May 2017
by Keith Sorensen

The “End of Season” wrap up began on April 2 with a Mixed Doubles Tennis Tournament which was won by Steve and Annette Zack.   That afternoon Pat Fraser and Gail Broderick, the organizers of the evening event, could be seen very busily readying the club for another festive party.                

        Left to Right - Back Row- Norm Dewitt, Annalee Hanson, Mimi Taylor,  Dana Fraser, Pat         Fraser, Pat Broderick, Steve Zack
        Front Row -Jake McDougal, Leon Bennett, Annette Zack, Gail Broderick, Luanne Evans
Steve & Annette Zack
For the past two years the “Round-up” had a definite Western theme, but this year saw a new twist. By early evening more than fifty participants for a “Hawaiian” party had arrived, after digging through their closets for old Tommy Bahama floral garments. The overall look was festive indeed.  

 The bartending brilliance of Ken and Greg once again eased us painlessly into another ‘Night to Remember’ with poolside margaritas and hors d’oeuvres. This was followed by a catered “Hawaiian Fusion” feast enjoyed by all at flowered tables around the pool, in which large balloon like floats were teased into motion by the gentle evening breezes.


Pat Fraser & Gail Broderick

 As a delicious lemon coconut cake dessert was enjoyed, Pat Fraser, with iPhone music and portable speaker, serenaded us with ‘Over the Rainbow’ and other old favorites in an attempt to inspire us to greater animation.  It was reminiscent for me of  a much earlier Caribbean poolside party which ended with three fully clothed ladies in the pool, the highlight of the evening until they were joined with a splash by some guy named Iyas.  

Alas, this year’s party was more sedate - perhaps age has mellowed us - but a jolly good time was had by all.

         Rita & Paul Ripp                           Perk & Sara Freeman        

  Dennis & Gayle Lipke                                    Carla Inlekofer & Ted Turner
L to R- EJ Cook, Vicki Lord, Bill Cook, Eloise Szambelan, Jan Roemmick

Photos from Pete Szambelan and Leon Bennett will help us re-live the tennis and fun evening.  Kudos to Pete and Leon!

    Murder Most Foul
    By Judy Siegel

The real histories of many of our friends and neighbors were brought to light  at last month’s Murder Mystery Pizza social with the help of The Murder Mystery Company  and two delightful improvisation actors – Amber and Rihanna.   The Murder Mystery Company is well known for their interactive productions which encourage audience members to cooperate with one another and interact with performance cast members in order to solve a murder. True to their mission, “Mysteries you can laugh at,” this mystery dinner show was full of comedy, intrigue, prat-falls and surprises.

The improvisation actors selected nine audience members to take on roles and become part of the unfolding investigation. The rest of us were challenged to determine both the perpetrator and motive, means, and opportunity using scripts, bribes, props and clues that were uncovered at just the right time to help us in nabbing the true culprit. Even the most clueless of us, could ultimately unravel the mystery.  Twenty three PDTCer’s participated and all of us had a lot of laughs as we worked on the mystery and enjoyed great pizza from Bill’s Pizza of Palm Springs (now also located in Palm Desert).

Eloise "Cherry Bomb" Szambelan                      Brian "Professor Purple" Lord
                                                                                                                                                         What did we learn about our friends and neighbors who we imagined we knew so well? It turned out that Eloise Szambelan is a wannabe actress from Columbus,Ohio who came out west on the bus.  She would kill for her big break, and as it turned out, she is a serial killer who goes by the name of “Cherry Bomb”. Our helpful Brian Lord claims to have written a novel, under the nom de plume “Professor Purple”, but it turns out he didn't write a single word of it, he just helped himself and stole it.  

Gail "Donna Badthing" Broderick

The still glamorous Gail Broderick was once a great Hollywood leading lady known throughout the county as “Donna Badthing” but alas, Miss Badthing believes she is past her prime and is very jealous of any new up and coming Hollywood starlets. The question everyone asked - is she jealous enough to kill their careers? Want to know more about Keith Sorensen? So did a lot of people but he was so elusive, always lurking in the background, watching like a mild mannered Inspector; on the hunt for a criminal or a crime. Avoiding the limelight and the photographer, the Inspector knows enough to be suspicious of a poison pen letter delivered to him, but did he know enough to avoid the poison?

                    Jake "Mr. Greenspan" McDougal and Murder Mystery actor, Amber

And did you know that Jake McDougal was into financing movies, needing something to do with all the money he made as a young man.  But, unfortunately for him, his company, called “Mister Greenspan’s”, abruptly closed, and Jake disappeared from the financial limelight when he discovered that producing could be a deadly endeavor. 

