Supporting Gasoline Burdened Families

Coltura’s Gasoline Superusers report identified millions of lower-income families who use more than 100 gallons of gasoline per month who are struggling under the burden of today’s high gas prices. Many of these families live long distances from their workplaces or drive many miles as part of their jobs. The recent rise in gas prices is causing these families to spend upwards of $600 per month on gasoline, which can be more than one-third of their household income after taxes, rent, and food. High gas prices, and the impacts they entail, are likely to persist for years.

The good news is that a new EV is a cost-effective solution, even for drivers of older vehicles. For virtually everyone using 100 or more gallons of gasoline per month, it is less expensive on a monthly cash flow basis to buy a new EV than to continue driving a gas car.

Coltura has identified several policy approaches that can help people switch to EVs more quickly and economically. For example, governments can provide down payment assistance to help gasoline superusers transition now to EVs. This would provide lasting relief from gasoline (and maintenance) costs and would be highly effective in reducing overall gasoline consumption and carbon emissions.

See how much assistance you could receive using Coltura’s ZEV Incentives Calculator.

Try Coltura’s ZEV Incentive Calculator.

“No country controls the wind and the sun. Let’s make sure that this is the last time that the global economy is held hostage to the hostile actions of those who produce fossil fuels.”
— Janet Yellen, United States Secretary of the Treasury

Cleaner Cars for Kiwis

New Zealand announced the launch of a pilot program to help low- and middle-income families trade in their gasoline-powered cars for cleaner hybrid or electric vehicles. The program aims to advance the goals of 30% clean vehicles on the road by 2035 and net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Prime Minister Jacinda Arden said: “The emissions reduction plan delivers the greatest opportunity we’ve had in decades to address climate change. We can’t opt out of the effects of climate change so we can’t opt out of taking action.”

New Zealand could cut vehicle emissions faster if it focused on getting the biggest gasoline users into EVs first, as recommended in Coltura’s Gasoline Superusers report.

Global Automakers Not Moving Quickly Enough Toward Zero Emissions

A new report released this month found that the climate strategies of the world’s largest automakers are undermining a rapid transition towards zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs). Based on InfluenceMap’s analysis, the entire global automotive sector will need to increase annual ZEV production by 80% from 2029 to 2030 to reach the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) 1.5°C-aligned 2030 target for ZEVs. Based on recent forecasts, only two automakers out of the 12 studied – Mercedes-Benz and Tesla – are on track to meet the IEA’s target.

Coltura urges automakers to move faster. Their support is critical to achieving the targets that scientists warn are critical to avoid the worst impacts of climate change: a 50% cut in carbon emissions by 2030, and a 100% cut by 2050.

Meanwhile, Coltura is working to ensure every ZEV on the road maximizes vehicle emissions cuts, by getting them into the hands of those drivers burning the most gasoline, or “Gasoline Superusers.”

Learn more about Coltura’s Gasoline Superusers work.

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Gas Station of the Month:
Stations with Aging Underground Storage Tanks

This time we focus not on one gas station, but on many. Coltura recently contributed to an article in The Seattle Times calling attention to the environmental hazard posed by aging gasoline storage tanks in Washington State. As reported, “the average age of Washington’s nearly 10,000 underground fuel storage tanks currently in use by gas stations and others is 28 years, according to Department of Ecology data — just two years shy of when most warranties on tanks expire and when many believe they’re particularly vulnerable to leaking. Some of those tanks have been upgraded since their initial installation, but even those upgrades are 25 years old on average.”

Coltura has been at the forefront of this issue, offering policy recommendations for states to educate the public about gas station health risks, require gas stations to clean up pollution and install modern infrastructure, and stop the construction of new gas stations and eliminate subsidies for existing ones.

Read Coltura's report, “Governing the Gasoline Spigot.”

Culture Corner: The Deliverator

Move over Terminator, the Deliverator is headed to New York City! Starting June 15, this three-wheeled electric vehicle will be added to urban e-bike delivery company JOCO’s fleet as a delivery vehicle option that can be rented out to private couriers or commercial delivery customers. The Deliverator has a top speed of 75 MPH and a range of 102 miles in the city, which could likely perform a full day’s worth of deliveries in Manhattan.

Eugene, Oregon-based Arcimoto manufactures the Deliverator and is on a mission to create “a sustainable transportation system of right-sized, ultra-efficient EVs we can all afford.”

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