The Importance of Strategic EV Incentive Design

Q: Is there a smarter way to structure EV incentives? A: Yes!

The goal of electric vehicles is to displace gasoline use. But not all EVs are the same – the extent to which an EV cuts gasoline consumption depends on how much gasoline the driver was using before switching to an EV

Coltura is urging state officials to focus EV research, incentives, and outreach on finding the drivers burning the most gasoline. In other words, incentivize high-use drivers to switch to EVs first. These “gasoline superusers” are much more likely than current EV buyers to be lower and middle-income drivers, so offering these drivers strong incentives both advances equity and helps ensure maximum gasoline displacement for every government dollar spent on EV incentives.

Currently, most EV buyers are eligible for a federal tax incentive of $7,500. On top of that, thirteen states have EV purchase incentives, and many are quite generous:

Coltura’s Gasoline Superusers report makes it clear: it’s a much bigger win for the climate, air quality, and the family pocketbook when a Superuser – say, a rural truck driver who logs 30,000 miles a year – switches to an EV, over a switch by an urban dweller who only uses their small car for the occasional grocery run.

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You Rose to the Challenge! THANK YOU!

Resonance Philanthropies generously offered a matching challenge, and you met that challenge! Thanks to all who supported Coltura so generously, our 2021 year-end fundraising campaign was an astounding success, raising $158,000!

Because of YOU and your partnership, we are moving closer to our goal of a gasoline-free America.

In 2021 alone, we: 

  • Passed Clean Cars 2030 legislation in the Washington State House and Senate.
  • Published a groundbreaking report on who are the real Gasoline Superusers.

  • Presented at key national and regional gatherings.

  • Advanced our Beyond Gasoline mission from a "fringe idea" to a movement influencing the “halls of power” (NPR).  

All this, because of your support. Thank you! Stay tuned for more groundbreaking work in 2022!

To learn more about how you can support Coltura, please reach out to Dinah Swain at

Sparky Wins Mom's Choice Award

We are thrilled to share that Sparky’s Electrifying Tale received the Mom’s Choice Award for Children’s Books, honoring excellence in family-friendly media, products, and services. 

Sparky’s Electrifying Tale is the first children’s storybook about the harms of gasoline and the benefits of cleaner alternatives like electric vehicles. Please order your copy today, and help us spread the word by leaving a review on Amazon.

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Meet Coltura's Chief Advancement Officer


Coltura is thrilled to welcome Dinah Swain, CFRE, as the organization’s first Chief Advancement Officer.  

A veteran nonprofit leader, fundraiser, and former journalist, Dinah brings a unique set of competencies and passion to Coltura. She led teams to raise significant funds for a wide variety of nonprofits, including the American Cancer Society, Teach for America, the United Way, the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota, and others. 

Deeply concerned about the climate crisis, Dinah is excited to join Coltura in its mission to realize a gasoline-free America. She believes that policy change is critical, and to that end is pursuing a master’s degree in Environmental Law at Tulane University. She also holds a BA in public policy from Duke and an MA in journalism from NYU. She is a Certified Fund-Raising Executive (CFRE) and a board member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

Dinah was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, and currently makes her home in St. Paul, Minnesota. She has two beautiful and accomplished daughters – one, an elementary music teacher, the other studying to be a nurse practitioner.

If you’d like to discuss ways to support Coltura, please reach out to Dinah at She’d love to hear from you!

Gas Station of the Month

Shell EV Charging Hub, London, U.K.

Photo Credit: Shell

Earlier this month, Shell opened an EV charging hub, converting one of its gas stations entirely to EV charging. The first of its kind in the world, the hub on Fulham Road in London features nine 175-kW chargers. While charge times may differ from car model to car model, ultra-rapid chargers can take most e-vehicles’ batteries from 0 to 80% in less than 20 minutes. That’s roughly three times faster than 50kW rapid chargers, making average visits nearly as brief as stopping at a gas station for a fill-up.

Culture Corner

This month, Coltura Board Member Erick Frederick shares his thoughts on Volkswagen's EV future

Could Volkswagen be the new face of EVs?

The company continues to make news around its transition to EVs. The company sells roughly 10 million vehicles each year and is one of the world’s largest manufacturers.

Thanks to a $2.7 billion settlement with the U.S. government over Volkswagen cars that were programmed to circumvent emission, this investment has materialized into the second-largest charging network in the country, called Electrify America.

Continuing this trend, Volkswagen is planning to launch a new electric microbus in March and increase its overall investments in EVs by billions.

While the news seems promising, is the transition away from gasoline happening fast enough to avoid approaching climate tipping points? Time will tell!

Please Support Our Work

Coltura is the only organization focused on making deep, rapid, and permanent cuts in gasoline use in a way that improves the quality of life for all. Our mission is gaining traction. We have an ambitious agenda, and we need your help to achieve it.

Please donate and become part of the fast-growing Beyond Gasoline Movement. Now more than ever, we need your help to advance climate, health, and equity. 


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