                                          Fred "Mr. Deedit" Weidling on the go.

Do you ever wonder why Fred Weidling has so much stamina? Turns out he used to be a butler who went by the name of Mr. Deedit. He was constantly on the go, taking care of a very well-to-do Hollywood Director, but alas, he ran afoul of his boss, who became a dead duck, when he couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

Karen "Mary Katen Ashley" Dummermuth

And then there is mild-mannered Karen Dummermuth who has been walking with a cane for a reason - turns out she is a real klutz.  She too once tried to break into the Hollywood scene as a production assistant.  Back then she went by the name “Mary Katen Ashley” but she kept dropping copy, losing scripts, mixing up production orders – just couldn’t handle the business.

                                                     Dana "Sleazy McQueen" Fraser

Then the worst of the worst, it turns out, is our lovable Dana Fraser. Dana worked as a casting director in Hollywood’s heyday. With a reputation as quite the lady’s man, he helped many an aspiring actress make it in Tinseltown via the bedroom.  He still has an eye for the girls and often morphs into his alter-ego – “Sleazy McQueen,” sporting his signature brunette mullet hairpiece.

Lyn Shultz aka "Dr. Sarah Dippity" and Murder Mystery actor,  Rihanna

And finally, it would seem that our own Lyn Shultz has quite a sordid history. Back in the day she was “Dr. Sarah Dippity”, who went to medical school. She specialized in writing a lot of prescriptions - for money. Watch out, she could declare you dead, even if you weren’t.   Also, having been alone for some time, she surprised us all when she confessed her love for the long-haired Sleazy McQueen (sorry Pat that you had to find out this way!).See what you all missed? With luck, The Murder Mystery Company will be back at PDTC another time so more of you can get in on the intrigue and learn about your neighbors. For this year, we are glad we all got to know our friends on a much deeper level. When it was all over, however, we all agreed we had better start locking our doors at night. 

Want to know more?  Here is a link to the company that put on the mystery:   The Murder Mystery Company; and a link to the pizza provider Bills Pizza.

I was born in New York, raised in Portland, Oregon, and spent my adult life in the Seattle area. Attended Mills College with a major in art history but worked doing corporate accounting.

My husband Wally and I bought at PDTC in 1991 after selling the boat business in Washington. Intending to be seasonal owners, we spent one season here, fell in love with the area, lifestyle and mostly the wonderful people who create the family like atmosphere here at PDTC. We went back to sell our house and became         full-timers in 1992.   

I served six years on the PDTC board with two years as president. I've been active on many of the club committees and participated in most of the events over the past 26 years. This is a very special place and I love being a part of it.

I have two boys who live in the Seattle area - son Greg and wife Vicki share my love of travel and and we look for new adventures every year. Son Ted and wife Carla bought a unit here at PDTC as a rental investment and will be retiring here shortly.    
 In addition to lots of world travel, I enjoy theater performances, especially the Ashland Shakespeare Festival which I try to attend every year, good movies and the Palm Springs Film Festival, tennis, golf, water aerobics, card games and board games.   I do a lot of volunteer work. I have served on the City of Palm Desert Housing Commission, Riverside County Court Communiity Cooperation Committee. I am an active member of the Soroptomist service club and have served on many other boards and committees.


I was born in Seattle and was raised in Kirkland, Washington .  Graduated from Central Washington University with a degree in Home Economics and Education. I met my husband, Mark, at Central. We've been married for 47 years. We have one son and two grandchildren.

Upon graduating from college I spent a couple of years teaching at the secondary level in the Olympia, Washington area, and then started a career in Vocational Rehabilitation.  I worked for 10 years in that field and was very active in our State Rehabilitation Association and served as a Board member for the Chamber of Commerce in Olympia.  

We moved to Tacoma as part of a job promotion for Mark in the late 80's, and still call that home. During that time, along with ferrying our son around to various school activities,  I operated a Gift Basket business out of my home, specializing in corporate gifts. I was a board member for the Breast Cancer Resource Center for 10 years. During my time on that board I was active in fund raising and served as president for two years . I've also participated in special event planning for the Museum of Glass for several years .  

We purchased our condo at PDTC in 2009.  We weren't tennis players at that time, but knew several owners and wanted to be part of that fun, welcoming group of people.

I actively participate in many social events at PDTC including tennis, water aerobics, knitting, pickle ball, cards and mah jongg.  I also organized and co-chaired a Rally for the Cure tennis event and auction at PDTC to raise funds for the Desert Cancer Foundation for two years.

