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December 6th, 2017
By Sara Freeman
Pickleball Demo
As pickleball's popularity continues to soar nation wide, Palm Desert Tennis Club members got a peek at what all the excitement is about. On November 17th, courts one and four were transformed into an arena of competition for players who received an introductory lesson to the game. While pickleball got a lukewarm reception at the club a few years ago, members demonstrated a much greater interest this time, with all 32 spots on seven courts reserved and seven names on the waitlist.

The event was part instruction, part play, followed by an exhibition. Some players, such as Kathy and Norm DeWitt and Sue and Mark Williams, had strong pickleball experience, while others took their first swing at the game. To no one's surprise, Pat Fraser was a quick-study and said afterwards, "It's just another fun sport we can all enjoy at the club."

The event's lead instructor, Lisa Naumu, currently runs the new pickleball program at the La Quinta Resort. She transitioned to pickleball just 18 months ago after playing 47 years of tennis, including competing on her college tennis team. She said that for tennis players, it is easy to pick up pickleball.  She finds pickle ball more social and less cliquey than tennis and still a great work out. Naumu's assistants, Sherri Steinhauer, a former golf pro from Mission Hills CC, and Lisa Hadley from Deep Canyon Tennis Club, helped run the drills and were part of the exhibition team. All three women have played pickleball three years or less and won national events in their age groups.

Although pickleball was started on Bainbridge Island, Washington in 1965, Naumu says it really became mainstream in the last 10 years. The sport combines badminton, tennis and paddle tennis and uses special paddles and a plastic ball similar to a whiffle ball. Contrary to rumors that the game was named after the inventor Joel Pritchard's dog, the word "pickle" was adopted after Pritchard's wife summed up the sport. Joan Pritchard said the combination of games that make up the sport reminded her of "The Pickle Boat in crew where oarsmen were chosen from leftovers of other boats." (Wikipedia)

Tennis chair, Karen Dummermuth said she was pleased with how well the event went.  Her committee has since distributed a survey to all PDTC members seeking to determine how much interest there is for adding pickleball courts.

Pickleball PetePickleball

                 Pro Lisa Namu shows us how it's done

Meanwhile, Lisa Naumu has extended an invitation to PDTC-ers to take advantage of La Quinta Resort's indoor pickleball courts in December on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 2:00-4:00 p.m.  It's free. 
Lisa also offers private and "three and me" lessons.

"Pickleball Pete" - Pete Szambelan had not been on a court for five years because of injuries.  He decided that pickleball would be the perfect game to attempt a comeback, but "I wanted to be prepared in case I fell."
By Kris & Tim Adams
BREAKING NEWS:  The PDTC has a Men’s and a Women’s 3.5 Tennis Doubles Teams competing in the Desert Tennis League.  For more than 20 years the PDTC has not had a tennis team in this fun League.  Eighteen ladies and 14 men have signed up to represent PDTC.  The Men’s team is captained by Tim Adams and Greg Smith and the Ladies team is captained by EJ Cook and Kris Adams
The location of the matches will be published after Christmas.  All matches are scheduled for Fridays at 1 pm in January and February, along with March 2 and 23.  Approximately half of the matches will be scheduled here at our Club, so please plan on coming out to cheer for your fellow tennis players!   
The men have matching shirts and the ladies will have matching skirts.  This is a first for our club and everyone involved is very excited about it.  Friday afternoons could prove to be very lively in the next few months!  We will be publishing the location of the matches as soon as these details are available, and updates and match results will come out weekly.
First match is January 5th.  GO TEAMS!!!

By EJ Cook
Thanksgiving Potluck
This year's Thanksgiving set a new attendance record.  We had 71 folks signed up for our delicious potluck feast.  Those that provided turkeys were:  Jane Turner, Annette Zack, Amelia Grove, Eloise Szambelan and EJ Cook, and a lovely ham was provided by Joyce Mangels.
We had all kinds of wonderful side dishes and many pumpkin pies and plenty of left overs.
Fraser Brinsmead provided our musical entertainment and Fraser had the place rocking and the dance floor filled for every song.  A big thank you to Fraser !!!!!!!
We had a set up crew and clean up crew and everyone showed up and did their part.
The Thanksgiving potluck dinner was the idea of Pat Alexander, Jane Turner and EJ Cook in 2010.  It has been successful every year since and has become somewhat of a tradition for PDTC.  But now it is time for the torch to be passed and for someone else to spearhead the event.  I have enjoyed being the leader for the past eight years.   I hope to continue to contribute in other ways to the club.
 Thanksgiving cooks
(Eloise Szambelan, Jane Turner, Amelia Grove, Joyce Mangels, EJ Cook and Annette Zack)
(Editor's Note:  Here's what one of our members says about the Thanksgiving potluck:  "EJ, the 8th Annual was a great success.  Thanks for putting it together. It really fills a void for us empty nesters without our kids in town. The PDTC community takes the place of family.")

