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October 2020: Jerry Malitz - Commissioner, ANC3G-05

Lots of election related news this month including much at our local levels. A few races are highlighted in the body below but I would be remiss if I failed to at least mention that there are other races and ballot measures including: Ward 4 City Council, Ward 4 and At-Large DC School Board, and one ballot initiative.

In addition to election news there are many other important items to highlight this month including: a Small Area Plan to be conducted for our Chevy Chase corridor, updates for our business district, a new neighborhood Capital Bikeshare, Chevy Chase Main Street grant application submitted by District Bridges, a Task Force on Racism update, Vision Zero legislation, what does it mean? and much more. I hope you find the information helpful. Please subscribe to get this newsletter emailed when published. Your email address is never shared or used for any other purpose.
The District's 40 ANC's have been taking on a more engaged role on city-wide issues. This is In addition to the local issues these elected volunteer bodies take on throughout the course of 2-year terms. Commissioners matter. With 5 new Commissioners (and 2 incumbents running unopposed) set to be elected to represent our 7 Single Member Districts (SMD's) our ANC (see map) .will be undergoing a substantive turnover. On September 16 all 8 ANC candidates who will have their name appear on the ballot participated in a Zoom event sponsored by the CCCA. Only one of the 7 seats being chosen will have 2 names on the ballot. In ANC3/4G-04 Stacy Beck will be opposed by Michael Zeldin. Both candidates have extensive websites where you can learn more about them. 

Fortunately for me, through direct interaction on ANC and community work, I can personally report on one of the 3/4G-04 candidates, Stacy Beck. I only knew Stacy by name and reputation until she became a member of the ANC Task Force on Racism where her engagement and passion for education and health issues as a key work group member came as a revelation. Seeing how well she works with people and how she is able to dissect problems with a focus on solutions is truly inspiring. In addition, her immediate and enthusiastic support and commitment to Chevy Chase's pursuit of a Main Street grant is the type of help our business community especially needs right now. I also became aware that Stacy has children currently enrolled at each DCPS level: Lafayette, Deal and School Without Walls. It has been a long, and overdue, time since we have had an ANC Commissioner that has children in, and is actively involved with, our local DCPS schools. Stacy's attributes have me looking forward to how she will be an engaged and fresh voice as a Commissioner representing 3/4G-04.