Mark and I enjoy our time in the desert and love the tennis.  The potlucks are the best and we've developed many wonderful friendships with PDTC members. 
I hope everybody had a safe trip home.  
 Just a reminder the deadline for receiving the ballots is May 14th.  Don’t forget to follow clear instructions so your vote will be counted.  
 As we quiet down here at the club, please drop me a note if you plan on having any family or guests arriving during the summer.  Also, it’s not too late to sign up for the club’s summer watch program.  If you are interested, please give the office a call.   I wanted to thank everyone who signed up for Remind 101 so far.  You can create a text to: 81010. In the message box type: @PDTC and hit send to get signed up and be alerted for any emergencies at the club.
 The pro shop is putting together a summer tennis list. If you know your schedule, please contact Amy or Heidi  before May 31st.  Please note that GanmTime will be inactive beginning on May 15th and will be back up on October 1st. 
Ken Kuperstein- General Manager

Dr. Harry C. Evans     1925-2017

 Harry Evans was born in Genesee Depot, Wisconsin on November 4, 1925.  He graduated from Waukesha High School, then enlisted in the Army, and served in the 86th Infantry in Germany, under General Patton.  After service, he went to the University of Wisconsin to earn his degree in medicine. He did his internship and residency at OHSU - the University of Oregon Medical School, specializing in anesthesiology.
     Harry practiced at Emanuel Hospital in Portland for more than 30 years where he headed the anesthesiology department and was known as the "Father of the Epidural".
     Harry was Past President of the Oregon Society of Anesthesiologists, and long time board member of the Western Conference of Anesthesia.
     He and Pearl Drummond were married in 1950. They had four daughters, Laura, Lynn, Lee and Luanne, six grandchildren and three great- grandchildren.
     Harry loved sports; tennis of course, sailing, water and snow skiing and biking.   He loved making noodles, baking bread and pasta, eating out of his vegetable garden, playing bridge; traveling and reading.
     He and Pearl rented at Deep Canyon for many years, were owners at Ironwood for 20 years, were non-resident PDTC members for three years, before buying Unit 64 at PDTC three years ago.
     Heaven bound, April 2, 2017.  Cheers to 91 years, and 66 years of marriage.
     Pearl and family send this message:
     "Thanks to the PDTC family for their beautiful cards, gifts and wonderful hugs.  Love is the answer."

Mary Jo "Jody" Wendorff  1928-2017

      Mary Jo "Jody" Wendorff, long-time owner of Unit 78 at PDTC, with her husband, passed away on April 11. She lived in Rolling Hills, CA.
     Jody was born in Ohio on June 3, 1928 and eventually settled in Southern California with her husband Dr. Ted Wendorff, and their four children; Teri, Judi, Todd and Dave. Jody loved her children, their spouses, her 15 grandkids and three great- grandchildren more than anything. She had a deep and abiding faith in God which she sought to live out every day. 
     Jody loved her friends, loved people, and generously volunteered her time to those in need in our community. If you had the privilege of meeting her, she was the life of the party and lit up the room. She was fun, daring, adventurous and elegant all at the same time. Her grandchildren adored her and she never missed an opportunity to attend a special event for anyone in her family. She was up for almost anything and even into her late 80's played golf and bridge several times a week, went to the Red Onion and out to Palm Desert. 
     Amazingly, she never seemed to age. She stayed young to her very last step on this earth. She went out the way she lived her life, full of joy and with a bold tenacity to live through pain and hardship for another glorious day with her family and friends, and with an absolute assurance that the Lord was waiting for her the moment she took her last breath. This life ended and her eternal life began. She will be greatly missed.