During the annual Homeowners meeting, President Karen Dummermuth reviewed the projects completed during the year.  The re-roofing of the club started in June and was completed in September. The communications committee was recognized for their accomplishments. The Racqueteer newsletter, club website and the member directory were all updated this year.

Karen thanked all of the volunteers and announced the nomination and election of Brian Long and Brian Lord as new Directors.  Reports from each Director were heard. 

Karen introduced several employees including Marlon Reveche, Amy Kemper, Dana Hutchinson and Greg Dunkel.  Each made comments about their plans for the coming season.   Terry Basham has been hired as an interim Club Manager to fill the position vacated by Ken Kuperstein

Following the Annual Meeting, the Board of Directors met, elected officers and made committee assignments for the coming year.  The Occupancy Rule was reviewed and approved.     
Sue Williams, Secretary
Ann Merrill
Meet your New President

As your new President, I want to greet all of you, and introduce myself.  Dan and I are snowbirds.  We live in Gig Harbor in Western Washington during the off season.  We both play tennis and enjoy the friendly atmosphere and frequent social events offered at our beautiful club. 
For 10 years before retiring we used all our vacation time to explore potential retirement spots in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Florida, Mexico and South America.  Then, in 2006, we retired.  As we were moving back to Gig Harbor from Oklahoma City, we stopped once again to check out the Palm Desert area.  While watching the National Men's 55 tournament at the Indian Wells Tennis Gardens, we ran into long time friends, Gary and Helga Thomas who were PDTC owners.  They invited us to visit the club.  We liked it so much we decided to rent that fall to "try it out," but we were both adamant that we would not buy until at least the following year no matter how much we liked it.
So we rented from mid-October to mid-December.  Dan immediately joined the beer club ($30 at that time).  At the beginning of November, he took another $30 to the manager, Terry Basham, and said, "Hey, that's a pretty good deal.  I want to join for another month."  After Terry laughed and told him the $30 was for the entire season, Dan rushed back to our rental unit and said  "We are buying here before we leave and I don't care which unit you purchase."  Finally we had found a place where we both wanted to be during the winter.
We love it here.  We left the early Pacific Northwest snowfall behind a few weeks ago.  The club welcomed us with open (sunny and warm) arms as the front gate opened upon our arrival.  So now, instead of pulling weeds, painting, or repairing any number of things up north, I am buying wine, playing tennis, and sitting in the hot tub or on the patio.  What a pleasure! 
Such an enjoyable life at the PDTC is only possible because of our dedicated staff who work diligently to ensure that we return each Fall to a facility that has been well maintained, updated, and beautified in our absence. I encourage you to show your appreciation to our maintenance and landscaping staff, and all of our employees, with a donation to the Holiday Fund.  See details for giving, below.
I hope you have a Joyous Holiday Season wherever you plan to spend your time.
 Ann Merrill, President


It’s that time of year...time for all homeowners and non-resident members to say “Thanks” in a special way to the employees of the Palm Desert Tennis Club, for all the good work they do all year long.
Please make a contribution to the Employees’ Holiday Gift Fund. It’s a way to show your appreciation for their cheerful spirit and the many extras that our loyal staffers put forth on the job, day after day.
Write a check, send a money order, or cash is OK too.
Send to the attention of Jane Turner/Holiday Gift Fund.
Thank you,
Your Board of Directors
by Pat Broderick
A four couple Social Committee has been formed for the 2017-2018 season.  Members are Gordon and Lynore Page, Jim and Julie Zanner, Lank and Mary Jenney, and Pat and Gail Broderick.
Their goals are to plan, organize, and critique each of our social events, including the food, with an eye towards eliminating the less popular events and meals, and replacing them with new themed events that might be more popular.
The committee will report to the Board of Directors, and parts of the committee will be replaced with fresh members each year.
A list of the planned events was distributed at the Town Hall meeting, and briefly discussed.
If you have some creative ideas or suggestions for our Social Events, or would just like to volunteer to lend a hand to keep our events fun, and enjoyable, please contact any of the committee members.
by Gay Gaube

We will be having a PDTC Creativity Fair on Saturday February 24th.  All members are invited to share what they make.  

There will be an opportunity to sell your creations if you wish, with a small percentage of proceeds going to PDTC. Selling is not required, but we’d love to see your creations! Residents may share in the comfort of their own homes, like an open house,  while non-residents may show in the clubhouse.  

