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Hi to all our members and friends,
The Druí of Celtic Druid Temple will celebrate the Full Moon with ceremony this Friday the 18th of March at 8pm at Tara, Temple Crom and at 7pm in Vienna, Austria.
You can read more about joining our Full Moon ceremony on our website here. We will also celebrate the Spring Equinox with ceremony at solar noon on the 18th of March.

Oíche Fheile Crom
The advice for anyone seeking connection to the Celtic Gods is to avoid the current catholic calendar of the so-called civilised world to time your ceremony. Pagans and Druids on a Celtic Path use Natural Time as their ancestors did. The Solstices and Equinoxes do not line up with particular Stars, they are turning points of the day / night balance. On the Equinox we watch the sun set from a multi-valete enclosure on the western slopes of Mullaghdooey hill on the edge of the Rath Croghan complex of monuments. From here we have the same view as our ancestors of Croagh Crom, our holy mountain. 

Crom is perhaps the oldest of the Irish Gods.
Crom is associated with the people of Ireland from before the Iron Age Celts invaded. Crom is the most ancient God of the Irish and the christian and catholick church feared Him and as a consequence they have ‘blackened’ his name at every opportunity. But this ‘blackening’ has been so extensive that the power and importance of Crom survives because of it! Crom is venerated as a fertility god. At the same time, he is the god of heaven. He is both a fertility and a seed god. Crom is also the Heavenly-God of Wheat and Fertility. Crom can assume the form of a snake or dragon and is as nimble as a march hare. Crom is "a hill dweller, owner of a bull and of a granary, corn bringer and cultivator, feast giver, ruler of the elements, owner of a baleful light, a possessor and a conserver of his possessions."

At Spring and Autumn equinox a very magical sunset takes place. On the equinox Croagh Crom becomes our balance point of the year. We watch every equinox in the hope that the clouds clear and we can see the Sun first appear to consume the mountain then set behind the mountain illuminating it in golden light before setting. Crom Abu!

St. Patrick burned Druid books
and killed many Druids

Saint Patrick's Day is an Irish bank and public holiday held on March 17th every year, relating to Saint Patrick who made all the Irish become Catholic CE 400 by using shamrocks... so we are told… but historians agree that the man who did this great conversion by bringing the Catholic religion to Ireland was called Palladius (who was married with children), he was most definitely not named Patrick, nor was he Irish and there were no snakes in Ireland for either he or Patrick to eradicate and neither he or Patrick ever mentions shamrocks. As the current calendar is less than 250 years in use it cannot be used to establish dates in the early medieval period so it is highly unlikely that he died on March 17th 460ad. So, what is his true story?

The saint called Paddy/Pat/Patrick was not Irish. Historians agree that Patrick was born in 373 CE giving two possible locations – Dumbarton in Scotland or on the west coast of Roman Britain i.e. Wales. The Romans are said to have exited Britain by 410 CE. Patrick eventually retired to Glastonbury, England, where he died at the age of one hundred and eleven on the 17 March, 460 A.D. These dates do not add up; 460 – 373 = only 87 years of age, so was he 87 or 111 years old when he died? It depends on which spin you read… The man who is so well known to us as St Patrick was originally called - Maewyn Succat or Magonus Saccatus Patricius. His father Calpurnius, had been a deacon and a decurion and his grandfather was a priest, his mother was called Conchessa.

Pope Celestine gave Maewyn Succat or Magonus Saccatus the name of Patrick. The Pope gave him the mission of bringing the Catholic Faith to Ireland.
..... read the full essay on the blog page of our website here.
Community Woodland Volunteering Fortnight
11th April -24th April
We are seeking up to 4 volunteers to help out here at the Temple over a two week period. The next two week volunteering opportunity is between the 11th and the 24th of April 2022. During this time we will celebrate the Full Moon with ceremony as well as host an Archery session and an outdoor Ceremonial Fire workshop - as a volunteer you will be invited to participate in all these activites.

Celtic Druid Temple has guardianship of 16 acres of land near Castlerea in North Roscommon. We have developed it considerably over the last 14 years our aim being to co-create a Nature Preserve and resource for our members and the local community with plenty of woodland trails, bird watching hides and spaces for Nature retreats. 16,000 trees make up our young woodland and all are being grown without chemicals - we need your help to keep it eco-friendly, maintain trails and associated features.

Full details on what to expect and how to book your place can be found at our community woodland page here.
Tuath Mór na Gael
The next opportunity to join Tuath Mór na Gael will be on March the 19th at Rath Niamh at 11am. This is open to those with interest in joining Tuath Mór na Gael. In order to join us please read the invitation document on our home page here and email us as per the request contained within the document.

The info session for potential new members of Tuath Mór na nGael will be facilitated by Niamh and Con with a 45 minute talk, followed by Q+A. Then those with interest may join up, enjoy lunch and attend our afternoon program of Practical Indigenous Workshops if this is to be your Path.

Slí an Druí Weekend of Celtic Spirituality

3rd-6th of June 2022

One place remains available on this 4 day course which takes place once a year and is open to four participants. During this weekend course you will attend lectures in the class room, spend time outside in Nature and go deep inside with focused dreaming. Ard Druí Con Connor will guide and introduce you to the outer three realms of Land Sea and Sky, the inner three cauldrons of Warming, Vocation and Knowledge and the True Time of our ancestors. Each participant will be given a leather bag or Corr Bolg. This Corr Bolg is hand sown and has a strap designed to go over the head – into this magic bag you can put the 3 symbols and the 3 Oghams that you will gather on this weekend course, these keys open the doorways of perception to your inner and outer Path.Full info on the website here .
Full Moon Blessings to you and yours,
Con agus Niamh
You can read about our community woodland on our website at this link
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And membership subscription options can be found at this link.
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