     They haven’t been finalized yet, but there are two proposals to bring surf parks and huge waves to the desert.   The first proposal calls for a park near Desert Willow and has been before the City Council for a couple of years.  Now a Hawaii based company says it has land in Indio under contract.  That facility would include a skate park, BMX track and aquatic tract for stand-up paddle boarding.
     The Coachella Valley Water district is moving ahead to bring huge new amounts of water from the Colorado River to stop declines in our underground water supply.  Water will be moved to a facility near Cook Street and Fred Waring, as part of an effort to reverse the decline in underground supplies.  Water levels under Palm Desert have dipped by more than 90 feet since the 1960s.  CVWD is also stepping up efforts to encourage area golf courses to use more Colorado River water and less well water.  Also, six more area golf courses have received big dollar rebates for converting large areas from turf  to desert landscape.
     In his State of the City report, Mayor Stan Henry says a five-acre area just south of Highway 111 in downtown Cathedral City will be a mixed use site that would have about 100 condo units and some commercial space.  The City also plans to widen the Date Palm Bridge from four to six lanes, to handle increased traffic from downtown development. Also, coming to Cathedral City, an auto technology training center.  It is the result of a partnership between College of the Desert and the city’s auto center.  Also in the talking stage is a proposal by the Agua Caliente Band of Indians to build a new casino in downtown Cathedral City.
     The Hotel Paseo, currently being built on Larkspur, just south of El Paseo, will include a restaurant called AC3.  The unusual name comes from the partnership formed by Andrew Copley, owner of Copley’s on Palm Canyon, his wife, Juliana, and Tony Marchese, owner of TRIO restaurant in Palm Springs.  Hotel Paseo is scheduled to open this fall.  The 150-room, three story hotel will operate under the Marriott brand.
                The big Rancho Mirage shopping and entertainment area is continuing a major upgrade.  No firm date yet, but sometime this month (May) the Acqua California Bistro is scheduled to re-open.   It was called Acqua Pazza in its past life.  The new version will be larger, with the addition of 4,000 square feet of space for big parties and special events.  Eating space will be added outdoors too.   There’s a lot of painting going on at the River, and the north parking lot will be covered with solar panels.  More entertainment is planned, with programs set for more than 30 weekends.  And if you elect to go the  Century Theatres, you’ll be able to reserve ahead, in a new reclining seat.
     It is probably the oldest restaurant in Indian Wells. The Nest opened more than 50 years ago, and now it has been named by the Open Table dining service as one of the top 100 “Hot Spot Restaurants” in America.  Basis of the recognition:  analysis of some 10 million restaurant reviews of more than 24,000 restaurants.  The “Hot Spot” recognition is  not only for food and drink quality but also for “vibrant bar scenes, live music and festive atmosphere.”

COPLEY'S ON PALM CANYON, 621 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs. (760) 327-9555
     If you are looking for a fine dining experience in a unique desert setting, you may want to try Copley's in Palm Springs. Located on North Palm Canyon Drive in part of Cary Grant's former estate, Copley's offers unique American cuisine with tropical and European flavors served in a lovely outdoor patio setting. (In case of inclement weather there is an indoor seating area.)
    We've eaten there several times and never been disappointed, and if you take a trip to dine there, be sure to try a dessert! 
    Review by Sarah Krzesowiak and Scott Bracke

EVZIN MEDITERRANEAN CUISINE, 72695 Highway 111, Ste  A6,  Palm Desert, (760) 340-2020
    Jan and I just discovered this new restaurant after it was recommended by Judy Siegel.  Had an outstanding lunch starting with Gazpacho soup and four types of hummus (complimentary), followed by a beautiful chicken Shawarma plate that was outstanding.
     I highly recommend Evzin for an excellent meal in a very nice, quiet setting.  Not only was the owner incredibly friendly and personable, but it's a cute, small little joint as well. They were  incredibly friendly and accommodating.
     The food is hands down some of the best I have had around here.  It is all made in-house and is incredibly unique. The prices are very low.  Open from 11 am to 9 pm.  Just down the hill on Highway 74, right around the corner from Smart & Final (the old Von's).
      Review by Bob Lilac

BILL'S PIZZA, 119 S. Indian Canyon, Palm Springs, (760) 325-5571
     Pizza Lovers Take Note!  Finally -- a great pizza establishment that is NOT a chain.
     Marta and I take all of our pizza loving guests there when they visit and they have nothing but rave reviews.  Trip Advisor ranked the original Bill's Pizza one of the top ten pizza restaurants in America.
     Our family loves the Charlie Sheen pizza.  There are so many interesting pizzas.  They also serve salads and are licensed for beer and wine.
     Bill's Pizza recently opened their second valley location in Palm Desert, at 73196 Highway 111, next to the car wash across the street from Louise's Pantry.
     They only accept cash or debit cards.
      Review by Terry Basham

