part of the action too. Jane Turner helped out as a volunteer at Margaritaville for several days.

Melanie Nordlund, Coordinator of Tennis and Pickleball
PDTC-er Goes to Prison
by Sara Freeman
Don MinnickWhat evolved into 10 years of Prison Ministry for Don Minnick, began with a conversation between he and Jane Turner’s late husband, Wally Turner.

“You can only play so much golf,” Wally said, “but real fulfillment comes in serving others.” A plaque in Eisenhower Hospital commemorating Wally’s 5,000 hours of service proved that he had walked the walk. Don started by riding along with Wally as he delivered blood for the hospital. Then his wife Joan joined him when he began serving meals to the less fortunate at Martha’s Kitchen for five years. 

While attending services at his church, Don noticed in the church bulletin a message promoting a program call KAIROS, which in Greek means “God’s Special Time.” He didn’t think too much about it until he sat in church the next Sunday and once again saw mention of the program. Don learned that KAIROS is an ecumenical ministry that enlists men of all Christian denominations to minister to inmates in 300 prisons across the United States and in eight countries around the world. 

“It is the ultimate male-bonding experience,” Don says. In addition to their annual orientation about prison inmate and guard culture, they start preparing months ahead for their two four-day weekends. Approximately 30 men travel to Ironwood State Prison just outside of Blythe, where they meet with the inmates twice a year for four days. Also, they met once a month on Tuesday evenings. While the 100-mile, one-way drive may sound daunting, it gives the men, referred to as ‘the outside team’, a chance to share information and experiences. 

In Don’s words, “The days are spent learning to forgive others; then learning to forgive one’s self. Many heartbreaking stories are told of difficult lives that resulted in incarceration. We attempt to interrupt the pattern of the sons following their fathers into prison by introducing them to Christian values. Ultimately some of the men, while still in prison, work to spread the word as inside ministers of the faith, making the Yard more tolerable and less violent.” 

Don describes the intensity of entering the high-security prison for the first time. As the gates slam shut through each level of entry, the reality that he is among “lifers” sets in. “I am now in their home. A couple of us are armed with an alarm that will initiate an immediate prison guard backup if needed.”

Ironically, Don experiences enlightenment from entering into this confinement. Immersed in a population that grew up using drugs or participating in gangs, he ministers to a part of society we see in the news but rarely experience in person. 

In addition to KAIROS, a program called Prison Fellowship Ministry addresses many of the educational needs of inmates on a weekly basis. There is also a KAIROS women’s program that reaches out to the wives and children of inmates who need emotional support. Families of inmates are often financially stressed and ostracized from society.

The reward for volunteering in prisons goes well beyond new friendships and self-fulfillment. In California, while approximately 73% of prisoners released go on to commit more crime, it drops to 10% for participants in the KAIROS program and to a mere 3% for those in the Prison Fellowship Ministry. Don describes a great need for more men and women in all three programs. 
A New Committee: "Court-Use"
by Sandee Smith, Court-Use Chair
Committee members are Sandee Smith - Chair, Gail Broderick, Scott Bracke, Sara Freeman and Jake McDougal. As a new committee, our list of items to be addressed is ever so long!  

First and foremost, it is going to be my honor to receive, along with my committee, any and all criticism, excitement, and suggestions for improvement to our wonderful Tennis Program. We are excited about the interest and passion that is building toward pickleball. Also part of Court-Use will be bocce and croquet and we will be discussing that area as well.

This year we will hopefully build procedures and programs that will fit all interests. We are so excited to have Leif Nordlund, our Director of Tennis & Pickleball, and his wife Melanie Nordlund, the Coordinator of Tennis & Pickleball. We already see the bar being raised toward everything we will be doing and offer at the Club. Their experience will be valuable as to the best practices and procedures to meet as many varied expectations as we can. All of this will be personalized to the facilities we have available and our membership. 

Center Court

PLEASE coordinate all play through the Pro Shop. Stop in and say “hi” as you head to a court. We want to know who is on the courts and where. New approaches and evaluation need a lot of information to be effective. This is a change and we need your help to move forward.

There appears to be some confusion as to the times and availabilities of pickleball. Per member vote, we have no pickleball play prior to 11 am and all pickleball play will cease at the earlier of dusk or 5 pm. There is a great group of pickleball players that have created several drop-in times for play - Tuesday and Thursday are at 2 pm with the earlier sunset - and Sunday is at 11 am. 

white board

With Gametime no longer available, the Pro Shop is now posting a “picture” of the tennis court assignment board on the website [Member Only Section > login > Daily Tennis]. Please feel free to check this out! And, not knowing if everyone who has an interest in either tennis or pickleball is getting the information about certain games and times, we are seeking a more customized solution to information flow. More to come!
News and Updates

Free tennis clinics continue all season
Wednesdays at 11:30 am (30 minutes) and Saturdays at 8 am (60 minutes) October to June.

tennis clinic

Drop-in Tennis evenings
Tuesday nights (at 6:30 pm) are designated as drop-in tennis evenings. PDTC members are welcome to play under the lights. Non-member guests are welcome but must sign a waiver and must pay a $10 drop-in fee. A waiver sign-up sheet is hanging on the cork board next to the Pro Shop.

Drop-in Pickleball days
Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2 pm and Sundays at 11 am. All levels welcome.

Dress code for tennis and pickleball
Appropriate tennis attire must be worn at all times on all courts. Tennis attire is defined as: collared or dry fit shirts for men and tennis clothing designed for women. Non-marking tennis shoes must be worn.

Mark your calendars for pickleball clinics in January 2019

• Beginner Clinic at 1 pm on January 28,  2019.
• Intermediate Clinic at 1 pm on January 30, 2019.

