Bidding on production tax credits officially began at 9am this morning. Take 5 minutes to head over to the auction website and place your bid.

It's simple: you can bid on as many $500 tax credits as you want, at a minimum of $450 or 90% each. Your state tax dollars then go directly into Oregon's media production industry.
  1. BID: Submit your bid on the auction website between 9am PT on Monday, September 30 and 5pm PT on Friday, October 4. 
  2. SIGN: Complete form OR-TCA for each bid you submit.
  3. PAY: Gather full payment in the form of a certified check, cashier’s check, or money order made payable to Oregon Dept. of Revenue. Deliver your payment by mail or in-person by 5pm on Friday, October 11.
Wait 2-4 weeks to hear the results. If your bid wins, you’ll receive a tax credit certificate in the mail. If you are outbid, your original check will be returned to you. 
Testimonial | Eric Stolberg, Digital One
As a small business owner, my email inbox is overflowing by 8am and there is never enough time in my day. So the first time I saw a notice to take part in the tax auction, I rolled my eyes and thought “Taxes? Yuck! Why would I want to read about taxes? Taxes are boring and complicated. I don’t have time for this…” Yet, a couple of months later, Lisa’s post about how simple it was to take part in the auction came through. For some reason, I shot my CPA the question “Should I do this?” His simple reply was “Yes please!” I took 4 minutes to fill out the online form. It was so damn easy, I turned around the next day and did it again.
The tax credit auction ends in:
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