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I had this whole newsletter drafted and scheduled to send. And then... community really came through. All the way through. Many of you have purchased from Drunk Shrub, the beautiful beverage company started by my friend and podcast cohost Sheela Lal. It's delicious, it's desi-inspired. Yesterday, the landlord of the kitchen where Sheela makes her shrubs threw out all of her supplies without any notification. Losing $500 worth of product is devastating, especially for a small, woman-run business. I made the fundraiser to help Sheela recoup the costs. And within three hours, we exceeded our goals. Three! Hours! THREE HOURS!

That means I'm sitting here, a little speechless and very moved.

This is not the only time in last few days where community has left me blown away. I was so lucky to celebrate my Kathak show with my baba and a group of friends from different parts of my life. Afterwards, we shared plates of biriyani and perfectly crispy rava dosa, spooning small tastes of new desserts and sipping filter coffee on the side. We laughed. We swapped stories. I definitely cried on them. Our hearts and bellies were so full, and it was the balm I needed.

Woof. Thanks for tuning into this episode of Nina in Her Feelings. Onto some odds and ends:

  1. Men have no friends and women bear the burden. I've had friends who can't click the article, the headline evokes such a visceral feeling. Even if you're a man who thinks they are relatively self-aware in emotional processing, I believe you'll find something necessary in this.

  2. Hypebeasts and AriZona ice tea. Why are Uber and Lyft drivers striking today? (Please use public transit or carpool today, if possible!) Whoaaa, now I'm deeply thinking about shade as a public health issue and public good. When workers control the code.
  3. A longread to hold close: "Sabika Sheikh, a Muslim exchange student from Pakistan with dreams of changing the world, struck up an unlikely friendship with an evangelical Christian girl. The two became inseparable—until the day a fellow student opened fire."
  4. My first artwork for The Juggernaut(!!) accompanies Fariha Róisín's new series on muses--starting with queer icon, Falguni Pathak. Mangoes in Venezuela, the "noise takers." The daily lives of strangers, through estate sales.
  5. A seagull falls into a container of chicken tikka. This eyeliner didn't budge one bit during my dance performance. What's your creative type? My friend Erin shared this playful quiz. (I'm a Visionary.)


ps - Radio Rani print sales end this weekend(ish). Spread the word. Snag something special for your wall.

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