Candidates (with links to websites and newsletters) that will appear on the ballot for the other SMD's or is a write-in candidate are (incumbents noted):
  • 3G-01 - Lisa Gore - (newsletter)
  • 3G-02 - John Higgins
  • 3G-03 - Randy Speck (Inc.)
  • 3G-05 - Connie Chang
  • 3G-06 - Peter Gosselin (write-in)
  • 3G-07 - Chris Fromboluti (Inc.)
As I have previously indicated I will not be running again to represent 3G-05. Be that as it may, I have known Connie Chang, who is running, for most of the 17 years my wife and I have lived in Chevy Chase and I feel very fortunate that Connie will be 3G-05's new Commissioner. Her work and energy speak volumes and 3G-05 will have fantastic representation. With no names on the ballot for 3G-06 that race will be determined via write-in votes. However, Peter Gosselin (a 20 year SMD3G-06 resident) has formally submitted his declaration to run as a write-in candidate to the DC BOE for 3G-06. He declared after the Candidate Zoom event so he was not part of the Forum. He can be contacted via email with any questions. The last name must be spelled correctly for write-ins to be counted. If you do not know your SMD you can find that information here.
What do you need to know about early voting and mail-in ballots?
  • The general election is Nov. 3, and election week begins Oct. 27
  • All active registered voters will receive a mail-In ballot at their registered address beginning the first week in October (Mine arrived on Sept. 30). Visit this site to check your on file address.
  • If you are not registered you may register by mail or email but your application must be received by Oct. 13, at least 21 days before Election Day. If you plan to submit your registration application in person at the Board of Elections or another voter registration agency, you must do so at least one day before the start of early voting (Oct. 26).
  • Live ballots may be cast if you complete Same-Day Registration with proper proof of residence, change your address at your assigned precinct, or update your name at your assigned precinct.
  • YOU DO NOT HAVE TO REQUEST AN ABSENTEE BALLOT. Use this form, only if you want your ballot sent to a location other than your registered address!
  • Most absentee ballots will be mailed from Washington state in late September and will begin arriving the first week of October. Some will be as mailed as late as Oct. 17, since the registration deadline is Oct. 13.
  • Early voting begins on Oct. 27 and goes through Nov. 2. Early voting Centers are available to all voters regardless of where they live. The two closest to our area are Lafayette Elementary School and Murch Elementary School. They will be open from 8:30am - 7pm on the above dates. 
  • Once completed you may drop off your mail-in ballot at any of the more than 55 secure Ballot Drop Boxes at any time, before 8pm on Election Day, November 3. The earlier the better. These boxes will be emptied at least twice a day. The Chevy Chase Public Library is one of those locations.
  • To be counted mail-in ballots must be postmarked by Election Day and arrive no later than November 13.
  • If you are not planing for early or mail-in voting please note that Election Day Centers will be open from 7am - 8pm. In addition to Lafayette and Murch the Chevy Chase Community Center will also be open on Election Day.
Videos of the City Council At-Large Candidates’ forums are now available on ANC3/4G's YouTube Channel. The forums were co-sponsored by the Chevy Chase Citizens Association, the Shepherd Park Citizens Association, and ANC3/4G. Due to the large number of candidates the forum was broken into three segments: two on September 10 and one on the 23rd. All 24 announced candidates were invited and 17 participated in the forums. The co-moderators for all three events were Mark Pattison, SPCA and Robert Gordon, CCCA. Links to the 1-hour videos with participating candidates are:
Session #1 (Marcus Goodwin, Christina Henderson, Ed Lazere, Jeanne Lewis, Vincent Orange, Monica Palacio, Robert White, Ann Wilcox) 
Session #2 (Claudia Barragan, Markus Batchelor, Calvin Gurley, Kathy Henderson, Chander Jayaraman, Alexander Padro, Marya Pickering)
Session #3 (Will Merrifield and Eric Rogers): 
You may vote for two candidates to fill the two at-large seats, and the top two vote getters will be elected. However, only one can be a Democrat under the home rule charter. Incumbent Robert White is a Democrat. Some useful information on the candidates is available through DC Voter Guide.
DC is soliciting feedback regarding the following possible location in our ANC to become part of its Slow Street program: Tennyson St from Western Ave to Oregon Ave NW. Streets in this program have: no through traffic, construction sign stating a 15 MPH speed limit, and it promotes neighborhood-based safe social distancing. DDOT is requesting feedback by Tuesday, October 6th. Please send your feedback to Sayra Molina and to Learn more about Slow Streets. 

DC's State Board of Education is soliciting public feedback on DC's current Social Studies Standards until Tuesday October 6. DCPS parents and students can provide feedback on the standards and how they can be improved to be more culturally responsive, anti-racist, impart important social studies content in early grades, strengthen student knowledge of democratic principles and values, and promote civic engagement. They were last updated in 2016. To help with this process please complete the short 3-question Survey.  More information on the revision process is also available.

Since COVID-19 testing began in DC on March 13 and through September 30 there have been 390,180 total tests given including 215,920 to DC residents (includes duplicates) which have yielded 15,358 positive results (3.9% infection rate since testing began), representing 2,172 per 100,000, the 23rd highest State rate in the U.S. Sadly, 628 people have lost their lives to the virus including 467 (74.4%) Black/African Americans. The current 5-day rolling average of positive daily reported cases is 29 (a drop from 54 one month ago). 98 patients are currently in DC hospitals (an increase of 27 from one month ago) with 28 of them in the ICU. Testing locations and other info is at

The public health emergency currently extends through October 9. Mask wearing DOES reduce the risks of spreading the virus and with proper wearing and social distancing it can help reduce the severity of the disease caused by coronavirus even if one is infected. Colder months are expected to result in a rise in cases as more activities move indoors where the virus spreads more quickly. Hard as it might be, now is not the time to get weary of following public health guidelines. Covid fatigue is a real thing; awareness helps keep DC on the right path.