More information to follow after the first of the year.
By Howard BackJean Kardon FarewellNeighbors and friends gathered at the PDTC Clubhouse one afternoon last month to wish her well at her next port of call. Jean is selling Unit 94 and is moving to Granada Hills in the San Fernando Valley to live with her daughter Lorraine Gold.

Jean and her late husband, Matt, met on a public tennis court at Poinsettia Park in Los Angeles. Years later they retired, Jean from her job as assistant principal at an L.A. school, and Matt, from his job as an L.A. County appraiser.  They moved to Palm Desert, first to Deep Canyon, and then bought Unit 94 at PDTC. 

Jean founded the PDTC Women's Invitational Tournament, and for 16 years watched it become a premier event in the Coachella Valley.  Each year the event included breakfast, lots of tennis, and a catered lunch.  Everyone took home a gift.  Attendance wJean Kardonas limited, and the Invitational brought lots of attention to PDTC and its tennis program.  Despite some aches and pains, Jean continued to play tennis several times a week until just a few years ago. She loved to volley… at the net or from a half court position. 

Jean asked that this note be included in the newsletter:

"Dearest Friends - and that is what you'll always be, dearest friends.  I was overwhelmed Sunday by the loving farewell from all of you.  My heart is full of warm memories I shall cherish forever. 
Love, Jean"

Welcome to the PDTC’s Newsletter’s first column by yours truly, about emergency preparedness.   For this column, I am calling myself “Smokey the Bore”.  I have taken the nickname of the former Chief of the Seattle Fire Department, whom I first worked for in 1969. I don’t know if he ever knew some fire fighters called him that.  Hopefully, I won’t bore you too much.
As PDTC’s Emergency Preparedness Chief I will comment on various parts of the plan (If you need a copy of the Emergency Plan, check with the office.) Here is what the opening paragraph of the plan says:
In the event of an emergency situation within the boundaries of the PDTC, the Club has formulated plans in a reasoned attempt to minimize the confusion and possible panic which could be expected to follow.  These situations could arise due to a fire, an earthquake, or an explosion.  Events like these could result in personal injury, hazardous situations, and even the possibility of the PDTC being without electricity, gas, or water for days.  Now is the time to prepare.
I think the one thing that is the most obvious is a huge earthquake, like they predict could happen at any time here in the desert.  Depending on the strength of an earthquake, services like electricity, water, gas, and telephone may suffer failure.  What could we do as homeowners to mitigate some of the possible outcomes from an event like that?
The most important items we should have to survive are the basics of everyday life, food and water.  You should have enough food available for you and your family for several days.  You may not have electricity or gas to be able to cook on your stove though.  I do know of one owner here that bought a small propane camp stove to cook on in such an emergency. 
What could we do about water?  If you don’t have a supply in your cupboard or fridge, you do have 30 to 40 gallons of clean water in your hot water tank.  Each tank is, by law, required to be secured to the structure to keep it from tipping over in an earthquake, regardless of whether it is inside or outside your unit.  Take a look to see if yours is secure.  When I bought my unit, it was not secured in its outside shelter.  A plumber can take care of yours if you need.  One thing I would suggest is to occasionally drain a gallon or more from the bottom of the tank to remove any settlement.   It may be safe to drink, but it usually looks rusty.
The last thing I want to mention in this first article is what to expect from the fire service after a major earthquake.  There may be building collapses, fires, gas leaks and many injuries to treat.  I believe that we could be on our own for quite some time.  There are not enough fire fighters here in the valley that would be available to answer many calls for help, in a reasonable amount of time.   The phone lines to the dispatch center will be jammed and you may not get through.  So what can we do?  We have to be somewhat self-sufficient and help each other.
 Smokey the Bore
In the next issue, I will delve into some of the things we should do to prepare ourselves and our units for such an event.

Smokey the Bore
aka Brian Lord, Emergency Preparedness Chair
by Howard Back
Sunrise vs PDTC
Tennis players from Sunrise Country Club in Rancho Mirage came to PDTC December 2nd - the first exchange of the season.  It started with breakfast; then six mixed doubles matches. 
PDTC won five of the six.  Lunch was served too.
Players on the home team were Penny and George Kemshaw, Barb and Alex Cassuto, Jim Gaube, Leon Bennett, Judy Sacha, Shafique Naiyer, Luanne Evans, Judy Siegel, Dana Fraser and Connie Hitsher.  Another PDTC-er got to play too.  George LeBlanc filled in when a substitute was needed by Sunrise.
Two more exchanges with Valley clubs are coming up soon.  Deep Canyon, originally scheduled to play on December 10, will travel to PDTC January 14.  PDTC-ers will go to Ironwood for a match there on January 20.  More information and sign up at the Pro Shop.

