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The troops are growing.....a brave growing team its working to do they can

  Help is coming on a broader scale...…

Many have now contacted us and want to help, this week I will be contacting all of you and plotting a meeting.  I think it is time to do some radio interviews with past victims and with others who know of the vast 'super secret cult like subjugation of the abuse'. It is clear now that thousands have been sexually and even violently abused with only one option ….shut up and  be silent. Those who are the abusers need to be confronted, exposed and put away. 
Those who have covered for the perps....need to be dealt with boldly.  I truly see now that many of those who 'cover up' for the abusers and silence the abuse have done only one thing..... they have aided and abed the dark wicked sex abusers among the Amish, Mennonite and Catholic religious systems. 

For all of you who have been praying and ……..agonizing for years I can only tell you clearly that your prayers have drawn us into your areas. Because of you and the call of God to get to more victims we are plotting and planning on what else we can do.

We will be praying to find victims and help them and recruit 100s more who will pray with great power for you and against the abuse. 

We will be praying to expose preparators and see them put away

We will be recruiting many more volunteers to help 

We will be in your area intervening and investigating 

We will seek to set up audio and video interviews and get them out to tell the story and help give hope to so many shoved in silence

We will be in your area throughout all of 2019

We will seek to set up meetings for prayer for healing, counsel and encouragement

We will work ……..behind the scenes to uncover

We will work to break the structure of the horrific generational incest, rape, abuse and cult level subjugation of victims.    


Part one on the new series on  Spiritual Warfare will be live this Monday at 6pm est

6pm EST/click use Global star 3 & 5 media & mobile devices/
or call in to listen by phone  call in 605-4758092 or call in 712-7709418

Hope to see you at the conferences...……...see details here

Dallas, Hickory N. Carolina, Canton Ohio, Long Island, Lima Ohio, Akron Ohio

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