MBAS Newsletter, Term 4, Week 1

Term 4, Week 1, 16th October 2020
Y10 Leaders on their week long leadership course pictured here tramping in the Central Plateau
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Kia Ora – Greetings to you all

Welcome to the first full week of term 4. We have lots ahead of us this term in terms of learning, activities/excursions, summary reporting on achievement and more. 

One of the things we are working on here is an opportunity to run a parental Cybersafety forum to continue our sharing of our learning, to receive your thoughts, concerns and queries about all the things that arise around keeping our young people as safe (and as knowledgeable) as possible in terms of social media and much more. We are finalising dates and a google survey will be sent out as soon as we have confirmed the date. This will be a great opportunity to hear from you all about your thoughts around cybersafety.

Punctuality - yes we are still aiming to have all of our young people here by 8:40 so that they can be in class, ready to learn by 8:45.

Attendance lift - yes, this is a focus for us this term too - we are aiming for the 95% attendance level across our school. What we know is that with full attendance, achievement for all of our young people is the highest it can be.

Unkind: Bullying behaviour
We are constantly monitoring any unkind or bullying behaviour that may come to our attention within our kura or on the buses etc. If there is anything we need to know about please ensure we get the information as soon as possible so we can deal with it. This is a really important focus for our kura - the foundation of which is captured in our KAURI expectations.

As always, if there is anything you would like to feedback back to me, please do so.

All the best

John Wright
Cybersafety – Netflix – The Social Dilemma
Many of you will be aware of the incredible doco-drama that is on Netflix at the moment – The Social Dilemma.  In my view it is “compulsory” viewing for all parents as we all grapple with the huge impacts and demands of social media on our developing young people. We are seeing young people (10 years old and upwards), incredibly (and addictively) engaged in social media platforms – and the impact on them, their development, their socialisation, their self-esteem and self-belief; their self-worth (and much) is incredible.

None of us want anything like this at all for our young people – so how do we cope with this phase of youth and technological development?

This doco-drama gives a compelling analysis of what is going on and what the difficulties our young people, society, adults – us all – are facing.

Please take time to view this with your young people as you see best – it is compelling in my view.

Some take home points to help manage/understand from the movie (the final part – after the credits) notes:
  • Turn off your notifications
  • Delete apps you don’t use
  • Don’t fall for recommendations (e.g. the YouTube rabbit hole). Choose your own content.
  • Avoid clickbait
  • Fact-check your feed
  • Watch and read a wide range of content and opinion
  • No screen time after a certain time of day (e.g. 8pm) 
  • No access or limited/monitored access to social media for children
  • Turn off wifi at a prescribed time
Board of Trustees Election
2021 Class Planning
Please let us know if your children will not be attending MBAS next year.  This helps us plan our 2021 classes.
Thank You.
Parent Portal for Student Information Years 7-13
On Friday 9th October parents/caregivers of students year 7-13 received a link, login and password to access the MBAS Student Information Parent Portal (KAMAR) for their child/children. 

The portal gives parents/caregivers access to their child's timetable, attendance by class, school calendar, daily notices, financial records, student details, career pathways information, NCEA results and academic reports.

Attendance enquiries can be emailed to
Financial enquiries can be sent to
General enquiries can be sent to
School Magazine
The MBAS School magazine is jam packed with photos from sports, cultural and school events to individual subjects. Make sure you get a great memento for the 2020 year! The School Magazine can be preordered at the front office for $35, and will be printed later this year. 
Trophy Return
If you have a Mercury Bay Area School Trophy/Cup or Shield that was awarded at prize-giving last year, please return these as soon as possible to the front office. We have started engraving for this year's events.
Room 19 - Foundation Class
Did you know a tui dips its beak down into flowers to drink the nectar? A pukeko has a sharp scissor-like beak for slicing through plants? A duck strains the water out keeping the food in its beak like a sieve?