BLUE ORCHID THAI, 73030 El Paseo #102, Palm Desert,                                                       (760)776-6610,
    Curry Tasting the many curried dishes at Blue Orchid Thai Fury.
    At 11:30 in the morning, the lime-green walls are cool, quiet, and inviting. I’ve become a regular, but the staff acknowledges every guest within the first few seconds of stepping through the door, even during peak times. The dining room itself is open, and stretches down a hallway that can be slightly awkward when the restaurant is busy, but always immaculate. During the lunch hours, the restaurant is efficient and wait times are typically low. Order accuracy has been consistently above average.
    The lunch menu at Blue Orchid Thai is a vacation all by itself, and most recently I’ve been making a pilgrimage through the different curried dishes available, noting the subtle, earthy differences between green and red curry, or how the addition of potato to the yellow curry makes a distinctively creamier base.
     The variations can be more appropriate to fit the seasons, where a yellow curry with beef or pork may be too heavy in the summer - a fresh basil green curry with tofu may be just the ticket.
The meal is preceded by a soup or salad. The salad is cool and refreshing with a light peanut sauce as a dressing. The soup choice was a clear broth with large mushrooms and substantial slices of chicken.
     Today, however, I’m eating the Panang Curry with Chicken.
 It is important to note that each 'protein' has its own characteristics that make each curry dish unique. Panang Curry, as described by the Thai-food enthusiast website, is composed of dried chili peppers, galangal, lemongrass, kaffir lime zest, coriander root, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, garlic, shallot, shrimp paste, salt and peanuts (2016). While it is a savory sauce, the coriander and citrus notes from the lemongrass and lime give it a refreshing quality. The restaurant can make any dish spicier upon request, though I’ve never needed to challenge them. The portion size is substantial but not overwhelming and no condiments are necessary for this meal. Each bite is exotic and rich.
     With a full afternoon ahead of me, I opt for my personal favorite to finish the meal. A dark-as-night, layered concoction created from full-strength coffee, cream and sugar called a Thai Iced Coffee. It is reminiscent of Turkish-style coffee. They also have Thai Iced Teas, a delicious rival to the Chai Latte. Of course, the restaurant does feature a full bar so it would be easy to chase some drunken chef noodles with some libations of your own.
     Review by Brian Yaple

STATE FARE BAR AND GRILL AT THE RITZ CARLTON, 68900 Frank Sinatra Drive, Rancho Mirage 760-321-8282 
     This hotel is enough off the beaten path that’s it’s possible you may not even know it has such a wonderful restaurant.  It’s at the top of the hill going south on Frank Sinatra, after you cross Highway 111.  They have valet parking, but do validate.  You will probably want to use it, since we have no idea where the customer parking is! 
     The view of the valley from the adjoining terrace is spectacular, and a casual stroll around the grounds is an added bonus.  It’s a favorite spot for weddings and such.
     We limit our visits here to lunch, since dinner can be pricy, and cocktails even more so.  Lunchtime is, however, in about the same ballpark as any nice restaurant in the valley.  Himself is fond of the State Fair Prime Burger, but he likes his burgers very plain.  The onion-bacon jam that comes with it is just too delicious to pass up, so I asked that it be brought to us on the side….it is so good I could just order a bowl full and be a happy camper!  I usually order the First Lady Cobb Salad, again, delicious.  However, one day I told them they had forgotten the blue cheese, and they said it was named for Nancy Reagan, who didn’t like blue cheese, so if you want it you have to ask for it.  Another time I asked for guacamole and they said they didn’t have any, but did have avocado.  On request, they combined the avocado with their homemade aioli, providing a really yummy dip for the French fries.  
     With soup, pizza, salads, sandwiches and a large selection of entrees, plus an extensive selection of wines and other beverages, there is something here for everyone.  Staff is attentive but not constantly in your face, which we appreciate.  
     A couple of notes, it’s quiet here, without the usual noisy music bombarding you to hurry up and eat.  If you request tables 23, 33 or 53 it’s especially quiet.
Breakfast: 6:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. A la carte off the menu
Lunch: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Monday through Sunday
Dinner: 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday through Thursday
            5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday
      Review by Jeri Todd

   by Jake McDougal
   Regular players on our courts don't need a formal introduction to Joel and Misty, two of our newest owners at Palm Desert Tennis Club. Excellent doubles players, they compete at the club's highest levels. 
Both Joel and Misty are Washington State natives, having grown up in Mukilteo and Newcastle respectively.  Together they share four children, ranging in age from 21 to 25 years.  Joel is a U. of Washington grad (and an avid Husky fan) with a degree in economics, and is a retired high tech executive. Misty is general manager of a large industrial lighting firm in the Seattle area.

     Joel is a long time tennis player, with a 4.0 rating.   Misty, who has only been playing for a few years, has strong athletic abilities and a game that is remarkable, considering the short time that she has played. 

    Other interests for the Isemans are skiing and hiking in Whistler, where they own a home, kite boarding and golf. 
    The decision to buy at PDTC involved a comparison with other clubs in the valley and the benefits at PDTC won out.

You probably have noticed that many of our members are now writing for this newsletter.  More are needed.  If you'd like to volunteer to help...if you have a story idea, or would be willing to take on an "assignment" to write about a club event now and then, please contact me.  Recent articles by members have injected new life into the newsletter, and we want to continue to benefit from your participation. 
        Howard Back, Ye Olde Editor

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