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a note from nina

a weekly(ish) collection of odds and ends

The very first of these notes went out April 25, 2017. I mostly did it to stay in touch with friends and to carve out a creative space for myself during the stressful end of grad school. And here we are, almost two years later, with the 100th(!!) issue of this short(ish) and sweet note. Maintaining this weekly writing practice -- well, maybe not writing per se, but this weekly discipline of curation -- has pushed me to read more diversely and to stay committed to the things I care about. I'm grateful for this practice, and grateful for you.

There are a handful of ways you can continue to support this tiny (and free) endeavor:

  • Encourage two friends to peek through the archive and subscribe.
  • Fund a couple of lattes through Venmo, where you can find me under my full name.
  • Mail me a book (or achaar) from my wishlist.

Okay! Onto some odds and ends:

  1. Climate change's implications for a dog race in Michigan. Embracing mistakes without romanticizing failure. Would you take notes when hanging out with friends?
  2. (cw: extreme violence) Someone is always trying to kill you. The questionable behind-the-scenes of the Starbucks of yoga. Hip church, where the brand is belief.
  3. How a popular Latinx zine got off the ground -- and made it into Barnard's zine archive. An interview with the Taylor Swift fan who briefly incarcerated for refusing to join the Israeli Defense Forces.
  4. Waffle House vistas. Restorative justice and a classroom on wheels in the forgotten parts of San Francisco.
  5. This is not going to be new for most of you, but this amazing black and Pakistani family dance video has been on repeat when I need a pick-me-up. I'm almost out of the sample of this face wash, which cleans without drying and smells yummy. Plugra, which has a higher butterfat and lower water content than other butters, will really elevate your baked goods. (It is a splurge, though, so maybe only good for that ~fancy~ thing you're making.)


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