We got to try different tools today that mimic the way that our native birds beaks are different to help them get their food.
Room 21 - Foundation Class
We had our very own Kapahaka session with Whaea Maddie. She taught us the extended version of the Matariki song and the actions to go with it.
Room 17 - Birds
Room 17 had a really interesting morning exploring different birds beaks on Monday. We used a kit made by Mrs Corkill where we had to use different tools to catch/ pick up "food." There were  beads in water to filter with sieves, tongs, tweezers, scissors, chopsticks (kiwi beak) and even pipettes to suck up "nectar".   It was a really good way to learn more about our feathered friends.
Room 18 - Museum Visit
Room 18 had a wonderful visit to the Museum this week.  They spent time exploring all the quality exhibits and had lots of fun.
M8 - More Gardening!
With the great success of replanting the Primary area gardens, M8 are now planting the New World Little gardens and waiting patiently for them to grow.
Wero Maths Challenge
Year 9 and 10 Students Shine in Mathematics Problem Solving Challenge.

In term 3, nominated year 9 and 10 students participated in the Wero Mathematics Challenge. This involved attending weekly Zoom challenges and working collaboratively in teams to solve challenging mathematics problems. The challenge was coordinated by Jean Meier from Volcanics e-Learning Community and students competed against teams from other schools in the Hauraki / Coromandel area. Congratulations to all participating students and especially the following students who took out the winning place for their pool.

Year 10 Pool C winners -  Jack Fiddler, Connor Hall, Anna Mikkelsen, Elise Reader, Marquai Spooner. 

Year 9 Pool B winner - Quinn Smith

Special congratulations and recognition go to Quinn Smith for his tenacity and resilience in tackling the challenge week after week on his own and still managing to take out the Pool B title. Well done Quinn!
Learning Support
The students in Learning Support had a fabulous time at the Ball last saturday. Thank you to our drivers from Smitty's, who escorted us to the venue in style in classic a Mustang and Camaro.  And thank you to everyone who had a part in organising the evening, it certainly was a night to remember and a real milestone for us.  
Y10 Leadership Course
The Year 10 leaders left on Sunday for an intensive outdoor leadership course at Hillary Outdoors in the Tongariro National Park. After a 6 hour trip we arrived ready to start the week. The continuous rain did not deter this group, they were happy and upbeat and meeting all the challenges. The weather cleared beautifully for some days on the mountain. They are due back on Friday night with many stories about their adventures - we look forward to hearing them all.
New Plane Build Excitement!
With the completion of the current Plane build and the plane all stamped up and ready to go there is some new excitement on site.... parts arriving for the next plane to be built.  Recruiting for the next group of lucky students will begin this term.
Y13 Business Class - Outdoor and Drive In Movie!
One Saturday evening during the school holidays, a Year 13 Business Studies group at Mercury Bay Area School hosted a drive-in movie night featuring the film, “Pirates of the Caribbean.” The event was organised for an NCEA internal assessment which was to “carry out an innovative and sustainable business activity.” With more than 100 tickets sold and the weather playing ball, the event, which was held on the netball courts between the MBAS gym and technology block, was a great success.

The group began considering ideas for the assessment with the main objective of having a project that was community-based. A drive in movie was the preferred option, after the group explored how community members could still have a positive level of social engagement despite any COVID-19 restrictions that may be in place.

The group then submitted their idea to the MBAS Board of Trustees, who were happy for the event to go ahead. Once the event was approved by the Board of Trustees, planning started in all seriousness. A survey was sent out via Gmail to all the MBAS Year 13 students with a selection of movies that were appropriate to be screened. The majority of votes that came back were in favour of Pirates of the Caribbean.

To display the film, the students reached out to locals via social media. Steve Rush, a Whitianga resident, supplied them with a projector, speakers and the other electronic equipment that were required for a successful evening. For the screen, Nick Reader - the organiser of large local events, including the Whitianga Half Marathon and the Whitianga Scallop Festival - provided a truck on which the movie could be displayed. Trialing the equipment, the students were satisfied that they would be able to offer the community a quality experience. The group advertised the event by putting up posters around Whitianga and asking Coromandel’s More FM and The Informer to promote the event also.