To learn ways to reduce your likelihood of becoming a crime victim and also learn how to begin a Neighborhood Watch Program on your block, please attend a free, one hour Crime Prevention/Neighborhood Watch Training scheduled for Thursday Oct. 8th at 7pm on Zoom. Crimes of Opportunity comprise about 80% of all DC crime. MPD can concentrate their efforts on more violent crime by eliminating preventable crimes, Actual crime scenes will be shown, so this is not an event suitable for young children. If you would like to attend this training, please email Samantha Nolan with your name and police district and she will send you the Zoom link. You can find your police district on this map.
ANC3/4G's September 14th ZOOM meeting is available on its YouTube Channel. Topics discussed at the September 14 meeting included: 
  • Approval vote on Capital Bikeshare station to be installed on the street at the SW corner of Northampton St.
  • Presentation by Lt. Marlon Ollivierre, MPD Second District, on stolen autos and theft from autos in Police Service Area 201
  • Presentation by Knollwood on stormwater management
  • Presentation about Initiative 81, the “Entheogenic Plant and Fungus Policy Act of 2020” 

Some new wrinkles and developments among Chevy Chase businesses including the following:

  • Boccato Gelato is now serving their homemade gelato on the premises of Little Beast from 11am-9pm daily.
  • Harmonic Music Studios moved from the Chevy Chase Arcade into the space formerly occupied by Periwinkle at 3815 Livingston St NW. Signage is now up on the door and windows. Note: For the time being they are still only offering virtual music lessons.
  • Macon Bistro has re-opened. They are serving inside and outside and they have doubled their patio seating to include new fire pits. Open Tuesday-Saturday 5-9pm for dinner and 10am-2pm Saturday and Sunday for brunch.
  • Magruder's has created an extensive new special section in their store featuring Sake.
  • RNF is now more comfortably entrenched in their 5534 Conn. Ave. location and are open Monday - Thursday 3-9pm, Friday & Saturday 3-10pm
  • Capital One Bank will be closing its 5714 Conn. Ave. branch for good on October 21, 2020.

Small Area Plans (SAP) are typically used as policy guides for land use, environmental protection, open space and capital investment in transportation improvements and public infrastructure by providing detailed direction for the development of city blocks, corridors, and neighborhoods. DC has conducted several in the past and due to funding approved in the recent DC FY 2021 budget one will now be conducted for Chevy Chase through DC's Office of Planning. The Chevy Chase Small Area Plan will have as its boundaries 41st St on the West, Livingston St on the South, Broad Branch St. on the East, and Western Ave on the North. This SAP was one of the recommendations that came out of the ANC and its Comprehensive Plan Task Force and this area has been subsequently identified for future planning analysis in the Mayor's Comprehensive Plan Amendment update. The process will allow residents to participate in developing strategic priorities that will help shape future development in Chevy Chase by identifying gaps and opportunities in city services and resources deployed at the neighborhood level and by shaping critical capital budget decisions and agency investment priorities. The activity is scheduled to start this month and last through the 2021 calendar year. The plan is on the agenda for the ANC's Tuesday, October 13th public meeting and will be presented by Erkin Ozberk of the Office of Planning. Additionally, since the SAP is part of the Comprehensive Plan process residents might want to provide testimony at the Nov. 12-13 City Council hearing on this topic.

District Bridges submitted a grant application to DC's Department of Small and Local Business Development prior to the Sept. 14 deadline for the Chevy Chase Main Street grant. Among the 110 letters of support District Bridges included in its application package were those from all 7 sitting ANC Commissioners as well as from 3 of the ANC's first-time candidates. Additionally, letters were received from several Chevy Chase organizations including: Chevy Chase Citizens Association, Ch/Art, Historic Chevy Chase DC, Friends of Chevy Chase Circle and Northwest Neighbors Village. And of course our business community and residents stepped up as well with numerous support letters. Once awarded Chevy Chase will become one of the 26 official Main Streets scattered across the District. Main Street is a popular and effective DC grant program intended to bring commercial revitalization and assistance to the grantee areas. When awarded (no announcement was made as of Sept. 30), funding is scheduled in Year 1 for $175,000 for technical assistance (and approximately $150,000 in subsequent years if program goals are met) for the Chevy Chase business corridor.

