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By the time you read this, I'm probably wrangling a group of precocious high schoolers on a virtual reality "quest." That's what the website said, anyway. I don't know much about it, other than the fact that I had to initial the liability waiver about eight times, which seems like a lot? Am I safe? Will I survive? UNCLEAR. I am lucky to have the opportunity every summer to work with a goofy group of young brown people. It's frustrating, beautiful, and everything in between.

Anyway, I allowed myself to take a break from my responsibilities last week and simply... rest. What a concept! We are keeping it short and sweet. Onto some odds and ends:

  1. This is a really special analysis connecting public perceptions of teachers, how Elizabeth Warren navigates the classroom, and how those approaches inform her candidacy.
  2. Though I think "Team Pulao vs. Team Biriyani" creates a false dichotomy, I do love an unnecessarily strong opinion. (And maybe, one day, I'll be able to go to Pakistan to work my way through the crowdsourced Google Doc.)
  3. Listening to find purpose. A short interview with Ayesha Malik, the woman who rightfully called out Priyanka Chopra's longstanding trash.
  4. Checking in with death. I just put this book on hold at the library on the recommendation of my therapist. Have you read it? "The Orange."
  5. In the heart of summer, I had no appetite for cooking. Too sad, I guess. I'm slowly getting my groove back with some easy, unfussy things: Pesto-y rice noodles to use the herbs in the fridge on the precipice of mutiny. Flaky, stretchy oil roti to scoop up smoky, grilled baigan. Cobs of corn on the stove, sputtering till blackened and doused with lime, salt, chilli powder. Lazy lassis of TJ's mango sorbet and oat milk. Peanut butter straight from the jar (guilty pleasure).
  6. What is something lovely you read this summer? I want to know. Please respond!
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