News from Tore and Mawkkham among the Shan people
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News from Northern-Thailand - August/September 2018

Reached Out to Around 19,000 People
Here are some news from us here out in Northern Thailand.

We are in the rainy season here in northern Thailand now, and it is hot and humid with floods in some places. Our children were home three days from school last week because the school of our children was flooded.

In this newsletter you can read about: Reached out to almost 20,000 people, a woman who received Jesus, some news from the ministry and that we are expecting a girl in October.

A Karen Woman Prayed for Salvation


Missionary life can often be busy, especially with a family, and it's not a 9-4 job. But it's not a boring life either.

This is something I wrote on Facebook last Sunday:

Today was a long and eventful day for me.
I left home from Fang around 6:00am, my wife was not with me since she is pregnant in the eighth month.

I was first in a congregation in Chiang Mai. It is an International church called Lannna Church.
We will try to go there once a month since my wife is now a volunteer in the organization under this church in connection with her visa and I will probably be under them too after Christmas.
It's a good congregation and we always feel encourage after we have been there, so we're happy to have found it.

After this I went to a house fellowship we follow up in Chiang Mai, where we always feel very welcome.
Today, a Karen woman came to our house meeting, she was sick and had recently started to believe in Jesus. She had been going to a Thai congregation for six months.

Even though she already believed in Jesus, she had not  prayed to receive Jesus in her life, so today we prayed and led her in this.

We encouraged and pray for healing for her too, and she was visibly encouraged
and happy for it.
She has problems with her muscles and legs in her body. She has spent a lot of time and money on finding out what it is, but no doctor has given her a clear diagnosis.

Remember to pray for her!

The picture shows part of the house church with my co-worker Tip and me.

Very Engaged Children

Our Saturday and Sunday school goes well, but has decreased some in numbers since we started it up this winter. It is mainly the oldest children/youth, from 13 years of age and upwards, we struggle to get engaged.

We have the opportunity to reach out to more children on our Saturday and Sunday too, but we are not able to do it at the moment since we only have one car.

My wife does a very good job with the youngest children on Sundays (4-9 years old) and they are very engaged. The days Mawkkham does not come, the children always ask for her.
She is good at making them interested in hearing Bible stories, and even those up to 13 years listen carefully to her when she tells stories and teaching from the Bible.

We still gather between 10-17 children each week.

The following would have been a grate help for our ministry:

  • Volunteers who could helped us with English teaching and youth ministry
  • Visits by team
  • A car we can use in our ministry. It will be used for picking up the children etc. We have more children we could have pick up as mentioned, but it will be a bit too much driving with only my private car
  • A local couple (or one person) who could help us in the ministry. Teaching Shan, Thai, Burmese etc. (and financial support for this)

If there are anything you could help us with, from volunteers, teams, donations and not least in prayer, please contact us!

  • If it is only to visit us for one our two days too, you are very welcome!

See also this webpage and video at:

House Church is Growing

We have house fellowship/church almost every evening, and on Fridays we go to the village where we have our land and Saturday and Sunday school.

We have a monthly gathering at out land now, where we gather around 20 people including children, most of them are new Christians.

There are several Shan who have become more interested.
A married couple where the husband had problem with drinking, said he had stopped drinking now. Before he never came to our meetings and did not talk to us much, but now he is very interested and he is eagerly talking to us.

We also help a woman with a few months old child, where the man left her when she became pregnant.

We recently gave a toy troller to the child, soap and some food for this woman. She is also a lady we regularly follow up.

The picture shows the woman, the child and what we gave to them.

Our Ministry on the Internet Reached Out to About 19,000 People

We also have a ministry on the Internet. Mainly it is me who do bible teachings in Norwegian and English, but we also have a Shan Internet page ( plus a Facebook page) where we share the Good News with the Shan.

My wife had a 20 minutes evangelical video message in Shan, about: We do not know anything about tomorrow.
By promoting it for only $ 5, we reached out to nearly 20,000 people, we got over 6,600 views, 32 shares, 25 comments and 141 likes.

Not all comments were positive, because some does not like Christians, many are Buddhists, but this has a great potential.
This is perhaps one of the most effective things we do when it comes to sharing the gospel to the Shan.

We know that not all 19,000 was Shan, but I believe many was.

Exited About Getting a New Sister

Mawkkham is due October 12th. It is only 6 weeks left.
Her stomach grows and everything is fine both with mother and the child!

It is a bit unreal that it is only about a month left until birth and we are all very excited, especially our two girls.

If you did knew it yet we're waiting for a little girl.

The picture shows our two excited daughters waiting for a little sister.


Partner With Us (Support)

In the missionary work we do both here in South-East Asia and on the web, are we dependent on someone who wants to give us financial support.
If you want to support us you can simply see this PayPal link.
I also have a bank account in Thailand that you can transfer money to:
Mr. Tore Johannessen.
Account nr. 738-0-13058-8
Bangkok Bank, Thailand.
Donate by PayPal
Prayer Subjects
  • Pray for the woman who recently received Jesus and for complete healing for her body!
  • Pray for all the Shan children/youth we reach out to every week.
  • Pray for our house churches and the new Christians.
  • Pray for volunteers and teams that can help us out. We would also like to see more local help, including some one who can teach Shan.
  • Pray for more support for the Ministry (Good News for the Shan).
  • Pray for us as a family too, especially for the child who is coming soon and for us financially.

Tore, Mawkkham, Anna and Sarah
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