On Sept. 22nd DC’s City Council unanimously passed legislation aimed at increasing road-safety measures for the purpose of reducing injuries and fatalities on DC roads. This new legislation includes a mix of new or modified infrastructure, driver education and stricter traffic laws. It includes items such as: DDOT performing annual reviews on 15 of the most dangerous streets and intersections, giving residents an easier process to make an intersection an all-way stop, and another provision bans turning right on red at more intersections, including those within 400 feet of a school, recreation center, library, playground, Metro station entrance, or with a bike lane running through it. This last one would be enforced in the areas around the Chevy Chase Library and Community Center. Despite previous legislation DC has failed to make extensive progress on its Vision Zero goal since 2015 when it was first adopted. Traffic deaths have even slightly increased since then with a dip last year, but in 2020 DC could potentially be on pace for a 10-year high of fatalities, despite reduced traffic due to Covid-19. The bill calls for 125 red light cameras and 30 stop sign cameras by 2024. It would also create the first DC bus lane cameras to catch drivers who aren’t supposed to use the lanes.

Each of the three Task Force work groups (Housing, Community, and Education & Health) have continued to meet and are now mostly involved with the writing of its final report to be presented to ANC3/4G. The majority of the agenda at the ANC Monday, October 26 meeting will be taken up with a presentation and discussion of the Task Force recommendations which will be broken down for each of the above work groups and will address locally recommended activities. This is sure to be a meeting of great interest to our community so you are urged to attend and participate in this Zoom event. The Zoom link will be made available closer to the meeting date and posted in several locations. If you would like additional information please email either ANC Commissioner Tuck Garfield or ANC Commissioner Malitz.

On September 23rd DDOT installed a new 19 dock Capital Bikeshare (CaBi) station at the SW corner of Northampton and Broad Branch (Bike station: 31422) adjacent to the Broad Branch Market. This adds to the system wide availability throughout DC and provides greater neighborhood access. This station will accommodate both traditional bikes and ebikes. It is anticipated that many riders will use these bikes to access transportation hubs where they may easily leave bikes. Especially now with the greater reliance on bikes during this era of social distancing and using CaBi as a means to get some exercise and access to the fresh air it should be a well-used station. And as Fall bike riding season is here new, or experienced, riders might find this recent Washington Post story about bicycling etiquette of some help.

Starting Oct. 13, DC residents will have limited access to a few select indoor DPR facilities, for program participation and reservation-only, recreational activity. Beginning Oct. 1 at 9am, you can reserve your spot in DPR's in-person, physically distanced programs at select DPR locations including:
  • In-Person Programs
  • Fitness Center Reservations
  • Lap Swimming Reservations
  • Permits for Low-Contact, Organized Sports
To gain entry to a DPR Indoor facility during Phase Two you must:
  • Wear a face covering
  • Present a valid state ID
  • Have an existing reservation or online registration for a program hosted at that location.
Locations are: Ward 3 - Palisades Recreation Center and Wilson Indoor Pool. Ward 4 - Emery Heights Community Center, Riggs-LaSalle, Fort Stevens and Raymond Recreation Centers and Takoma Indoor Pool.
If deep breathing isn't enough to keep you focused and sane during this time in our history try some free virtual activities and see if that does the trick.
Kids Euro Festival 2020 - From Oct. 17 - Nov. 29, Kids Euro Festival is one of the largest performing arts festivals for children in America, bringing some of Europe's most talented children's entertainers to the nation's capital. 
Edgar Allen Poe Festival - Oct. 3-4 commemorates the 171st anniversary of Edgar Allan Poe’s death in Baltimore and the annual festival continues.
Boston Book Festival - If you missed September's DC Book Festival just head up north and enjoy Boston's festival from Oct. 4 - 25. Or the,
Los Angeles Book Festival - Head out west for the 25th Los Angeles Book Festival from Oct. 18 - Nov. 13.
Kennedy-Nixon First Debate - Want to see what presidential debates looked like 60 years ago? Never thought I'd watch this to calm down but...
ANC3/4G has two October Zoom meetings planned: Tuesday the 13th and Monday the 26th both at 7pm. Links for these meetings will be widely publicized. October 13 meeting topics include presentations on two programs scheduled to begin in October:
  • The new Chevy Chase Main Street program to assist our business community
  • The Office of Planning’s Small Area Plan development for the Chevy Chase Gateway area.
The October 26 meeting will largely be devoted to consideration of the ANC Task Force on Racism report. The 3 Task Force working groups: housing, education/health, and community, are now drafting the report to be available on the ANC website before the meeting.

The ANC website is where to go to get information on assistance, meetings and other actions affecting our community, and accessing current and archived materials such as resolutions and minutes. All ANC3/4G meetings are available on its YouTube Channel. Follow the ANC on Facebook @ANC3G and Twitter @ANC34g.
Website:   Email address:

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