Setting up for the movie, the students arranged hay bales and couches around the movie screen, with gym mats placed in the middle for maximum seating. Vehicles were directed to park so that everyone could have a good view of the screen. On the night, MBAS food and nutrition teacher teacher, Joanna Mannington and a handful of hospitality students sold popcorn, cookies, coke floats and other drinks. “After months of planning, a small group of Year 13 superstars ran a hugely successful outdoor movie night,” Says Mark Irwin, MBAS business studies teacher. “They encountered many hurdles along the way, but their resilience, tenacity and preparation shone through. We all learned a huge amount and I’m very proud to be their teacher.”

The group hopes that the event will encourage all future MBAS Business Studies students to realise that nothing stands in the way of developing achievable business ideas. To that extent, all the money raised from the drive-in movie night was donated back to MBAS to be used by Business Studies classes to investigate and successfully run their own innovative and sustainable business activities. 
By Daniel Cunningham Y13
Specialist Music
Rehearsals continue for week 3's Specialist Music Concert.

Pictured are Le Sueur Van der Byl, Alexi Moses, Noah Dornfeld, Savarna Brightwell.
Dannii Cullen, Aisea Loumoli, Tia Brightwell and Shiloh Renner.
Ngahuia Holmes, Neela Sacault and Angel George-Waterhouse.

Don't forget there are still places available to learn these instruments at school!
Sports News
Marlie and Noah Candelaria both are representatives for Thames Valley U11 for Hockey. At their recent hockey festival in Rotorua Marlie was awarded player of the day for tournament - girls and her team placed third and Noah’s team placed first.

Noah and Marlie have played in Thames for last 2 years and Noah has even taken lunch time hockey basics sessions with his peers at school and is a confident,  kind and encouraging teacher.

Hockey success has been great this season with  Mercury Senior hockey  team being undefeated this season and winning the competition which is pretty impressive for a team that don’t even have a hockey turf to practice on!

Daniel Scanlon a hockey development officer who will be back at our school running sessions for those students interested in the game. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to field a Mercury Bay junior hockey team as well next season.

Register with Leisa at the sport co-ordinators office for the next school hockey sessions with Daniel .
5 A Side Football
Our Football teams competed over in Hamilton at the 5 aside tournament during the holidays.  Senior boys & Girls finished 2nd overall in their divisions with Junior girls finishing 5th overall.
A sombre mood was felt by the Senior boys as this was the last time they will all play together as a school team as they are all year 13.  Some great football and good times have been had along the way & they will be a welcomed addition to Mens teams in Whitianga and afar. 
National Scholastics Surfing Championships
The 2020 National Scholastics Surfing Championships was held during the second week of the school holidays, from the 5th-9th of October at Meatworks/Hapuku in Kaikoura. Ben Wharton, Albey Forsyth and I competed as part of the Coromandel team. The competition was tough, with some of the best junior surfers from around the country competing in some challenging conditions. Our team captain, Ben Wharton made it through to the second round of the U18 boys division. Albey and I were knocked out in the quarter finals for the U14 boys division. There were 11 teams from around the country with their top surfers representing their regions. Coromandel came in 7th place overall, with the hosts Canterbury taking out the overall team win. The divisions were: Under 14 Boys and Girls, U16 Boys and Girls, U18 Boys and Girls and a longboard division. 

Scholastics was a super fun experience, a cool opportunity to make new friends and surf the famous Kaikoura breaks with the locals (seals and dolphins). You can check the Surfing New Zealand Inc facebook or instagram page for more results and photos of the event, or follow the @coromandel_scholastics_team on instagram to see what we got up to in the week. The finals were also broadcast on skysport next youtube channel, commentated by ex MBAS student (and local surfing legend, Jay Piper-Healion).

