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“What are you doing? Where are you going? And why?” This weekend in the woods was all about sitting with these questions, and experiencing the joy and healing that comes with dance. Beyond learning gorgeous bols and ways of moving, I learned there’s intuition in the body, though we’ve been socialized not to trust it. And part of the work on the dance floor, as a Kathak artist, is to tap into that knowledge, aligning our intuition and intellect in one place. Onto some odds and ends:

  1. Something I never thought would happen: I will be debuting new artwork with Mooneaters Collective at next week's beach-inspired Culture Club (Part 5), hosted by the Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston and curated by SpaceUs. Mooneaters is a gorgeous platform amplifying queer APIA narratives, and I'm so jazzed and honored to have been commissioned for a piece exploring femme friendship and desi beach memories.

    You should catch the ocean vibes at ICA Watershed and then head to this month's Subcontinental Drift open mic, where Awaaz Do will be headlining a special concert before tearing it up at Newport Folk Festival. You might remember the band's lead singer, my friend Saraswathi Jones, on an episode of Almirah Radio Hour earlier this year.
  2. Why do you slide into DMs? This nighttime face oil has been worth the hype. A tiny sample lasts forever. Missy Elliott. Some questions to consider before having a tough conversation.
  3. God, Pooja Makhijani consistently has a way of bridging food and heart with her writing. This time, on making ice cream and maternal love: "I can’t eat ice cream—or at least too much ice cream. It makes me incredibly sick; I just don’t produce enough lactase. But for forty glorious weeks in 2011, when I was pregnant with my daughter, I could." This is only how it starts, but there is so much more.
  4. What America gets wrong about tea (a lot). Analysis I can stand by: Scar is a good villain, but an inept statesman. Feelings are not always the best way to gauge progress. "...friendship is more than being there for your friends, it’s also allowing your friends to be there for you."
  5. This is what the protests in Puerto Rico look like. (This is why they have started.) Pay close attention.

ps - If you are in New York, my dear friends Ashni and Anju are performing at Sakhi's 4th Annual Gender Justice & The Arts Showcase. Both are gorgeous musicians who evoke feelings at the soul level with their voices. Not to be missed.

pps - If this is the first time you're receiving this, hello! For over two years now, I've been experimenting with some short(ish) and sweet, weekly newsletters. No hard feelings if you hit the unsubscribe button. Extra love if you stick around.
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