 Join Karen Gysin on court 4 for group pickleball        clinics.

 Cost $20 each
 Please sign up in the Pro Shop for these fun and  informative clinics.

See you on the courts!
Leif Nordlund, Director of Tennis and Pickleball
Melanie Nordlund, Coordinator of Tennis and Pickleball
Going, Going, Gone ... But not Forgotten
by Howard Back

More than 50 friends of Jan and Rick Roemmick gathered at the PDTC Clubhouse to say bye-bye early in December. The Roemmicks have been active non-resident members of PDTC since 2010.  

Now they are selling their home at Ironwood and will move to Vail. Not the ski resort in Colorado, but Vail, Arizona, just south of Tucson.

Both have been active participants in tennis, pickleball, hiking and PDTC social events. Jan has been the devoted proofreader for the Racqueteer for several years and has been a member of the Communications Committee. Rick has provided live music for many Club events over the years. His group was called "Movin' On". Now "Movin' On" is "Movin' On".

Rick and Jan say "It has been a wonderful eight years at PDTC. It’s not easy saying goodbye to our friends. We will miss the tennis, the many social activities and all of the hugs. Farewell for now ... until we meet again!"
Smokey the Bore Says:
by Brian Lord, Emergency Preparedness Chief

We are continuing our look into the PDTC “Emergency Preparedness Plan”.  Now we will take a look at some suggestions for a: 

Recommended Basic Emergency Supply Kit
  • Three-day supply of nonperishable food, with a manual can opener
  • Three-day supply of water (one gallon, per day, per person)
  • Portable battery-powered radio, with extra batteries
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • First Aid kit, with manual
  • Sanitation and hygiene items (hand sanitizer, toilet paper)
  • Matches in a waterproof container
  • Police whistle
  • Extra clothing and blankets
  • Kitchen accessories and cooking utensils
  • Photocopies of ID and credit cards
  • Cash
  • Special Needs (eyeglasses, prescription meds, hearing aid batteries)
  • Pet supplies
If we are to believe that the “big one" will render our PDTC units unfit or unavailable to live in after a major quake, then you should plan to gather up the items on the above list. Where you put them for safekeeping is up to you. There are some items above that you still should have whether or not we have any kind of event.
I still believe structural engineer, Ray Chalker (former owner) was right and our units may have some damage, but will still be habitable. We may or may not have electricity, gas, water or even reliable phone service for a while though, depending on the severity of damage to the area's infrastructure. If you have another non-PDTC home, and it is an older one, or a two-story house built before codes were changed, you might have a big problem with it during the “big one". In newer construction, you are required to tie the house down to the foundation with metal strapping. Also, they now require the first and second floors be tied together with the same strapping.  

Big quakes can cause big damage. Two of our PDTC members know that. Judy and David Glass, and Howard Back lost their homes in Los Angeles in the 1994 Northridge quake. That "big one", a 6.7 magnitude, killed more than 60 persons, injured more than 9,000 and destroyed many homes and businesses.

In conclusion to this look at this section of our “Plan”, let me say this: no matter what happens, we need to be prepared to help each other get through the disaster if it is as large as they are predicting here in the Coachella Valley. 

Before I sign off this section I have story for you:
One day, a Fire Chief dies and finds himself in a long line at the gates of heaven with St. Peter manning the post. He marches to the front of the line and says “How are things going, Pete.” Peter turns to the Chief and says "Well, I'm sorry Chief, but you are going to have to go to the end and wait your turn." Unwillingly, the Chief goes to the back and waits. A couple of hours pass, and another Chief appears at the back of the line, full dress uniform like the other (scrambled eggs, gold badge, tie, hat, etc.) walks to the front of the line and says, "Here I am Peter!" Promptly opening the gates, Peter replies "Just fine, sir." Furious, the other Chief stomps to the front of the line to confront Peter, asking "Who does he think he is, God?" Peter replies, "Oh, that was God. He just thinks he's the Fire Chief."

Next time we will look at the “Emergency Response Team” section.
More Summer Fun - from Scotland

Kris and Tim Adams
Kris and Tim Adams visited the famous Swilcan Bridge on the 18th hole of the Old Course at St. Andrews, the Home of Golf. The bridge was originally built more than 700 years ago.
Upcoming Events
December 24 - Christmas Eve
December 25 - Christmas Day Santa Shootout and Potluck Breakfast
December 31 - New Year's Eve Prime Rib Dinner
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January 10      - Soup Potluck
January 14      - PDTC Board Meeting - 9 am
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February 14    -
February, May, August and November Birthday Celebration Cocktail Hour
February 18    - Washington's Birthday observed
February 22    - Washington's Birthday
February 23    - Great PDTC Bake-off & BBQ for Charity
Board of Directors
Brian Long - President  
Sue Williams - Vice President   
Norm DeWitt -Treasurer
Greg Smith - Secretary
Dale Schultz - Landscape Chair 
George LeBlanc - Architectural Chair
Stephen Walters - Rental Chair

Committee Chairs  
Sandee Smith - Court-Use
Brian Lord - Emergency Preparedness
Gordon Page - Communications
Judy Siegel - Social  

Club Staff  
Michael Bannister - General Manager
Debbie Divac - Administrative Coordinator
Steve Geyer - Maintenance Supervisor
Greg Dunkel - Property Supervisor    
Leif Nordlund -
Director of Tennis and Pickleball
Melanie Nordlund -
Coordinator of Tennis and Pickleball
Dana Hutchinson - Chef
The Racqueteer is the newsletter of the Palm Desert Tennis Club
Howard Back - Ye Olde Editor
Leon Bennett - Photographer
Pete Szambelan - Photographer
Jan Roemmick - Proof Reader
Melanie Nordlund - MailChimp 

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