Written by Will Lockhart.

The Coromandel 2020 Scholastic Surf Team: 

U18 (boys)
Ben Wharton (MBAS)
Trae Cooney (WAS)

U16 (boys)
Eden Mainwaring (WAS)
Hunter Cooney (WAS)
Samba Gibb (WAS)
Kaden Littlejohn (KATI)
Levi Waller (HPC)

U14 (boys)
Will Lockhart (MBAS)
Otis Baxter (WAS)
Mali Millen (WAS)
Albey Forsyth (MBAS)

U14 (girls)
Pia Rogers
Show Jumping
Great results for Mayo sisters Sage and Sora at the Eastern Bay Show Jumping Show over the weekend.

Sora Mayo riding Glenwood Genteel (Spike)
1st in Pony Mini Prix
5th in the Pony 1.15m-1.20m

Sage Mayo riding Haupouri Fire and Ice (Fire)
3rd in Horse 1.05m
6th in Horse 1.10m

The are now in Gisborne preparing for the Gisborne A&P Show this weekend!
Senior Girls Basketball
Well done to our Senior girls Basketball team competed at the North Island invitational champs & finished 4th this year. 

Susan Hinds (Manager) Olivia Outterside, Tiana Tiro, Danro Kelsall (Coach),Emma Hinds-Senior (capt), Jasmine McCleery, Leisa McCleery (Asst Coach).
Front- Shadlar Manukau, Zoe Smith (co capt),Louisa Murie.
Ivan Adams - Golf
Congratulations to Ivan Adams who was the winner of the Taupo Masters U15 golf tournament in the holidays!
Touch Rugby
Huge congratulation & well done to 13 year old Jaeda Jackman-King who’s Touch team placed first in the Open Womens Touch division in the Cox Bay Winter touch module hosted by Auckland Touch.
For the past 12 weeks Jaeda and her family have travelled to Auckland every Sunday and joined the Galaxy Women’s team and Galaxy Mixed team. The hard work & commitment has paid off.
MB Secondary School Rugby Prizegiving
Please note, change of date!


Health and Wellbeing
Well-Being Whispers
A weekly parenting tip or quote provided by the Rangimarie well-being team.
This week’s Wellbeing Whispers is a visual reminder that to be human means it is
perfectly normal to experience all of the range of emotions there are!!! It takes
practice to reflect on our feelings, and to teach our children to do this also. Once we
understand WHAT we are feeling, we can then understand HOW we can take steps to support ourselves. This is a great chart for any age at all!
Notes from the Nurse
Pink Shirt Day 2020 is today Friday 16th October
Pink Shirt Day is about working together to stop bullying by celebrating diversity and promoting positive social relationships.

It’s about creating a community where all people feel safe, valued and respected, regardless of age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, or cultural background. 

On Pink Shirt Day we ask Aotearoa to Kōrero Mai, Kōrero Atu, Mauri Tū, Mauri Ora – Speak Up, Stand Together, Stop Bullying!

Celebrated annually around the globe, Pink Shirt Day began in Canada in 2007 when two students, David Shepherd and Travis Price, took a stand against homophobic bullying after a new year 10 student was harassed and threatened for wearing pink. We’ve been celebrating Pink Shirt Day in Aotearoa since 2009 and the campaign grows stronger and larger every year. 

By wearing Pink this Friday, our school/kura will be part of a powerful movement to spread aroha and kindness and end bullying. To find out more
Specialist Music Lessons - Term 4
Places available for beginner saxophone, clarinet and flute starting next Term 4.
Please contact to sign up.
Community Notices
Mercury Bay Boars Basketball Prizegiving
Mercury Bay Cricket Club
Hey kids if you liked the cricket taster at school, don’t forget to register online!  Look on the Mercury Bay Cricket Club facebook page for registration link and more info!
Kids Yoga
Whitianga Touch Club
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