What do you do to warm up before your tennis match?
Some people come early and use the workout room, using bikes or treadmills or stretching to loosen up joints and muscles.  But an action as simple as walking to the clubhouse, instead of driving, can do the trick.  Remember, warmed up muscles are much less likely to get injured.
When playing doubles and you get a short ball do not try to do too much and aim for the corners. Instead, make an early preparation and hit to the middle of court closer to the small "T". By doing this you would have accomplished three things:
1. By aiming for the biggest part of the court this will reduce the stress of making the shot.
2. This also decreases your opponents' angles on their shots coming back to you.
3. Since your opponent has a smaller window to pass you at the net, the lob will most likely be their only choice.
Now you are ready to crush that overhead!

by Howard Back
The Tennis Committee met to review existing programs and plans for future events. Head Pro Marlon Reveche reported on his teaching program for juniors.  He also discussed the clinics he will be offering in January.  The two clinics will be on Monday mornings for an hour and a half with four to six players in each.   Sign up sheets will be in the pro shop.

There were also discussions of proposals to add pickleball courts.  A survey to determine member interest has been distributed.  The committee urges members to complete the survey form and return it to the club office promptly.  Also discussed was upgrading the look of the  Pro Shop, use of the ball machine and details of upcoming tennis exchanges with other Valley clubs.

Tennis Committee members who took part were Kris Adams, Mary Jenney, Leon Bennett, Greg Smith, and chairperson Karen Dummermuth.  Also present were President Ann Merrill and interim General Manager Terry Basham.

The Communications Committee gathered to review three major continuing projects:  the Racqueteer newsletter, the website, and the weekly e-mail blasts that include news items, comments from the Board and staff and the calendar of upcoming events.

The Committee also recommended that a member directory, which is now available to members on the club web site, also be prepared in print form.  There will be a continuing effort to encourage club members to volunteer to make contributions to the newsletter and web site.
A report from Mailchimp, the group that formats and distributes the newsletter for the club, showed that the Racqueteer readership is strong:  72% of homeowners read the last issue and 85% of non-resident members read it.

Present at the meeting were committee members Jan Roemmick, Pete Szambelan, Sara Freeman, Gay Gaube, Keith Sorensen, Judy Siegel and co-chairs Howard Back and Gordon Page.  Also in attendance: Ex-Officio Board Members Karen Dummermuth, Ann Merrill, Jane Turner, and Brian Lord, and Interim General Manager Terry Basham.

December 7th - Pearl Harbor Day
December 12th - Christmas Tree Trimming & Honey Baked Ham Potluck
December 25th - Santa Shoot-Out & Potluck Breakfast
December 31st - New Year's Eve (Chef Dana - Prime Rib)
January 5th - Desert Tennis League
January 9th - Beer Tasting - German Food Potluck
January 14th - Tennis Exchange - Deep Canyon at PDTC
January 20th - Tennis Exchange - at Ironwood
January 23rd - Trivia Night - Taco Bar
February 3rd - Pancake Breakfast
February 4th - Super Bowl - Hamburgers & Hot Dogs
February 10th - Club Champ - Men's & Ladies Doubles
February 11th - Club Champ - Mixed Doubles
February 17th - Scavenger Hunt
February 24th - Creative Fair - PDTC Artists
February 25th - Tennis Exchange - at Deep Canyon
March 3rd - Dinners for Winners Tourney
March 4th - Dinners for Winners - Italian Potluck
March 17th - St. Patrick's Dinner
March 31st and April 1st - Season Round Up Tennis Tourney
April 7th - Tennis Exchange -  Ironwood at PDTC
Board of Directors
 President - Ann Merrill
 Vice President - Brian Long 
 Secretary - Sue Williams
 Treasurer - Jane Turner 
 Emergency Preparedness Chair - Brian Lord 
 Rental Chair - Brian Lord
 Tennis Chair - Karen Dummermuth
 Landscape Chair - Dale Schultz
 Architectural Chair - Brian Long
 Nominating Committee - Sue Williams
 & Karen  Dummermuth
 Holiday Fund Manager - Jane Turner 

Club Staff  
 Terry Basham - Interim General Manager
 Natasha Taylor - Office Manager
 Steve Geyer - Maintenance Supervisor
 Greg Dunkel - Maintenance Technician    
 Marlon Reveche - Head Tennis Pro
 Heidi Gerner  - Tennis Coordinator
 Amy Kemper - Tennis Coordinator
 Dana Hutchinson – Chef
The Racqueteer is the newsletter of the Palm Desert Tennis Club

Howard Back - Ye Olde Editor

Leon Bennett - Photographer
Pete Szambelan - Photographer
Jeri Todd – Proof Reader
Jan Roemmick – Proof Reader
Pauline Olesen - MailChimp 

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Phone: (760) 346-5683
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